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  1. Spot on. The Upper Dublin torando was the perfect example. That warning blasted parts of Philly, Delco, Montco, and Bucks I believe. 99% of the people who received that warning blast on their phones probably felt no effects from it, the other 1% had severe effects. The problem is that most of the 99% who felt no effects could have just as easily been victims of that tornado. To be honest, I'm not sure what else the NWS or whoever can do to get people to take this stuff seriously. There have now been several destructive tornados in this area this summer and if that doesn't kick people into
  2. Does damage done post-tropical count towards the total for Ida? Have to imagine this might be top 10?
  3. Mt Holly seemed to do a really good job today. Both the Mulicia Hill and Ft Washington tornados seemed to have pretty good lead time.
  4. Check out that bad boy right by Annapolis
  5. In East Norriton looking towards Conshy area and there's definitely been some power flashes.
  6. NWS warning is a PDS with pretty strong wording and saying it's an observed large tornado. Kind of weird though I haven't seen any reports yet, anyone seen anything on social media?
  7. Right on the border of East Norriton/Plymouth. A lot of branches down, we had atleast half inch sized hail. Definitely the worst I can remember outside of last year's derecho. Girlfriend works in Ft. Washington and said there are trees down on cars in their work parking lot. I assume they had worse wind then we had in E. Norriton.
  8. Absolutely ripping in Willow Grove right now, we have to be closing in on 8" just by eyeball.
  9. No official measurement from me in Willow Grove, eyeballing off my balcony table I'd say about 7-8". That band really was dumping snow for awhile. Great performer.
  10. I am! Yeah, the commercial license we have at work is $5,000+, but there's a non-commercial license I use to mess around, gets you everything for $100/year.
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