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  2. I was in PHX back in the 80's and they shut Sky Harbor down when it hit 122 due to insufficient lift. I hiked up Camelback Mtn in Phoenix like the dumbass kid/adult that I was, wondering why no one was on the trails. Did Death Valley a couple times - one time it was 122 in the shade of the car at below sea level Badwater. There is a massive air conditioner in the restaurant at Furnace Creek that was groaning when we went in. The golf course at Furnace Creek provides a local humidity island when they irrigate. Water is plentiful on a couple feet below the surface. Pretty unbeara
  3. Yesterday
  4. 0.16” overnight. Good storm rolled through although missed the big rains by a few miles.
  5. Echoing Tom, better chance at Thunderstorms today/this evening than Father's Day.
  6. 47.8/83.5 ytday, just lightning overnight
  7. Somewhat impressive line of showers & thunderstorms in Lancaster Country right now. Will they make it to our area?
  8. Koepka came close to playing with DeChambeau tomorrow.
  9. Last week
  10. Just got back from Phoenix. airport hit 118 yesterday. 2.5 days in the desert was brutal. local weather station near me hit 121f yesterday. was out in Death Valley a few years back and it hit 128 officially. it’s rough out there..wow
  11. Yup. That’s the spot. Great drives north/south on both sides of the river. Beautiful any time on year too. (Milford, NJ looking west toward PA)
  12. Off to Colorado and Utah for two weeks of hiking. Fingers crossed we don't die of heat stroke in Moab
  13. Is that near where Route 202 crosses over the river? Oddly enough I recognize those electrical towers lol, as a kid my family and I would take a trip once or twice a year up to Bucks Co. River Tubing and I always enjoyed the scenic drive along River Road. Such a difference from the heavily residential areas I grew up in. Always seemed quiet and peaceful, plus it was interesting to have the river literally right next to you.
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