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  1. Snowing mod+ in Hanover. Decent coating on the ground and radar looks good for another couple of hours.
  2. Don't worry. The -ao/nao is already being advertised for next year on the Cfs2. Lol
  3. Couple of March's in there with some hits in the Mid Atlantic. I'd prefer a slow moving bowling ball if I had my druthers, or maybe a surprise 3/84 again. I know Phl got nailed with that one, and BWI did OK considering it was March with around 4"+.
  4. Raining se of BWI now too. I said last night no way it bullseye here per the Rgem and Gem.
  5. This is a link to the traffic cam on the MD side of the MD/PA border on Rt. 30. It's about 100-150' lower than the peak ridge in MD that I mentioned earlier this morning, so that puts it at around 950-1000'[. I live 11 miles north :-). My wife says it's really coming down. https://chart.maryland.gov/video/video.php?feed=a5ffabd8008200d30050fa36c4235c0a
  6. Don't buy the NAM twins. After about 3/4" at my office a couple miles southeast of BWI, sleet is mixing in and they both said 4-5" here. Maybe it will go back to all snow, idk, but that's a red flag for sure.
  7. Arrived at my officecin Glen Burnie, MD and surprised it's snowing, but nothing like northern MD.
  8. Should improve a bit as i get onto Rt. 795 which goes down in elevation.
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