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  1. Lol- I’m laying at the pool and 82 degrees at Disney World this week. No doubt I will miss the snow. But this ain’t bad!!
  2. Latest Euro aligns closely w my college GPA in term of snowfall for me w the Sunday system- 0.0
  3. Some of the heaviest snow of the storm for me. 30 degrees and I am pleasantly pleased!,
  4. Just perfect here- a little over 2 inches and still snowing for now. Got to play outside w my kid. My winter is made😊
  5. A Barney sighting in tonight’s GFS run. Arctic air en route for us near Super Bowl Sunday. Absolutely frigid temps in the upper Midwest
  6. Enjoy this one crew! I want pictures of near whiteout conditions!
  7. Any coincidence that happens on Groundhog Day? Don’t believe the hype up there
  8. No cold air at the beach. Same old song here- hope someone gets crushed w snow but it won’t be me. A few mangled wet flakes from one of these systems possibly. Just a bad week in general for me
  9. That would be acceptable for all of us. I will sign for this right now
  10. 21 frosty degrees this morning- this is more like it!!
  11. No cold= no snow especially for me at the coast. It’s been over 3 years {early January 2018) since I’ve had accumulating snow. And w no snow in sight I’ve reached a new level of frustration. But hey I’m headed to Disneyworld later in February and it’s always nice to be swimming outdoors in Feb.
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