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  1. 17 minutes ago, colonel_kurtz said:

    good luck

    some recent snowfall highlights:

    OCT 2013: 10.4"

    NOV 2014: 65.1" LOL

    DEC 2016: 60.1"

    DEC 2013: 54.4"

    JAN 2014: 49.7"

    FEB 2013: 46.4"

    APR 2018: 37.3" LOL

    MAY 2013: 2.5"

    Thanks. Yea their snowiest season I believe was 202". I applied for like 10 government positions. 2 in Upper mich, 4 in NY, 3, in NH, 2 in VT. All of those places don't avg less than 75" of snow, we take. 

  2. 2 hours ago, Rainshadow6.6 said:

    I don't have the money and who wants to move into that state now.  But in terms of climate I'd find San Diego intriguing as far as gardening and golfing.  Assuming they get precip there would be snow in the mountains during winter.  This may be a climate era gone by, but Jim Eberwine who was stationed at San Clemente told me in winter he'd ski in the morning and golf in the afternoon the same day.

    Back to affordability, I do like the Williamsburg VA area. It doesn't seem like we catch a summer break here as much anymore (where have you gone summer of 2004?), so what is the summer benefit vs them? (I know there is some). I could opt for the longer growing/thunderstorm season and just enough snow chances to make Norman Rockwell happy.

    I don't know, I see you more of a Saranac Lake kind of guy. Snow cover from late oct into May we frequent below zero lows. Heck tonight it's suppose to go down to -5 with a wind chill approaching -30. They avg about 100" of snow a year, what's not to like?

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  3. 2 hours ago, iceman56 said:

    Don't know about VT, but research your area in NH wrt taxes.  Property taxes can vary dramatically from town to town and the view tax is a thing there.    I'm in a cheaper town, but am subject to the view tax which adds to your assessment and it at the whim of the assessor.    NH is 47th in the country for total taxes paid with no sales or income tax.     Undeveloped land can be had for $800-1200 in my area, although they wanted $50K for 20 acres across the road from me.   I offered $37500 and they wouldn't take it.    The land has no hardwood and a stream running through it with marshland.    

    Thanks, yea I'm looking into areas, but definitely won't go into an expensive area. Have also looked at saranac lake area in the Adirondacks.  Just weighing the options when the time comes

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  4. 27 minutes ago, Parsley said:

    Wow. Seems high, but maybe that's just how things are up in NY. I never understood tax assessments, I'm paying nearly 3K more here in Gilbertsville vs. Collegeville when in reality Collegeville would be deemed "more desirable" due to location (proximity to city, 422, KOP). I guess alot has to do with house size as mine is 2x as big as my old house, but my property is smaller. I don't get it. I'm sure multiple factors play into it. 

    Would assume outside of Cortland, in the rural areas it would be cheaper? Again, I have no clue

    Looks, like a home around your current size, but with an acre does run about 9-10K in taxes like you said.



    Yea I almost fell out of my chair seeing those taxes. I'm leaning on just buying an acre or two of land up in NH or vt and building. Land up there is cheap

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  5. On 10/21/2020 at 7:07 AM, tombo82685 said:

    I agree, I don’t think crap winter is a lock either esp with how the SST’s are. This isn’t like any storm Niña we have seen with all the warm water, Atleast as of right now. PV will be key this winter IMO as I think tropical forcing will not be conducive as I have stated before 


    On 10/8/2020 at 9:50 AM, tombo82685 said:

    It's going to be interesting to see how this Nina plays out because we honestly haven't seen one like this year in a while or maybe forever. While, the cool anomalies along the equator we have seen, the amount of bath water throughout the pacific is something we haven't seen combined with a moderate Nina. While I do think tropical forcing is not going ot be favorable for us for most of the winter one thing that I do like right now with SST is all that warm water stacked up along the west coast. If you look at all the bad la ninas we had in the past there was cool water along the west coast so that warm water may help to try and bring some +pna spurts. Another thing to watch for is the PV. In the winter of 2010/11 we had an unfavorable mjo with it spending all of dec and jan in phase 3-6 which are warm phases, yet we had cold conditions. This is because we had a weaker than normal PV that year with numerous wave 1 and 2 hits to it. So watch the pv over the next month and half. PV strength right now means nothing, its after Thanksgiving into esp DEC, thats usually when the peak strength for pv is dec into early jan. Need that to be weaker than normal with numerous wave 1 and 2 hits to help offset what I think will be a bad tropical forcing regime dec-feb. March I believe has the highest chance of colder than normal due to seasonal variation. In March phases 2->5 are normal to colder than normal. With cold waters of la nina still around and all the bath water sitting in phases 2-6 should continue that theme.

    This was from October, but pretty much hit the nail on the head. Though March being colder looks to fail right now. But IMO talking winter in fall is useless. Key timeframe is December. Mjo, enso, pv  control our winters and they aren’t decided till we get winter seasonal jet to shape up after thanksgiving. The pv and ssw saved this winter as the mjo was terrible 

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  6. euro

    2/24 0z: .33

    2/24 12z: .54

    2/25 0z: .4

    2/25 12z: .37

    2/26 0z: .43

    2/26 12z: .52 snow .1

    2/27 0z: .33 snow .6



    2/24 0z: .41

    2/24 12z: .39 snow .1

    2/25 0z: .38

    2/25 12z: .32

    2/26 0z:  .32 

    2/26 12z: .45 snow .2

    2/27 0z: .33 snow .6




    2/25 12z: .68

    2/26 0z: .92

    2/26 12z: .9

    2/27 0z:  .8

    2/27 12z: .87

    2/28 0z: 1.19


    2/25 12z: .57

    2/26 0z: .76

    2/26 12z: .75

    2/27 0z: .78

    2/27 12z: .93

    2/28 0z: 1.03

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