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22 hours ago, JimCaruso said:

No Labor Day Weekend thread? What are you guys’ thoughts on the better beach day between Saturday and Sunday? Considerations:

- General: Looks like Saturday may have the stronger onshore flow, which may not be particularly pleasant on a day that’s not all that hot. Also forecast to be more cloudy on Saturday?

- Wave conditions: I enjoy boogie boarding with my kids. With an onshore flow (I think forecasted for both Saturday and Sunday) the wave conditions will probably be crappy.

- Water temps: I know a southeast wind causes upwelling and colder water temps; Sunday’s winds are more ESE than SE so not sure how much of an effect that will have, but either way there might not be enough recovery from Saturday.

Not worth it to me to make the trip if water temps and crappy surf are going to keep me on the sand anyway, if I’m going to just sit there I’d rather do that at the neighborhood pool or, better yet, on my own deck emoji57.png But you know how it is n this last summer weekend, almost feel obligated to get out there (I hate that feeling!)

On a related note, is there a website that provides forecasted surf temperatures, or observed surf temps the day of? Haven’t been able to find that and it’s not part of the NWS surf/marine forecasts or AFD.


The heat wave(s) thread covered Labor Day weekend since at one time the models, ok GFS, had like non stop 90s for over 10 days.

Here is the surf zone forecast link:


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1 hour ago, JimCaruso said:



Thanks for the link Tony. Not sure why I had trouble finding that!

Wow, upper 70s water temps! I had heard water temps were high this year, yet the one day I went to the beach (two weeks ago today) water temps were only 68!

You probably had upwelling from a southwest flow.  Wind now is either onshore or looks like it is going to be relatively light this upcoming week.  I am going to lock this thread and move these responses to the new one:


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