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  1. Some light sprinkles in Philly. Saw a mangled flake or two in there earlier.
  2. First freeze last night here in Center City. Nope, we didn't hit freezing the other night when PHL hit 30F. And PHL didn't hit freezing last night. Crazy little microclimates we have down here along the Delaware River.
  3. We have them still on our rooftop deck/garden, but we're in Philly where it hasn't dipped below freezing yet so YMMV.
  4. Idk... Here in the city Halloween was lit. Idk if it's the lack of a real Halloween last year or something else, but it was bananas for four hours straight. Beautiful night for a glass or three of wine on the stoop though!
  5. Nah. Delaware Ave is flooded and I have a cushy seat at the cocktail bar. Nothing about this night says "go outside." Hope everyone is cozy, dry, and comfortable!
  6. Although we're only a quarter mile from the river, I will say that the winds have been whipping steadily down here at the lower elevations since sunrise. Perfect trajectory for funneling water up the Delaware. May take a walk down to Penn's Landing tonight to see the tides.
  7. No thunder, barely any rain, strong winds. Talk about flipping a switch, though. Summer - off. Fall - on.
  8. I'm so sorry to hear that. My wife and I bought our first house in March 2020 and my parents still have not visited for various political excuses, most common of which has been the mask mandate (they call them "muzzles"). They both recently got COVID, and railed against their "pitiful," "spineless" doctors for refusing to prescribe them ivermectin. My wife is a doctor. It makes me so sad. They used to be normal, fun people.
  9. Everything that's been said about normalcy bias and optimism bias is true. As to flooding specifically, it's well-documented that people underestimate mundane risks and overestimate sensational risks. E.g., people fear flying but don't wear their seatbelt while driving. I think this has a lot to do with folks not taking flooding very seriously.
  10. That happened so fast. What a video. My heart was pounding right along with him.
  11. Unreal that this is a tidal river. VID_20210902_095803.mp4
  12. Still rising in CC VID_20210902_094400.mp4
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