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  1. Did you happen to mention to the guy on the tractor he missed a spot?
  2. Had an inch with a cluster of storms that backed NW from MD. Very localized as York Airport reported .05.
  3. Not saying it's correct by any stretch, but an observation. Latest run of the CFS is tripling down on a cold Canada such that the cold overwhelms the Bermuda High for the winter. I guess this is one way in the means to get us on the right side of the mix line. Troublesome, however, that I can't recall that ever happening in a Nina. Lol https://www.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov/products/CFSv2/htmls/usT2me3Mon.html
  4. March has become a winter month and September a summer month. Otoh, fall of 95 was warm until the end of October when things flipped cold. We all want to rush winter is the problem methinks.
  5. Haven't bothered to venture out to check my gauge, but the airport 13 miles from me reports 1.82" overnight, with 1.39" falling with that initial line. Wee bit more than forecasted. https://w1.weather.gov/data/obhistory/KTHV.html
  6. Getting crushed here in Hanover (due east of Gettysburg.) Nasty line. https://www.marylandwx.com/radar/klwxstate_br.php
  7. Yeah, but we should see a decent clipper or 2 in December don't you think?
  8. December and February. Great Lakes looks like the winner this winter with cold and stormy track. Typical of Ninas but doubled down this year if the Euro is close to being right.
  9. From what I'm reading, and fwiw, the Euro seasonal has joined the party with the CFS indicating a frigid Canada for December and January. That can't hurt....well, not too bad.
  10. Since every winter is different, who knows but all things are not equal to last year even if we don't have the same extent of blocking. East Qbo is usually a colder winter, so we've got that going for us I believe.
  11. Enso really setting the stage for a solid Nina by the looks of these 850 anomalies. Cfs has been trending toward a moderate event. Not saying it gets there, but Cfs says, at this point, it's definitely on the table.
  12. Happy to hear on both counts. I was hoping you'd stick around, to be honest, since weenies need company in their misery.
  13. So are you still flying the coup or did you fall madly in love over the summer with a local that loves heat, humidity, and freezing rain?
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