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  1. Glad we are close, lends validity to the readings from my simple gage.
  2. At 7:45 AM, 3.31 inches in my gage. Flemington area of Hunterdon County. Neshanic River in Reaville is in moderate flood. Road closures in Hunterdon due to flooding
  3. Wow, thanks for sharing the great photos of the pumpkins. I can tell your girls had fun with help from Daddy. They both came out nice.
  4. Colebrook NH is a nice town. Visited there a couple times when I used to own summer property north of St Johnsbury VT
  5. I have a spare rain gage that I put out and have spidy’s home under the soffit. Hopefully Spidy won’t drown. I also held a small twig in spidy’s home, Spidy moved.
  6. 2nd 30s for me. Last night was 38.1. Got to 39.7 the night of Oct 18-19th.
  7. I thought that some of you might enjoy my little spider friend living in my rain gage.
  8. I bet they are. Pictures when they are done?
  9. Wow, wishing you the best @tombo82685 and hope the house works out.
  10. Are they going to carve the pumpkin with your help?
  11. I learned the hard way about the berries. I know that that now. 🥴 Had never experienced it until now. Thanks @mshaffer526 for your response and commiserating with me. I did not get all the taproots so it will come back, hopefully better able yo deal with it when it does.
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