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  1. Personally, i have a problem with that s/w exiting the east coast and lowering the heights along the coast. But it's the Control, so it's 🤷!
  2. If interested, here's a link to a live Virginia Beach webcam to watch them steal our Euro fantasy snowstorm. Looks like it just started. I hope they're happy. 🤥 https://www.surfchex.com/cams/virginia-beach-web-cam/
  3. Yes, and I can't express in words how disappointing it is not to be in the bullseye on a day 8 storm.
  4. I hope you, your girlfriend, and her daughter get well soon. 🙏
  5. Don't know if anyone looked at the Eps means, but it looks to have the slp offshore with very littke precip making it to the coast. Operational is likely too amped as is so often the case.
  6. Euro on its own again, this time its Tuesday's system that every other MR model is showing but Euro crushes. 2 cents says Euro will change its tune in a day or two.
  7. Yes, better setup with temps, only too much if a good thing. 😞
  8. At 93 hrs, Euro looks to have a better setup for Tuesday evening. We'll see in a moment.
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