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  1. Aww gee, this on top of rains from flash flooding last week. My friends out west would kill for our rain.
  2. @frankdp23 this is crazy. Good that you are away. Spent most of evening o round two. I am safe at home, only went outside for rainfall measurement. Anyway, wanted to help WFO Mt Holly with flooding reports. Thanks to a reliable friend and reliable social media hope that I helped. It is bad here. Lots of accounts of water rescues. Tyler
  3. Yes, Stockton in my area, about 20 miles west. Would not be surprised if they measured 5+ inches of rain.
  4. A friend has a farm in Franklin Twshp, Hunterdon (Pittstown) told me she has never seen pasture flooding this bad.
  5. Hi Frank @frankdp23 yes this is bad, training storms over us for three hours. At least two water rescues in Hunterdon County, one in Readington, the other in Franklin Twshp. I took advantage of a normal rainfall and measured 4.55 inches of rain at about 7:50, called into Mt. Holly.
  6. Tornado warning till 5:45 pm for Hunterdon county. Got WEA alert. We are in basement with cat.
  7. After storm thunderstorm number 1, temp dropped 10 degrees to 80. More lines coming through. Will get rainfall from my outside gage when it is safe. IMG_0344.mov
  8. I am on southern edge of northern cells. An interesting afternoon.
  9. Six warnings from Mt Holly on my Midland NOAA weather radio for Hunterdon County and environs, only two of which produced thunder and lightning. An impressive burst of rain during the first one. Others produced some rain but were quiet, we were probably on the edge of some. .4 inches of rain this afternoon snd evening. Light showers at the moment
  10. I understand. However, after the multiple severe thunderstorms that went through Hunterdon County and surrounding areas on July 6th I welcomed a night of peaceful weather. While these storms were interesting, they were disconcerting.
  11. Not quite, high of 89.8. Last night’s rain was 1.43 inches Lost power for a couple of hours in the middle of the night. My theory is that JCP&L shut off our power when they repaired down power line at the end of my street.
  12. Wow, what a shame about the house. Glad all are ok.
  13. AT 7:10 the thunderstorm was still going on when about 2 to 5 minutes of stronger winds (at least 38 mph on the Beaufort Scale, no wind gage) blew through. Sheets of rain. Our power winked out, not long enough for our generator to kick in. After storm died down, went out to check on generator and walk around property, noted some 1 to 2 inches wide tree limbs down (a few feet long). Noted the police car at the end of my road, so I stood at the end of the driveway. He stopped, asking me if we were all right, did we have power, I said the power winked off but we are powered. He said that there wa
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