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  2. LOL. No clue, but the same Lowes got wiped out my the mega freeze a few weeks ago. It was a disaster area. Dead plants everywhere. All I could do is shake my head.
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  4. Another (convective) event and another April event in which the EC family is limping toward the finish line. Yes convection can mar the results further and why we don't bother with warm season evaluations. This was not a case where Philadelphia was terribly unrepresentative. All the big climo sites had less than .10" and the NJ Cocorahs roundup 87% of the stations had less than 0.20". The new GFS eked out a first place finish and the EPS finished last. Another unimpressive showing by the UKMET.
  5. I'd go with the swiss cheese model. It is more accurate than the GFS and also tastier. Every bit helps. It didn't hurt either there was not much of a flu season in the southern hemisphere last summer.
  6. I have 3 overall, but the one I have on my weather station is on my roof, so I don't totally count that station for temps. I usually go with a combination of my 2 digital ones.
  7. 31.8 IMBY. Was at Lowes this morning, looked like most of their plants were unharmed since it didn't get much below 32.
  8. Interesting, we are in the same ball bark. The temp I report here and to Mt. Holly is from the little digital thermometer I have.
  9. Our low in NW Chester County of 31.3 marks our 4th latest freeze in the last 20 years - the latest during that time frame was just last year with the last freeze on May 10th....looks like our cooling cycle maybe starting early.....
  10. I ate some lettuce the other night that made it thru our winter. I think I am still normal, so they should be ok. Not sure about the hail part though.
  11. 00z/22nd Ensemble Comparison 4/22-5/7. Normal 850mb temp around +6C. A warm end to April; a warm start to May? GEFS Start Of Teleconnection Fcst Skill: NAO Day 14; PNA Day 12; AO Day 14+ Recent Verification Tendency: NAO more negative, PNA neutral, AO more positive GEFS: (day shorter) Below normal 850mb temp anomalies thru Apr 26th, above normal anomalies Apr 27th thru May 7th. (end of run) GEPS: (day longer) Below normal 850mb temp anomalies thru Apr 26th, (longer) above normal anomalies Apr 27th thru May 1st, near normal an
  12. Also thought I'd share that both my Mom and Dad have gotten both doses of Moderna now, and neither of them had issues and they both have some type of pre-existing condition. All both of them had was sore arm in the injection area. My bro got his first Moderna as well and he had no issues other than the same sore arm in location of injection. My bro and I go for our second Moderna's on Thu 5/6 and Fri 5/7 back to back days at WCU South Campus. At least the weather should start warming up soon long term based on what I'm seeing. This might be best for another thread on here this part, but seems
  13. How the new normals compare to past 30-year normals. https://climate.gov/news-features/understanding-climate/climate-change-and-1991-2020-us-climate-normals
  14. @Rainshadow6.6 We shall see what damage was done on the young vegetable plants in the garden with the 1-2 punch from Mother Nature (hail, then cold temps). The hail matted down some plants. I suspect the radish will be ok, hopefully lettuce, spinach, kale, chard will recover.
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