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  1. 63 in Hanover with 1.35" since yesterday afternoon when the rain started. I'll take the break from the heat even if it means a rainy day.
  2. Maybe not sensible weather long range, but from this site it sure looks like there has been and will continue to be decent sub-surface warming going on in the equatorial Pacific over the next few weeks. Starting to wonder about the coming winter's Enso state in light of it. I know we need to get beyond spring, but I admit to being a little surprised to see Euro favoring a Nino in the coming winter, though consensus now looking more La Nada. http://www.stormsurf.com/page2/links/ensocurr.html
  3. Nahhh, he'll be treating us "like a rented mule" (a JB favorite saying) once he's in Worcester. In fact, I'm expecting him to be issuing a Heavy Snub Warning for our area. lol
  4. Nasty loud and bright thunderstorms last evening in Hanover. Ughhh, tired of the wet spring conditions already. So, when do we start formally dreaming about the winter of 21/22 in a thread?
  5. And ridging is backing into Greenland westward from the N. Atlantic at this time as well.
  6. Snowing mod+ in Hanover. Decent coating on the ground and radar looks good for another couple of hours.
  7. Don't worry. The -ao/nao is already being advertised for next year on the Cfs2. Lol
  8. Couple of March's in there with some hits in the Mid Atlantic. I'd prefer a slow moving bowling ball if I had my druthers, or maybe a surprise 3/84 again. I know Phl got nailed with that one, and BWI did OK considering it was March with around 4"+.
  9. Raining se of BWI now too. I said last night no way it bullseye here per the Rgem and Gem.
  10. This is a link to the traffic cam on the MD side of the MD/PA border on Rt. 30. It's about 100-150' lower than the peak ridge in MD that I mentioned earlier this morning, so that puts it at around 950-1000'[. I live 11 miles north :-). My wife says it's really coming down. https://chart.maryland.gov/video/video.php?feed=a5ffabd8008200d30050fa36c4235c0a
  11. Don't buy the NAM twins. After about 3/4" at my office a couple miles southeast of BWI, sleet is mixing in and they both said 4-5" here. Maybe it will go back to all snow, idk, but that's a red flag for sure.
  12. Arrived at my officecin Glen Burnie, MD and surprised it's snowing, but nothing like northern MD.
  13. Should improve a bit as i get onto Rt. 795 which goes down in elevation.
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