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  1. Made it from Allentown out rt22 and up rt33. Lots more down in the LV. Up here maybe 4 inches but I'm not measuring. Just enjoying this bonus snow.
  2. Just barely a dusting here so far on southern Monroe county. Wondering if it's worth making the drive to Allentown today.
  3. That's the spirit. It's like the people who bought Bitcoin over $10k. IIRC, this n/s gradient along the M/D line is reminiscent of a winter a few years ago that had a bunch of storms like that. Was very hard to watch the gradient inch North and South a few miles with every run.
  4. Ended up with about 8" here in southern end of Monroe County. Tapering off to just flurries now.
  5. How long to wait before feeling bad about not going to work?
  6. Solid coating here overnight. Constant light flakes now. See the shaft line creeping East but still not going to work!!
  7. Very fine flakes coming down up here. Intensity increasing.
  8. Some decent snow/ice pellet showers come through right now. Big pellets bouncing off the ground, almost looked like hail but didn't hurt as much.
  9. Just had some flurries earlier today. At least my flight won't be delayed out of ABE tomorrow.
  10. Wow. This thing snuck up on me. I just booked a flight out of ABE early Monday. Hoping this is out of here by then. Don't mind a few inches on Sunday and then leave before the mud.
  11. Up to 21F. Don't know what kind of light shmoo continues to fall, but looks like forecast will hold.
  12. Still only 18 here. Snow still coming down at a good clip but looks like it is changing to bigger wetter flakes.
  13. Ice storms are hard to get. I wouldn't worry too much, but it really just comes down to a wait and see thing. Up here, still all snow. Moderate. 18F.
  14. It is now 17F and very small snow pellets are falling. It reminds me of the little foam beads in that stuff we used to have as kids... floam?
  15. Temps are frigid and I have a hard time believing that low level cold is pushed out as quickly as progged. Skin temps at least will probably hang on a bit longer, hence the ice threat. Anyone know what soil temps are across the region?
  16. Not expecting a dumping but will be a good refresher after the mid week warm up and rain showers.
  17. I don't know how you could even measure here. Some spots are completely bare and others are 4ft drifts.
  18. Latest from Mt. Holly (just updated with higher totals to north):
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