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  1. AMO? https://www.aoml.noaa.gov/phod/faq/amo_faq.php
  2. chescowx where are you, very nice at the shore (if you're there), isn't it? Here's an osprey and some new-ish egrets on the back bay behind wildwood from earlier today
  3. I love the pattern threads, is there some kind of different verification for forecasts "outside the skill range" than for 7 or 10 day forecasts? I guess I am thinking of forecasters who claim they "called the pattern" but missed on exact timing or max/min temps or precip amounts. (Also, why so sad, that's not even sticky-streets hot. I am probably in the minority here but I would like a little real hot weather before summer's over Summers go so fast.)
  4. I think this has been one of the best summers, so far, for cooling sea breezes in recent memory (I am down in Wildwood Crest). Really nice.
  5. Played Cape May National yesterday. I personally like hot weather (I like all weather?), but plenty of trees and a breeze made it enjoyable for everyone. Looking at 17 green from 11 green.
  6. Thanks! I am just starting to catch on to what is happening in these storms. I wish there were a 3D recreation of storms (built from sensor data) that you could "fly through" and watch the storm evolve from any vantage point. Thanks again and thanks for all of the information you pass on to the board.
  7. In the Feb 18th OBS thread, Rainshadow said "I have to pay attention to these sw flow aloft events going forward if there is an orographic favoring of these bands along/northwest of the fall line. This and the Super Bowl they almost fell one on top of the other." My question: Since the frontogenesis banding occurs so high (5000-10000 ft), does the wind speed and direction also affect the location of the resultant "surface accumulation band" where we actually measure the fallen precipitation? It seems like the placement of this accumulation band could vary by tens of miles, dependin
  8. I think that is partially due to proximity to Mexico, much as the earlier NY-area outbreak was partially due to "proximity" to Europe. In Mexico, COVID daily death rates are still rising, unlike the USA where they have been falling since April 16. Mexico's daily death-per-million is almost at the USA's peak number from April.
  9. Here is Sweden's COVID deaths per million compared to all of its neighbors on the North and Baltic seas. (Source: https://ourworldindata.org/grapher/total-covid-deaths-per-million?tab=chart&time=2020-03-07..&country=BEL+DNK+EST+FIN+DEU+IRL+LVA+LTU+NLD+POL+SWE+GBR) It seems likely that there are many factors involved in the result.
  10. The term "upslope drizzle" is interesting. Google only returns 9 results for "upslope drizzle" (in quotes). What led you to call it "upslope drizzle" and when would drizzle not be "upslope drizzle?" Thanks.
  11. Cliff Mass blogs that "The Future of U.S. Weather Prediction Will Be Decided During the Next Month" https://cliffmass.blogspot.com/2020/01/the-future-of-us-weather-prediction.html
  12. ...lurker since ne.weather I graphed those record lows (from http://www.stormfax.com/phlminmax2.html) by decade. You can clearly see the early 20th and 21st century warmups.
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