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  1. 91 yesterday. 90.1 already today. 15 days above 90 for the season IMBY. I think it may be a personal record, I'm already done with summer. I am in severe need of a cold front with a stiff NWerly breeze. Only a few months to go, right?
  2. 88.7 yesterday, ending the string of 90s (nee heat wave) at 5 days.
  3. Mostly skirted by the fireworks, but some late evening downpours still tallied 1.89 IMBY. Hit 97.2 as well. Second hottest day of the year and day 13 above 90. Lastly, and most distressing, the DP topped off at 81.2. 🥵 Using the NWS calculator, the highest combination of temp (96.3) and dew (81.2) resulted in a momentary index temp of 119. So that happened.
  4. 97.5 IMBY yesterday. I think I'm at 11 days of 90+. I lost count, to be honest. I'll verify when I'm feeling pitiful. Edit: Curiosity got the better of me. 12 days so far, not counting the inevitability of today (86 @ 11 am).
  5. 1.21 yesterday and 0.09 since midnight.
  6. A few from my our Father's Day hike.
  7. Thanks for the hat tip. I take it as high praise. In my opinion, of all the things this country does well - though recently I find myself asking what we actually do well - on a whole, discipline and sacrifice are not our collective strong points. For historical reasons that are codified in both the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, we culturally prize individual liberty over collective sacrifice. The cultures of the European and Asian countries where the virus is in retreat more closely identify with sacrificing individually for the greater good of society.
  8. We had a rental in OCMD for this week and canceled it out of an abundance of caution My wife is immune suppressed. Even though the owner was not required to refund our money they obliged and returned our payment in full. A mercy for which I'm grateful. It seems there are no easy decisions these days.
  9. There's a correlation between increased testing and an increase in the number of cases, but correlation is not necessarily causation. Strawman: an asymptomatic person is required to take at test to return to work and tests positive. Such a case would not have been previously counted before testing was more available. However, I would think (dangerous, I know) a "reasonable" person would only seek a test if they were exhibiting symptoms. If there are more symptomatic people being tested, this would be evidence of community spread. There is a host of epidemiological data being collected to trace origins, but the data is not consistent and therefore not readily compiled across broad geographic areas. Someone smarter and more well read than me would be able to parse the statistical difference between increased transmission and increased testing and whether it's significant. With regard to the decrease in deaths, I refer to what AC wrote earlier this afternoon. The medical community is learning more about the virus, how if effects different people, and what treatments to employ at different times during its course. In my mind this is resulting in fewer deaths. But there is still much that remains unknown about why so many remain asymptomatic, some previously healthy people are struck severely, and others who have seemingly recovered have lingering and unusual complications. With community spread, the goal remains to maintain adequate surge capacity in hospital ICUs, keep healthcare professionals healthy, and encourage physical distancing to reduce community spread. It's likely the virus will spread to up to 70% of the population, before herd immunity kicks in, unless a vaccine is developed in the short term. (Source: https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/from-our-experts/early-herd-immunity-against-covid-19-a-dangerous-misconception). For the foreseeable future, keep your contact bubble as small as possible. Outside is better than inside, mask is better than no mask, distance is better than close proximity. I think we all understand that some are more risk tolerant than others. But be mindful of those with compromised or suppressed immune systems, as they are inherently more vulnerable to catching the virus and less able to fight it off. As for the media, if it bleeds it leads. We come here for a-hysterical information about the weather. It's sometimes harder to be an a-hysterical consumer of news.
  10. Dangit! 90.5 (Day 6) Back to the 90s after a nearly two week respite. More to undoubtedly come.
  11. My casual observations on the SST map: 1. Temps above normal in the north central Pacific/Pineapple Express region. 2. Bering Sea and the Black Sea are on fire. 3. Baltic Sea, Gulf of Bothnia, Norwegian and Barents Sea also on fire 4. Strong negative anomalies off Ecuador and Peru...hmmmm
  12. IMO Heat > Dews. I'll take a cheap 90 with dews in the 50s over 87 with a dew of 73 every day of the week and twice on Sunday.
  13. DP yesterday kissed 80.6, which in the 5 years I've been at this house has only happened four times before. All last summer on July 5th, 6th, 19th and again on August 18 (81.7, all time high).
  14. 91.3 yesterday IMBY. Topped off at a lofty 85.3 before sinking back to 82 so far today.
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