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  1. Wayne/Radnor's roads salted heavily at this hour. About an inch or so of slush. Not too bad yet...
  2. Just started snowing here in Wayne near VFNP/Gateway shopping center...
  3. Gus64

    Feb 7 snow/ice/rain obs

    Ground temp is 28 here...and here comes more precip...
  4. Gus64

    Feb 7 snow/ice/rain obs

    We treated all of our campus walks and they are refreezing as expected: ground temp is cold. Roads are holding here and around Radnor because of the traffic on the road salt. Would prefer a foot of powdery snow instead of this!
  5. Gus64

    Groundhog Day anafrontal wave

    Yes, hopefully this is the end of this so I don't need to keep treating the roads and walks here...
  6. Gus64

    Groundhog Day anafrontal wave

    Good morning all, 34 here in Wayne/Radnor, precip has stopped, roads and walks just wet for now. Let's see how quick the cold air approaches...
  7. Gus64

    Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Boy, that's for sure! Sloppy outside now...good day to finally complete Xmas decoration removal!