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  1. Montgomery County, PA. I remember the ice storm of 94. Unbelievable. I saw front end loaders lifting 4" to 5" thick large sheets of packed snow and ice off the roads and putting them in dump trucks. There was nothing to plow. It had to be literally dug up as a thick solid piece, lifted up and deposited into a dump truck. Crazy power outages for days.
  2. FDFriendly

    Temps/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Worcester, PA. 1.93" rain as of 3:30 PM.
  3. FDFriendly

    Hurricane Florence a hit or a punt?

    If we get any wind from this it will be tree trouble with the ground as wet as it is now and especially after the Sunday/ Monday rains.
  4. FDFriendly

    Lost weekend 8/11-8/12 OBS

    Worcester 3.04" at my location. 4.5" at a friend's location about 4 miles away toward North Wales. Locally the worst was in the Upper Merion area. Many car water rescues and a few home rescues with water up to the first floor windows. This was all this AM. Other than the runoff fed streams everything has receded. Chester Cty, Delaware Cty and parts of the city were in on it as well as seen in the pictures on this thread. I expect many areas in addition, but these are the ones I heard on the dispatches.
  5. FDFriendly

    Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Storm pretty much missed us here in Worcester. .26 of rain, some wind and lightning, but nothing close. Seemed to go to the north of us.
  6. FDFriendly

    Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    He "paid his dues" having been the, NY Times weather guy, weekend guy in Kansas, morning guy in Lexington, Ky, evening guy in Toledo and then Chief in Erie. Now he is back at State College, where is went to Penn State. (been back a year) He is teamed up with a very good young woman meteorologist, Brittany Boyer, in the roughly 3 Pm to 8 Pm slot who is from (I think) Royersford. Montgomery County is well represented. (He is off today, but back on Monday). The schedules jump around a bit especially in the summer due to vacation coverage.
  7. FDFriendly

    Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    For those of you with Direct TV - the Accuweather Network is now on air 24 hours a day. This change took place today Aug 1st. (I'm a little partial as my son, is one of their on air meteorologists.) They have made some significant changes with much more live coverage and several new severe weather reporters running all over the country to cover big weather events. He is from Montgomery County, Pa and loves severe and winter weather reporting.
  8. FDFriendly

    7/27 Slight Risk Tstorm Obs

    Only. 09 in Worcester. Pa.
  9. Worcester, PA Sat .76 Sun .99 Mon .07 Tues. 1.90 WED through 10 AM .48 (raining now again) --- Total for the ongoing event 4.2"
  10. Worcester, PA Sat .76 Sun .99 Mon .07 Tuesday 1.26 (through 8:15 AM) mostly around 2 AM --- Total for the ongoing event 3.08" Most of the action remains to the west - but appears to be creeping east, - still too far west based on the current radar. Impressive feed from all the way down the coast to east of the tip of FL.
  11. Worcester, PA. 1.75 total for Saturday, Sunday and this AM. Nothing like what has come down to the west of here.
  12. Worcester - 1.32 " of rain but in my backyard the big deal was the wind. Lost a large white pine (maybe 40' high??) Snapped (or twisted???) off 1/3 up from the ground. Took out my neighbors fence as well. I was not home and missed all the action. I will look in the AM to see if there is an evidence of a lightning hit.
  13. FDFriendly

    Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    2.6" last night's storm. Not too far away had a 3" report. Some local water rescues in the area with cars where they should not have tried going.
  14. FDFriendly

    Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Worcester, PA. .71 of rain with the storm. a little lightning - and some decent wind, but not extreme.