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  1. That track reminds me of Nemo in 15 or whatever winter it was. The one nyc had forecast for 2’ and blizzard warnings. Philly had high totals then got slashed everyday closer
  2. Again, why Worcester? You can go to Syracuse region and get buried by a 20-30” lake effect event or more. Snow rates 5”/hr. Then you could do VT or up in ME. Worcester is snowy but wouldn’t be my top pick
  3. Why Worcester? They avg like 65” a year. Can think of a ton of better spots
  4. The cold air would be there if it phases with northern stream like ggem did. If it’s a cut off low, it’s DOA in my opinion
  5. Disagree strongly. You have no cold drain into the system as there is no northern stream involvement. The flow is straight off the ocean to southeast wind. That will warm mids and low levels.
  6. can't cut it off from the flow, you need a phase or it's rain. Northern stream provides the cold air, if that doesn't get involved its just easterly and southeast flow ripping in.
  7. maximized rad cooling night. no clouds, no wind, and plenty of snow on the ground
  8. Well nothing could be as bad as Dec but it may get very hostile in the east if we get a moderate -pna.
  9. tpv is sitting over northern hudson bay and you have a ridge bridge over the top forcing cold air south into mid latitudes and you had a strong ssw. Stratosphere right now is completely different, actually a 180 from that
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