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  1. ET, evapotranspiration when stomates open up in the plant and loose water into atmosphere
  2. I’ll eat crow, that was impressive for metro area even though my backyard was spared
  3. Hey I outlined that issue this morning. PWATS are still high, but svr is over with
  4. Lot of cloud debris moving in. May hinder storm development as front approaches
  5. I think rain chances will be there still, but maybe not the heavy rain threats since you will lose the sw flow and PWAT surge
  6. Are you sure this time drier? You’ve been pushing drier for two months now
  7. 2 things I'm worried about for today. 1. Being displaced further south from main dynamics with area of low pressure to our northeast. So main convection goes nw while we get a broken line of something. 2. Any prefrontal convection, in terms of reducing instability due to rains or anvil tops getting sheared out towards leaving us in cloudier regime right before main line comes in.
  8. Very easy, just like a sensor cam run hot. Could be a faulty sensor, or last sensor check they over tweaked something. I know myself and @Parsley have both noticed PTW runs much cooler than stations around it. I know there is a site that checks these things which I don't know of off the top of my head, but if I'm wrong I'll eat crow
  9. Love how you cherry pick kptw to fit your narrative considering kptw has a blatant cool bias on its sensor
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