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Am I reading this right? Below I have the gefs from 0z at hr 168 and below that I have the AAM forecast from the GEFS at 0z. I focused in at hr 168 where the highest -AAM and +AAM are. Now from my memory -AAM is usually affiliated with blocking and that map shows it around 60n, so that would be the -nao/-epo region which I circled in blue. The +AAM though is usually increased in jet winds, or non blocking and that was found around 40n. So my thinking is what I have circled in yellow the increased 250mb jet in response to the eastern pac typhoon?






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Its also good to see that none of your tabs are from kinky web sites.  ;)

hahaha, only way to save vista maps is to just copy the whole page.

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I am not sure of the cause, but I think you got it right Tom.  I am surprised the atmosphere isnt in more of an el nino (+aam) mode.

Lack of STJ? The GWO shows that it was in +aam like 5-10 days ago and there was some semblance of a stj.



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