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  1. lol - snow capital of the Mid Atlantic this winter almost My guess is we'll probably cede our lead over PHL this weekend.
  2. Two snows: 11/11 - 0.5 12/11 - 0.7 Somehow, we're ahead of PHL (for now)...
  3. 73 in Lewes on Saturday, 70 on Sunday. Even yesterday wasn't "bad" despite the gloom down here (55 before the fog rolled in).
  4. I watched a little bit of it last night. Probably not going to be super dialed in to it. Quality of play was probably CFL-ish.
  5. Trace of ice here in Lewes from overnight. We're at 33 now.
  6. When TV types are out in the middle of a hurricane, they should queue up some porn music since they're peddling some good ol' fashioned disaster porn coverage today.
  7. The CMC's scenario is probably worst case for the Outer Banks and probably will result in Isabel-level impacts in the Tidewater. That's not a pretty picture. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Effects_of_Hurricane_Isabel_in_Virginia Plopping a 120 mph cane into NC before a stall is probably worse from a population impact but a 3-4 day stall off of Hatteras is probably going to wipe out a couple of islands completely and result in several years worth of damage in the rest of the Outer Banks.
  8. Going to Tony's points about the Outer Banks, it reminds me a bit of Ophelia back in '05 (different track, obviously) but that stall out and spin around offshore if the GFS and CMC are to be believed. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hurricane_Ophelia_(2005) (in case you can't recall what it did) That might be the least crappy scenario on the board for everyone inland but it won't be a pretty situation for everyone in the Tidewater and down into the Outer Banks at all. And, yeah, this kind of scenario will be a major PITA for the Tidewater area as well (a couple of million people down
  9. I'm not sure which stall scenario sucks less at this point. Having Florence off of the coast by 50 or 100 miles pretty much makes the Outer Banks a sitting duck for going underwater for a few days if not longer (and a couple of the islands probably go buh bye) and will probably pummel the hell out of the Tidewater as well. Bringing it inland brings the "underwater" to people inland and brings 100 mph winds to wherever Florence plops inland. Neither scenario is pretty at this point.
  10. Euro modeled rain over the next 10. Yikes for VA, NC, and Rayworld. If it does stall inland, might as well drop the Harvey comp.
  11. Anyone been to this? https://www.dewpointbrewing.com/
  12. 1.5" of rain here last night/this AM. Top wind gust of 40 with the squall.
  13. Since the weather sucks outside today, here's the current setup.
  14. 83 yesterday here. Woke up to 50ish. Winds picked up while on my run this morning (ugh). It's about 45 right now. Winds have gusted here to about 40 off and on. And now it's raining. Looking forward to my squall line tomorrow morning.
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