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  2. Hate to bash forecasters, but NWS doesn't seem to have a clue here near Colebrook, NH. Slight chance of a shower (20% POP) and it drizzles most of the day. Today, partly sunny with a high of 70. Just had a gullywasher with a lot of pea size hail that looked like heavy snow coming off the house roof. It's like Florida here, rain every single day that I've been here, yet we are in a moderate drought with the severe drought boundary about 15 miles east of here. Yet southern NH is having the wettest July on record with a foot of rain so far in many spots. Maybe its just me getting
  3. Little bit of everything. Drier air aloft, optimal cape in the freezing levels, tilted updraft due to good shear, (shear tilts updrafts so they don’t collapse on themselves like we see in pulse type storms). Probably some left over EML action as well.
  4. Played Baywood Greens earlier this week down outside of Rehoboth Beach. Absolutely stunning course visually, and played decent too. Would recommend this course to anyone!
  5. 00z/23rd Ensemble Comparison 7/23-8/7. Normal 850mb temp around +15C. One Is Not Like The Others... Without wishcasting this, the teleconnection skill beyond week 1 is the poorest I have snapshot seen all year. This period is a conflict between a predicted Rockies heat ridge and misplaced PV into Canada (Hudson Bay no less for a while). So toward the end of next week the ensembles have all different solutions as to who will win. @Chubbs posted the eastward ridging bias and while I don't verify it, I will go with consistency with it. So naturally I am tossing the more
  6. Yup... But given the lousy weather we've had this month, they're not far off. We did have some nice days in very early July I think. 57 on the nose today.
  7. Last week
  8. Given the dark clouds currently overhead, I can think of other days in the last three weeks that were better than today--which was proclaimed yesterday by WPVI and this morning by KYW as the best weather day of the month.
  9. Picked this up for the 4th of July clambake:
  10. Yeah pellet. I got the Reqteq 700 Bull. Heard a ton of good things about it. Can't wait to use it.
  11. From NOAA SPC Mesoscale analysis description of hail params chart: Today we didn't have much CAPE due to the smoke, but plenty of shear thanks to the front, I did not get a chance to look at heights, might be able to dig out a good t skew. In this storm the vertically integrated liquid metric was maxxed big time, so that's a cross between tall clouds, massive moisture density, and the cape/shear combo fuel for it. I would guess there were probably downbursts associated with that storm given those params as well, probably some of the severe wind associated with it. Doesn't totally answe
  12. Been super busy the last couple days so I couldn't track this event closely, but someone captured this hail photo maybe 5 miles from my house. Can someone explain what parameters were in place that allowed for the hail to get so large? I would appreciate it, it's just that it's rare to get hail of any size down here but to see hail that large is almost unheard of. Wasn't sure if it was due to CAPE, shear, etc.
  13. I concur. Power is out in about 60% of the township.
  14. 0.47” in New Hanover Twp. @tombo82685 how much you get?
  15. Abington PA is a wasteland, major damage and power outages, ran a ton of calls.
  16. 0.18" at home in New London per Tempest Thundering again in Ocean City
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