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  1. Dec 2021 trace of snow on two days Jan 2022Jan 2022 Jan 4-5: T sleet and ice Jan 6-7: 4.3 Jan 16: 1.5 Jan 19: .3 Season total through Jan 19: 6.1 inches of snow, sleet and ice
  2. Hope this works, a nice photo from NASA images of the day of cumulonimbus moving away from photographer. Sorry can not seem to embed the photo but the link should work. 'A Retreating Thunderstorm at Sunset' image from the #NASA_App https://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap220116.html
  3. Opps forgot to post my snowfall observation. 1.5 inches on Jan 16 about 9:10. Changed to rain 60 to 90 minutes later. Rainfall and SWE of 1.84 inches.
  4. Flemington area of Hunterdon County, NJ 4.3 inches
  5. 4.3 inches in the Flemington area of Hunterdon County, NJ. yes, I have bananas.
  6. Let's see. Just added up my rainfall observations (from my plastic rain gage) for 2021. 60.18 inches total broken down monthly as follows: Jan 1.79 Feb 4.19 Mar 2.98 Apr 2.74 May 4.56 Jun 3.22 Jul 11.96 (5.02" on July 17) Aug 7.55 (4.22" on Aug 21-22) Sep 11.93 (8.81" on sept 1) Oct 6.19 (3.31" on Oct 25) Nov .93 Dec 2.14 (Dec 22 -31, 1.22” only 1 day with no rain, 2 days had rainfall above .25”)
  7. The sleet was midday, it did not last long. I was driving, if snow mixed in, it was not on the roads or my eindshield
  8. Some sleet on the 27th while I was out and about. If it snowed it was light with no signs of snow on lawn. I may not have seen it if I was not looking outside.
  9. 19F at 5:15 am on dec. 21. My digital thermometer only stores low for current day, yeah I know. Forgot to chevk yesterday’s low.
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