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  1. Ok, you can take the cold rain and I’ll take the snow. Settled
  2. I think that 9-15 day period has a shot for some stat padding snows
  3. I was saying this to HM on twitter, what is impressive and is a testament to the airmass is we are doing this under sunny skies. These aren't cheap below 40 days with cloudy skies or precip falling.
  4. I'll teach you a thing or two Gigi. I'll take you under my wing and show you the ropes then set you free to fly on your own one day
  5. The 60s are gone for Wednesday because that is only through 6z wednesday
  6. I'd watch late March into first part of April for possible below normal regime as mjo goes into colder phases.
  7. If you're serious about getting rid of weeds, then the organic approach isn't for you. So you need to weigh that.
  8. How does your property drain? Does it just funnel all into a low area or does it go like my drawing and goes into middle then flows out of your yard in the middle?
  9. Would be my recommendation. Get soil to raise areas I have circled to get surface runoff down into the middle. Looks like there is fall from middle of that area that runs off the property to wards fence? If not, funnel it into an area where the water will collect that put a surface daylight drain to catch standing water then run it off the property with pipe underground
  10. Well if you want effective, corn gluten isn't the way to go. You're going to have to go with a synthetic product. Do you have a lot of weeds or just spotty?
  11. I went on another real estate site, I used Trulia. but went to century 21 and realtor and the taxes are way less than I thought. A lot in the 3-7k range for cortland to cazenovia area
  12. Dec 2010 was basically the last good stretch that we had going into Christmas. Dec 2017 probably next best, but we had a torch 2 days prior..
  13. Def B, with no AC no thanks. Accumulating snow twice a week with those temps, plus moon lit over the snow pack and heck maybe even northern lights over it. Sign me up
  14. I remember that system. Started as rain, then flipped to a pasting snow here. There was a deform band that basically stalled right over 476 south of LV. 500' helps too
  15. Actually some eps members picking up on something the Sunday right after DST. Looks like split flow with +pna on h5 look
  16. Unfortunately not all that shocking. Kind of like the torch right by Christmas has become a given
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