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MBY Snowfall Totals

Found 5 results

  1. Chance are increasing of first 90 in philly on Wednesday. Atleast for now, that looks to be it for this week as the eps are really going poleward with the ridge in the plains which helps sharpen the whole jet stream which in turns pulls the trough into the northeast. This is just through this weekend. Gotta see what all that heat in the plains does, has to go somewhere and that somewhere may be here after next weekend.
  2. Well Wednesday thru maybe Friday of this week it looks like more of us are going to join the '90s club before a backdoor lowers temps. As Tom has been saying Thursday looks like the most legit and widespread chance as morning mins will be higher and the air mass is in place. Wednesday might come close as warmer air advects in. But maybe all of this rain and cooler start keeps the bouncer from letting us in. Backdoor timing will determine Friday's outcome. The soon-to-be implemented GFS looks to have a better handle on 2m temps than the current GFS version (appropriately in blue on this graph). Enjoy.
  3. Oh, let's bypass spring and head to Tom's favorite season, summer. I guess you can read into it what you like, but if el nino (as the dynamical models are predicting) gets going by then (admittedly small sample size), not good for anyone like me that longs for a repeat of the summer of 2000. 1976 eventually went nino, but not by the summer.
  4. Well its not out of the realm of possibilities from today onward that every day for the rest of the month could have high temps in the 90s away from the shore and higher terrain locales. That WAR that is protecting us from eventual(?) Hermine will also bake us. Friday's CFP more of a dew point drop than anything else. This doesnt look as bad as what occurred two weekends ago, but nonetheless puts the nail in the coffin on what (other than Mike) has been a putrid run of mainly hot weather that started in the middle of July. Enjoy.
  5. Well, it looks like we are in store for a long stretch of some hot and humid weather. Temperatures could get as high as 96/97 in rural areas. Combine that with dew points in the mid to upper 70s and heat indexs cold be over 105. Throw in the chance for some thunderstorms to add to the mugginess. At first, the most widespread storm action should be north and west of the city in the wednesday-saturday period, but after that everyone is game. With any thunderstorm that does form the potential for extremely heavy rain is possble with saturated profiles right up through the column as we get a sw flow right off the Gulf of Mexico around the Bermuda high. PWAT values in the 2-2.5" range.
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