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  1. 0.14 IMBY. Came in a quick downpour at 4:45 that was loud enough to stir me from sleep. Gorgeous morning otherwise. Haven't mowed in three weeks, though that will now change this weekend. Hopefully for the last time this season.
  2. 2019 90+ IMBY First 90: May 20 Latest 90: 9/23 Highest Temp: 96.1 (6/2) Days > 89.5 and < 90.0: 4 Total Days above 90.0: 34
  3. 90.3. Ugh. I'm afraid to make a final count at this point. No idea how many 90+ days this year IMBY
  4. Eeked out a cheap 90 at my station yesterday, topping off at 89.6. It was definitely hot and still in the afternoon. On the flipside, the wife and I woke up at 3 to spend our morning drifting above the Eastern Shore.
  5. Would those be the athletic fields at the former Newtown Junior High? Looking towards Tyler Park?
  6. Nothing in the bucket and 94.1/75dp for the high yesterday. Whoopee!
  7. Just checked my ten day forecast. And so it begins...
  8. Nice fall preview. Grey skies with a light NNE wind in Charm City. High for the day of 67.8. Currently 66.4.
  9. Ugh. This. I have in-laws in their 70s who live in Port St. Lucie. With Matthew after much cajoling on our part they wanted to leave but waited too long. It ended up being fine. Now Dorian, which is nearing the same track. Better safe than sorry, but I'm not sure we'll be able to get them out of there.
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