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  1. Yesterday
  2. Quite the light show all of a sudden out here. Let’s see if the storm can hold it together
  3. NW Chesco again selected for an isolated downpour. .53" for the day and still raining lightly. Pushes me to 10.15" for the month.
  4. Turbulent skies in Collegeville as a storm slides to the southwest
  5. Not a whole lot going on here...Sun is poking through but at this time of day we just haven't really had enough. Shear remains strong but MU/ML/SFCape are all mehhhh
  6. Pretty good shear hanging over us at the moment
  7. Some good clearing happening behind this initial line of showers and storms. Jury is out to see if it lasts long enough to drive some good afternoon heating to pump CAPE into the evening for the svr threats.
  8. 0.15" here in East Nantmeal - down the shore pre-frontal beauty of a day with a land breeze already touched 80 there!
  9. Quick downpour with several close lightning strikes at the office in Bensalem. Back home Tempest indicates 0.22".
  10. Got some nice rumbles of thunder and a quick downpour. 0.20" out of the first round.
  11. That cell was nasty. Was gaining strength as it moved through MontCo. before it hit you.
  12. Formed immediately after, and some out to the west. Rumbles all around but sun here...Might kick up those showers a bit, but right in the dry slot for now.
  13. Getting some light rain now. Radar looks to be drying up a bit as this heads into NJ.
  14. Well, this was a surprise. Pea-sized hail in Towamencin. 0928210945.mp4
  15. Here we go again….. “Blistering” rainfall rates down in Royersford. Sounds like hail pounding everything but it’s just a torrent of water.
  16. Doesn't look like much on radar, that combined with the cool temperatures makes it surprising how much lightning/thunder there is with this line.
  17. Here is the October temp / winter temp relationship over the past 30 years. By removing the 1990-91, warm October, warm Winter, the warm relationship weakened again. It looks like in the what have you done for us lately the cooler October has more meaning than a warmer October.
  18. Last week
  19. @mshaffer526 & @gravitywave98, remember when I said well at least I will putt better on Monday. Scratch that 38 putts, four 3 putts, I wasn’t erratic today, I just stunk. Yeah they were slow again for them at Deerwood.
  20. Koepka and DeChambeau hugging! Who would have thought. Congrats to Dustin who went 5-0.
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