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  1. At 2:34 pm and again at 2:39 yesterday, my weather station registered 89.6. Wunderground rounds this up to 90, though I'm not sure I should count it. Just like water freezes at 32.0 not 32.4.
  2. Yesterday's total was 1.06 making for a 4 day total of 4.27. Anyone see the webcams at Killington this morning? Looks like at 3,171' they had nearly 8" of snow. https://www.killington.com/the-mountain/webcams/mountain
  3. 5/10 - 1.77 5/11 - 0.33 5/12 - 1.11 5/13 = 0.34 (Since midnight) Total since Friday - 3.55, anyone have a sponge?
  4. I was surprised how cool it got as the rain got heavier. Temp dropped into the lower 50s even in Dover.
  5. 1.16 IMBY. Spent the day yesterday in Dover prepping our rental property for sale. Rain was off and on but became heavier and steadier as the day wore on. Didn't see how much fell, but it was enough to push the race to today.
  6. 35.4 with light frost on cars and roofs.
  7. I like the raised bed around the swingset. And the picnic table. Think you might have inspired me.
  8. Stellar, sparkling Easter yesterday in northern Anne Arundel County. You need to cherish the sun splashed, cool, clear, bug free days when you get them.
  9. Hi of 85. DP topped out at 63. I could not stop sweating after a walk at lunch. Ready for normal temps tomorrow.
  10. I admire your interest in late season anomalous events. In one of the more fascinating facts of geology and topography, the highest point in South Carolina (3554' at Sassafras Mtn.), exceeds both PA (3123' at Mount Davis) and Maryland (3360' at Backbone Mtn.) but not Kentucky (4145' at Black Mountain) or Tennessee (6,643' at Clingman's Dome). The latter of which is exceeded in the SE only by 6,684' at Mt Mitchell in NC.
  11. I agree with Tony. I'm not a fan of this change. I wonder if there's a way to modify the specificity.
  12. This storm really packed a punch over the Baltimore area. Winds are whipping out of the north. 2.54 yesterday 0.51 since midnight Storm total of 3.05
  13. I reviewed the normalized monthly tabulated NAO index at CPC. The NAO has averaged positive for 22 of the last 30 months. Given the variety of teleconnections that influence our weather - MJO, PDO, AO, PNA, etc. - is there any statistical significance to be gained by this trend? Or is it more information that is fed into modeling to be analyzed with the other teleconnections? I feel as though recent weather discussions have de-emphasized the significance of a negative NAO on our weather. Is this because the NAO has remained stubbornly positive or because the NAO was a teleconnection that was identified early and has now been supplanted, or rather joined, by myriad other influential teleconnections? I know meteorological science is constantly evolving. Just trying to develop a greater understanding. TIA.
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