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  1. Feb Drought Busting Weekend Observations 7/21-7/22.

    1.46" total in Worcester, PA.
  2. Worcester - 1.32 " of rain but in my backyard the big deal was the wind. Lost a large white pine (maybe 40' high??) Snapped (or twisted???) off 1/3 up from the ground. Took out my neighbors fence as well. I was not home and missed all the action. I will look in the AM to see if there is an evidence of a lightning hit.
  3. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    2.6" last night's storm. Not too far away had a 3" report. Some local water rescues in the area with cars where they should not have tried going.
  4. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Worcester, PA. .71 of rain with the storm. a little lightning - and some decent wind, but not extreme.
  5. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Pretty good storm here in Worcester in ragard to wind. Lightning was just okay. Pretty good rain. Lost power until midnight if peco estimate is correct.
  6. 6/10-6/11 Heavy Rain Observations

    1.46 in in Worcester as of 10:50 pm. Training storms go back into central Pa.
  7. 6/10-6/11 Heavy Rain Observations

    .75 so far in Worcester. 8:35 PM Radar looks like it is going to be a very wet evening / night here.
  8. 2.35" rain Worcester, PA. Lots of flooded roads - now receding and being opened. Flood warning expires shortly.
  9. May 14-19 Neverevereverever Ending Rain OBS & Pcpn Totals

    Worcester, PA - 5.32 inches from last Saturday to 9:30 AM today. Includes .79 today. More coming plus next weekend unfortunately looks wet.
  10. Mother's Day weekend Enhanced risk and Heavy rainfall

    Saturday - 24 hour period was 1.26 rain. Just some distant thunder in the evening.
  11. Mother's Day weekend Enhanced risk and Heavy rainfall

    Never got sunny here in Collegeville. we will see what happens, but 'Im at 66. I saw it was 86 near Baltimore.
  12. APR 14-16 OBS - Summer to Shank to Swamp

    Worcester, PA Mont.co 2.58" between last night and 9:20 AM today. Radar looks like main event is winding down. Many creeks and rivers over the banks. Flooded roads are now receding. Lots of debris in the roadways.
  13. FDFriendly

  14. Worcester, PA. 12" on the ground. 9 PM Still snowing in a band that is "training" through Monto county. Doesn't look like storm is moving much if at all.
  15. Collegeville area impact - I am in Worcester and got about 7". Still snowing but the end looks near. It was not in my opinion anywhere near the effect of the event of last week. There are some outages, but not widespread. There was hardly any traffic as most businesses, schools etc closed last night. I think we struggled with temps being a little to warm here in Worcester. It was 33 to 35 all night. Snow fell and melted. Only the heavy bands accumulated and then melted off the roads. This afternoon was the event as there was heavy snow and it accumulated fast in the grass and some on the highways. It seems most of the snow we got was from banding coming in from NJ. There was not what I would call the traditional snow coming up from the south that accumulated before the banding started. As I stated in an earlier post I feel the bands struggled to get past central Montco. Not sure how much snow from the bands got to Limerick or Pottstown, etc. Certainly not to Lancaster Cty. etc. I tend to base my "impact" level on fire calls. Other than un-weather related ones we have had none. Driving is bad now but there is little traffic. There are some vehicle rescues, etc. but not like what would be going on if everything had not closed last night.