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The U.S. Open

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8 hours ago, mshaffer526 said:

I thought the fans were pretty poorly behaved at Shinnecock, and I am hardly one to groan over the "noble traditions" of the game.  There was a scandalous moment on Friday or Saturday when the FOX mics picked up two fans in the gallery talking about some *very* NSFW woman-related stuff in the run-up to Reed's shot.  I would not be surprised if they were on a longer delay and editing out the crowd noise.  


The crowds were obnoxious this weekend.

It was ridiculous behavior. I don't watch much of the U.S. Tennis Open any longer, but I don't recall that much boarish behavior there. It seems they got alot of non-golf fans there or were selling really cheap beer.

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"If you throw microphones all over the golf course, you are going to get some obnoxious results. Since Fox doesn't carry the other majors, the other networks can sanitize what we hear by selectively positioning mics where you only hear the guys hitting the ball off the tee and walking commentators. Be careful of being holier than thou.

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