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  1. Enjoy some wind, lightning, big booms, and dizzy scarecrows. I posted upthread about "getting some sprinkles" and this blew in like a beast 10 seconds later. 1025212008.mp4 1025212010.mp4
  2. Fantastic light show and tons of rumbles. I'm in Towamencin and it's just to my South. Getting some sprinkles.
  3. Well, this was a surprise. Pea-sized hail in Towamencin. 0928210945.mp4
  4. For those who like listening to storms. 0923211246.mp4 0923211247a.mp4
  5. Excellent booms and lightning. Probably some of the best this year.
  6. My dad died a few weeks ago. I was so worried about my brother attending the funeral. He is very much a conspiracy theorist and doesn't believe in the vaccine...or masks...or testing. And he is in Georgia, where rates are high. We had inmunocompromised people attending andnone of my children is under 12 and cannot receive the vaccine yet. We've lost enough in the past year, including my mom who may have died of Covid (January 2020 - leukemia patient, but died of anmystery respiratory illness that caused sepsis and a funky chest x-ray).....but how do you shut someone out of a funeral? It was ve
  7. I'm about 97% sure Wx delivers notifactions. Free. Great weather app.
  8. Things got very suspect in Towamencin. Wind shifted direction, clouds all swirly. Rain like I haven't seen in a very long time.
  9. Hey....how about this guy north of Norristown?
  10. Clearing skies in Towamencin. Light show still going strong. Some one turned the wind off.
  11. I'm a couple of miles away and ran outside when the warning went off. Interesting wind. Now it's dead air. For the moment.
  12. Steady downpours in Towamencin for the better part of an hour. The lightning and thunder have been top notch all evening.
  13. My sad shelf cloud as it approached Upper Gwynedd.
  14. Slowly rolling into Towamencin. Nice and gusty. Lots of lightning.
  15. I am glad your grandmother is safe. I hope her power is restores quickly. I am from Parkwood, just off Woodhaven. I live in Towamencin now, but my dad is still in Parkwood. He just got out of the hospital and requires 24 hour care, so my husband is staying with him. My husband said it was loud and windy. They already have an awning hanging by a thread from a storm a few weeks ago (I think the one that caused the Poquessing to flood near Andalusia) and have been waiting for insurance and PECO to ger in gear so it can be repaired. They dodged quite a bullet there. In just wish my husband w
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