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  1. I hope so lol. It’s a really good pattern going forward. Good patterns though don’t guarantee snow though, they just increase the chances of it
  2. It's pretty fascinating watching how the whole Pacific pattern changes from an extended jet to a retracted jet. This is all occurs from 2 cyclonic wavebreaks that basically snap off a piece of the pacific jet. So it goes extended pac jet->wave break-> jet retract-wave break-> jet retract. Can see from the progression how we start with a pac jet that covers most of the pacific ocean and ends with a pac jet that is restricted mainly towards Asia. This matches up very well with the NPJ diagram where we go from a poleward extended pac jet, to the jet finally retracting.
  3. This is something to possibly watch for February. The main tropical forcing right now is IO shifting into the maritime continent (phases 4/5) over the next 15 days, all warm phases. Granted there is some weak -OLR out in phase 7, but the main forcing is in the warm phases. Look at the progression here of the -olr. Can see its slowly coming closer towards the dateline. The +olr creeping is in the IO in the 10-15 day looking to push towards the maritime continent. Does this -olr make it through phase 7-8-1-2? For February, 8-1-2-3 are cold phases for the east coast. So I would think we still pro
  4. While you would look at an h5 map like this on the pacific side of things and start to worry about pac air getting into the pattern, not the case here. Trace your hgts lines from where you live. While yes, the flow does go over the pacific but that is a direct discharge of cold air coming right from the north pole.
  5. I know you and I have different view points on snow events, but I'm still watching friday time period to see if that can trend back to a 1-3 or better type thing. Those cut off lows down in the southwest can give models fits.
  6. i'd say so. Never saw so much analysis for a day 10/11 storm that will likely change
  7. Had to move a grouping closer to the ledge. Lack of snow threats getting inside 7 days is starting to take a toll. if the day 10/11 event goes wayside, we may have some jumpers
  8. I won't end you, but I will do this for getting all worked up over a day 9/10 op run
  9. I think there is also a fine line here. If that energy ejected out fully like euro showed yesterday the se ridge out ahead was def not suppression. The suppressed look right now is because as you said the full energy isn’t coming out it’s either sitting there or just in pieces. Won’t do it with that block
  10. I don't think that block would be to strong if that energy ejected out of the west. Thats why the storm pretty much vanished is because well it never ejects lol
  11. Yea, plus that energy just sitting there and spinning isn’t good either.
  12. That’s like 5 to 7 below normal, cmon man. Plus for ten days away that’s impressive signal
  13. I honestly could give two hoots about your climo nwsheco data hence why I never respond to it
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