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  2. Currently - well, not at this moment - alternating between Angel's Envy and Jefferson Reserve for my Old Fashioneds. I highly recommend both. The cheaper Jefferson's Very Small Batch is also excellent. Can be had for around $30/bottle, which is criminally affordable for such a tasty beverage.
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  4. This guy was enjoying the sun on top of a bed of sedum until I accidently sprayed him with the hose.
  5. Had this last night, had bought as a single earlier this year just to give it a try, being a gin lover I thought the juniper would be interesting. I wasn’t particularly impressed. It was different but a bit odd. I decided to try this after I opened an Oktoberfest can from last year that was filled with “floaties” so I discarded it. I had one of the same Oktoberfests last week, hope I didn’t just fail to notice the floaties because I drank it and enjoyed it! 😬
  6. Unpopular Opinion Alert: The past week has been too chilly. It is picture perfect out there right now.
  7. Yep, euro trended weaker overnight. It’s a shame because we need the rain. I’m sure that will come in DJF
  8. 00z/18th GEFS: Below normal 850mb temp anomalies into the 22nd and then above normal anomalies the 22nd thru the 24th, below the 25th & 26th, toasty above the 27th-30th and then near/below Oct 1st-3rd, end of its run. GEFS Parallel: 5 day average 2m temps switches from below thru the 27th to above thru Oct 3rd. GEPS: Nearly exactly the same as the GEFS other than last day, Oct 3rd which is warmer than normal. EPS: Below normal 850mb temp anomalies into the 23rd, then above (no next weekend cool shot) thru September 30th. Below normal temps on Oct 1st & 2nd, end o
  9. you're welcome. Complete croak job as it tries to head into phase 7/8
  10. -nao is on par with dinosaurs and cabbage patch kids for historical reference only
  11. The last couple of weeks have had the best stretch of weather I can remember in years. Can’t remember a September like this, it’s been so long. We need rain, but what a glorious stretch.
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  13. That are better anomalies along the immediate west coast, What the SIPS does would not be good. The Atlantic looks like garbage for a -nao.
  14. Well there is no man high in place, thats long gone. Reason euro bumped north is because it had a stronger s/w over Tenn valley. Which in turn pumps the hgts out ahead of the low allowing for more of a northward track before getting kicked out. The broad H5 pattern to me looks pretty progressive so my worry is it it stays south. But if we do get a stronger s/w then yes rain chances would increase Friday as the flow would amplify a bit more for a north turn.
  15. This can't be remotely accurate, right? I got an air quality alert from Weatherbug. On another note, any recommendations for the best mobile weather app?
  16. @tombo82685 do we but the rain the euro is selling for Friday or the man high will decide it?
  17. Yes, it's astronomical and not meteorological.
  18. Someone should have started this back on the first. Unless i missed it?
  19. Odds seem to favor MA in a Nina vs. MD.....OK, in every ENSO state, but especially in a Nina. I'd be excited if I were you. Congrats.
  20. Figures. The big move from MD to MA is slated for that weekend. Cold, wind driven rain sounds about right.
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