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  1. you're welcome. Complete croak job as it tries to head into phase 7/8
  2. Well there is no man high in place, thats long gone. Reason euro bumped north is because it had a stronger s/w over Tenn valley. Which in turn pumps the hgts out ahead of the low allowing for more of a northward track before getting kicked out. The broad H5 pattern to me looks pretty progressive so my worry is it it stays south. But if we do get a stronger s/w then yes rain chances would increase Friday as the flow would amplify a bit more for a north turn.
  3. Told you to respect the man high, I guess you haven't learned from my teaching young Obe wan
  4. I dunno, I think the cool period has been a by product of typical nina forcing in fall which is cool for us. All the bath water in hte warm phases and cold water in cold phases doesn't excite me from tropical forcing perspective. Just tells me convection will have a hard time sustaining once past phase 6 and we get a jump over the good phases back into the IO
  5. Heads up guys/gals I had to install latest version of this forum and it messed up the theme a bit. Working with the guy who created it to fix the issues but it may take a few days.
  6. Jury is out on winter, but current pattern is nina forcing with nina phases of MJO. IN fall thats cool, but winter it's a warm look.
  7. Looks like next chance of rain is in the sun-tues timeframe with next trough pushing into the area. Could be some heavy rain in that possibly as it will meet resistance from an offshore high to slow advancement.
  8. Agreed, probably a cross between euro and ggem. GFS looks to torchy to me
  9. Monday morning is when we pull for Laurel Creek to enter this thread
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