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  1. Dusting of snow so far and some light flurries still falling. Haven't seen sleet yet.
  2. Final measurement of 5.5" here. Some light snow still falling but I don't think we're going to add anymore.
  3. In the last throws of this, heavier bands slowly sinking to the south. Will go out for a final measurement in about an hour.
  4. Just measured again, now at roughly 4.5" and still have a couple of hours to go. Should break 5" before we're done.
  5. Maybe I'm oversimplifying things but with all of these waves and different pieces of energy, I don't see the point of trying to look too far into the future on the models if a lot is going to depend on how tomorrow's system evolves.
  6. Really coming down now in Atlantic county.
  7. How am I supposed to know how much snow is going to fall in my back yard if we aren't posting the 18z NAM snow map 3 days out? 🙃
  8. Sun is now trying to peek out and the melting has begun.
  9. Just started sleeting. First frozen precip here since about 8:00 last night.
  10. Yeah seriously, people complaining about only 12" of snow when down my way we'll be lucky to get a couple of inches before the changeover. Be grateful for what you have.
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