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  1. Add me to the 5" list from Lancaster, also finished with just a hair over .25" in ice accretion. Currently 35 and dripping.
  2. Final total in Maytown is 5", just some very light freezing rain/drizzle falling now. I'll tell you what...that was an amazing 3 or 4 hour period of snow this morning... Reading reports of between 6"-8" in some areas of York, Adams, and Franklin counties.
  3. Me as well...I fully expect to be providing updates tomorrow while "working" online from home.
  4. I agree with others who previously stated that tomorrow will be a nowcast situation. Also think the 2" - 5" calls are prudent...we are going to need SN or SN+ for a period of time because as has also been noted, warm air aloft seems to always make inroads quicker than forecast. What I will be most interested in is what impact will FZRA play in this. Rates, sun angle, and air temps will all be factors on how serious icing is after we flip.
  5. Euro snow map posted above seems realistic to me going under the assumption that most of us snow for about 5-6 hours (give or take) before we lose the column. Unless we get SN+ for a few hours I think 2"-4" seems about right.
  6. Thanks! I hadn't seen that yet, looks very reasonable based on a blend of modeling right now. Also fits climo for back this way as well.
  7. Agree, it will be interesting to see who if anyone receives 5"+ of snow...perhaps the south central mountains of PA?
  8. 60 at 12:30. Front still a few hours away...
  9. A balmy 41 to start the day with an increasing southerly wind. How warm can we get today?
  10. Which is exactly why it's foolish to bite on anything until at least Monday. We'll likely see many solutions from models over the next several days.
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