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  1. The sea breeze has made its way to Lower Makefield. Feels very nice.
  2. Philosophical question based on the STS warning: is it a still thunderstorm if there is no thunder?
  3. I would not mind buying property (if I could afford it someday), in Teton Village, Wyoming where we rented last year. A poor season for snow there would be a year here in which we would be laughing silly with all the snow we got. Not only is the view of the resort nice, but it is also across the other side of the valley.
  4. Love some of the photos posted. The Adirondacks, NH, and ME and are all great places for long winters with deep packs.
  5. Picked up a chunk of recent snow outside. The stratification is really interesting and tells the story of the various ptypes and in what order they fell. Light flakes are on top of the very distinctive ice layer from the freezing rain. Under that there is a thick layer of sleet pellets, which sit atop snow.
  6. Peeks of sun mixing with the ptype mix. We have quite the heterogeneous mixture going on.
  7. More flakey sleet now--which is nice because it's making the iced driveway more grippy to walk on.
  8. This trade saga was a lot like booming snow maps five days out, only to be left with a sleetfest the day it arrives. Something desperately needs to change with how Lurie evaluates his front office.
  9. Moderate sleet—embedded with snowflakes that were clearly warped on the way down. Sleet, my long-lost friend.
  10. While I understand why, it still blows my mind to think about how the same system that is bringing snow to the Gulf Coast of Texas will bring rain to us, NYC, Boston, the coast of Maine, etc.
  11. From this past week. Thompson-Neely house in Washington Crossing, PA. Being well over 200 years old, this house has seen its fair share of snow cover.
  12. The flakes are accreting nicely; I have quarters+ falling from the sky.
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