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  1. A dew point of 67 on the euro on Wednesday has to be some sort of record right?
  2. Definitely agree with this, especially this year. We need to extend outdoor activities as long as possible this year.
  3. Does anyone know how smoke affects daytime highs and nighttime lows at all?
  4. This is as beautiful a forecast you’ll see in September around here
  5. Is this high or low for neighboring the Gulf? Just looking for any small positives with a major hurricane like this
  6. Maybe a few positives are that this storm is moving pretty quick and isn't making landfall in high populated area?
  7. So a positive IOD is good, not just super positive like last season?
  8. Is it possible to be bearish on winter, but still expect 4x as much snow as the previous winter?
  9. Hit the losing two minutes of daylight mark at my house today
  10. 92/58 here. First under 60 dew in over a month?
  11. The cut back to 25% capacity is only for indoor dinning. All the restaurants that I've seen have been doing quiet well with outdoor dinning. My town of Phoenixville has been fantastic in helping the local restaurants/breweries/bars. Bridge street, which is our main street through town, is closed to cars 2pm Thursday - 10pm Sunday every weekend. All the establishments can now extend seating into the street, it's really nice. We need more creative ideas like this during this time!
  12. I read an article from a virologist (i'll see if i can find it) a few months ago, stating that its possible that all the other Coronavirus strains that still affect us, which make up around 25% of the common colds we experience may have had a similar affect on humanity when they first came to be. Maybe after the actual pandemic is over, this sticks around with us as a common cold like illness. That could just be an optimistic view on this though.
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