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  1. Even though the stout low remains in the GOA, there appears to be some troughing near Hawaii to replace the hitherto omnipresent ridge. It's one index, and perhaps transient, but may represent the progress we're seeking in shifting the pattern toward something favorable toward sustained cold in the east.
  2. It's admirable that the eternal optimism has returned after the annual brief period of negativity. It's always darkest before dawn. /apologies for the banter-y post
  3. Do my eyes deceive me or is there a ridge from the eastern pacific that extends into Quebec in that last frame?
  4. The pristine blue sky was unbelievable and a little unnerving. Am I wrong or when it's this warm in winter don't we typically have cloudy skies? Hit 68 on the nose on Saturday and 66.7 yesterday. Spent as much time outside as possible. A true gift, but I can't wait for the upcoming pattern shift.
  5. Temp at the homestead has nosedived from 41.0 to 33.6 in the last 75 minutes. Snow falling at home Snow/rain mix in the Inner Harbor with a temp of 37.
  6. I predict a heavy NAMming here in central Baltimore County. I fully expect white rain to force cancelling my daughter's ballet practice. Anything else will be a welcome treat.
  7. Apropos of nothing, I want to register my opinion that the new wunderground mobile format is a clunker. It de-emphasizes the graph-like temperature forecast for a nifty, but not highly useful compass-like representation of the current temperature. I'm sure they know their users, but I would think more people want to know the future forecast rather than the current temperature. Previously, you could gain the future trends with a quick glance (up vs downward trending graphs). Now this section is so small it's difficult to discern any trend. Good design places emphasis on communicating the information that is the most important. In my opinion, the new layout of Wunderground's app fails to meet this bar.
  8. I'm going to throw out an overly simplistic and perhaps optimistic platitude. At some point, the rubber band will snap. This may simply be blind faith, given the bathwater in the pacific and stubborn MJO. But I do believe that at some point, the rubber band will break and cold will spill forth from the arctic.
  9. 17.2 this morning. Lowest reading of the waning fall.
  10. Rain moved in early locking in the cold temps, apparently. 35.6 and .07 in the bucket so far. Some pingers until recently.
  11. Heavy pasting IMBY. That's my official ob.
  12. First large wet flakes IMBY pre-dawn this morning. .02 in the bucket. I guess that counts as a dusting.
  13. Much as VAY > Gilly, this map can't be correct bc BAL > Entire Delaware Valley
  14. Was out in Hershey for our annual trek to see the park decked out for Christmas. We stayed in Harrisburg and saw a few hours of wet snow before the storm ended yesterday. It was nice to watch it snow while we swam in the indoor pool with our little one. Temps jumped 10 degrees as soon as the precip stopped.
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