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  1. I hate the hay look, just looks sloppy IMO. It's not like it doesn't do the job, it just looks to messy for my liking. The best is penn mulch, stuff works great, but expensive. I either get some of that from work or I use very fine mulch. Mulch just looks neater and it holds moisture in and keeps the soil warm underneath for seed to germinate,
  2. Yea thats not that good looking. I like that big pig of a ridge firing up around the URALS though. Gotta see if that produces any strat related hits or works it's way into the pole. This is pretty far away still, would like to see what it looks like by day 10 to see if it starts picking up on some tropical forcing period from here on out or adjusts to more chill in the east.
  3. The pacific doesn’t look that bad. The low hgts are around and south of Aleutians which is far enough west that it allows a +pna to develop. If we see a big cold blob develop over AK then yea that wouldn’t be good as it would promote zonal pac flow. I haven’t looked at eps past what you posted to see if that’s where it goes or not but with the favorable tropical forcing for start of Nov that pos pna May have a bit more staying power. agree with ao region, pv is strengthening right now above normal
  4. Still like the cool shot for halloween timeframe into nov. Should finally get some phase 8 forcing which is a colder than normal pattern for the east in November.
  5. Yea this Oct is shot, going to verify as a warm october in the gigi scale. Still think we get a cool shot end of oct into start of Nov. MJO if it holds should be phase 8 in the first half of nov which is below normal for the east.
  6. Lard crust makes the crust flakey, which is what you want
  7. yea did half lard and butter for the crust
  8. When I get bored I cook/bake. This is the first time I e ever made a pie completely from scratch. Made an apple crumb pie yesterday afternoon Taste amazing.
  9. Sounds good man. Just shoot me a message on here
  10. looks like models are moving towards it. MJO to start nov looks to be favorable for a cold shot. Phase 8 in nov is below normal in the east. Looks like the cool shot is +pna/-epo driven possibly from favorable tropical forcing.
  11. Liquid, I never use granular efficiency of it is far less than liquid. Liquids get nearly 100% uptake, while granular is much less. You can hit clover from spring to fall, needs to be growing.
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