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  1. Meh On ssw talk, seems like the flavor of the week as soon as we hit winter months. But rest looks legit. Dec is a ge big month don’t want a weakening then all of a sudden goes gangbusters ala 2019
  2. 1.42 at work. will check dhizzle when I get done work
  3. Still a solid cold push on eps for first week, but doesn't last long as we again go towards goa low which brings pac puke into Canada and US
  4. Early nov is also a bad omen too I believe
  5. Yes, but those winds being shown outside of coastal locales are to high. These maps are terrible with winds. These winds will happen, just at 5k feet. You have to factor loss of wind due to the fact that 100% of this will not be transported down. Soundings look to saturated to Me to get big wind inland, unless convection occurs. Don’t see much mixing aloft to transport it
  6. While strong, that is about a mile aloft and just going off the GFS not seeing a ton of that mixing down on soundings. Coastal areas probably will see strong gusts
  7. Not up there yet, but mid to upper 20s in lowville this morning
  8. Jet extension ->CWB which then leads to the ridge popping out west and Alaska.
  9. While true on first system, immediate Philly area on east will probably see an inch or more
  10. Probably our version of the gfs, which isnt saying much
  11. 4th warmest october on record at airport through oct 20th?
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