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  1. Ugh. EST & Pre 5 PM Sunsets Are Back.

    I might be late to the party, but I love this. I enjoy the low hanging sun by 1pm, with evening light blasting everything with a golden orange hue. Or those special days where it’s dark and rainy. I love walking down my street, and to see the Christmas lights twinkle at 3pm.
  2. About 5" of frozen precip on the ground, but its windswept. Finally getting our first decent gusts of winds. 28º and light snow in Lansdale.
  3. Big cluster of flakes and the sky is starting to brighten up. Currently 27º with little wind in Lansdale.
  4. Back to sleet at 26º in Lansdale.
  5. 80/20 Snow/Sleet in Lansdale at 27º
  6. Heavy sleet and 27° in Lansdale.
  7. 1.5 inches of snow and 26° in Lansdale
  8. Light flurrys and 32° in Lansdale.
  9. 11/19-11/21 Wind & Snow Showers Obs

    Sputtering snow and sleet in Lansdale for the past couple hours.
  10. 11/19-11/21 Wind & Snow Showers Obs

    34° and Snow in Lansdale
  11. 11/19-11/21 Wind & Snow Showers Obs

    Sleet in Lansdale.
  12. Medium - long range tropics

    I'm also taking it "Smile of God" refers to the bite from S. Carolina to Florida?
  13. Friday looks fun! ...never mind, CAPE doesn't look all too impressive unless there is a 100 mile shift to the north. Hoping for a surprise, but as I have been told, I guess I am waiting a couple of months for something interesting severe wise.
  14. I moved here from Seattle this past November and I absolutely love the fun weather out here. With exception to the cyclones in the winter, weather in Seattle is dull. Great if you're concerned about tee times, but as someone who went nuts over 2 inches of snow (and what we would see all season) or the one cold core thunderstorm, this place is amazing.
  15. The Olympics to the west of the city will break up the westerly flow in the spring and fall. There is a rain shadow effect during this time. During the summer there has been a high that builds off the coast, so activity from the west is few and far between.