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  1. 8/18 Thunderstorms, Heavy Rain Obs

    Here in Towson, we're treated to a lovely slash line of 88.5/78/105.
  2. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    59, but I have to say here in MD the temp and dewpoint tracked closely. With all the moisture in the soil from Monday's soaker, it wasn't really comfortable until the temp approached 60. Beggers can't be choosy. It is August afterall.
  3. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

  4. 7/6-7/7 Heavy Rain/ embedded T-storms OBS

    Currently 74 with a DP of 73 here in Charm City. Went for a lunchtime walk between showers. Yuck.
  5. Counting chickens before they hatch, but I'm all for keeping this pattern into July. I know no reliable forecast goes out beyond 7-10 days, but when it comes to the heat and humidity: delay, delay, delay. Sadly, we gambled on an early OCMD beach vacay this year. We'll be there next week and it's looking like more of the same pattern we're in now. Apologies in advance if this belongs in banter.
  6. As dreary and cloudy as this pattern has been, I'll take it 99 times out of 100 versus what we all know can happen this time of year. Let's keep the good times coming!
  7. Spring Banter 2017

    Savoring the sun for a few minutes before it disappears behind the thickening cloud cover not to reappear until Friday. Making an appearance for the first time since last Friday.
  8. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    ABasin is still open! http://arapahoebasin.com/Abasin/Default.aspx
  9. 38F and a light breeze here.
  10. Would be great, but two weeks out, you say? After this Winter let's just file this under, "I'll believe it when I see it."
  11. Great status Tony. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Potential Winter Storm Threats

    It's still February, right? I've seen the maps and numbers for next week, but it's still February. I admire QTown's optimism, but despite the dearth of conversation on these message boards I think it's pretty clear that people will be talking about this winter for decades to come. Especially in comparison to 72-73. Down here in Towson we've had two freezing rain events and two ground whitening snow events. That's it. I've noticed that I'm casually tracking nights with temperatures below freezing the way most track potential snow events during normal winters. I know Tom will say this is how we arrive at annual average snowfall, but this is two winters in a row without extended cold. At least we had the January monster to enjoy last year.
  13. 1/30 Right Goal Post Event Obs, We're Counting On You

    Flizzard outsize my office window in Baltimore. Heading out for my lunchtime walk. Brrr.
  14. Beginning to get a familiar feeling with regards to post Day 10 strat warming.