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  1. Surface seems colder than what was suggested yesterday. Flakes no longer have a graupel core and things are coming down at a decent clip. Treated pavement is clear, slushy and white elsewhere. Looking at the radar, things look healthier for an all day and evening snow event and with the colder air, totals might be closer to Holly than Heisen. Moderate snow and 30Fº in bustling and beautiful Lansdale.
  2. I’ve got a snow bet going with a few friends. I am going for 2-3 at best. It might be the bipolar weenie feelings, but I also feel like I never get the snow I want. The real models look good though.
  3. Getting pingers and flakes in Lansdale. Temps a little above freezing right now with the radar starting to fill in. Time to get a couple hours of sleep and wake up to some fun.
  4. I’m being facetious. I think a lot of people are being either too conservative or letting their weenie fears drive then to say dumb things. There is a reason why Mt Holly is bullish. Don’t fight it, just enjoy it. That is unless you’re one of those guys who wants to be out golfing by mid February and complain about anything that isn’t at least in the mid 50s.
  5. Lansdale got a half inch of sleet and snow. We were with precip from 1300 to 1900 but have been dry since then. The town has been between 31 and 33f with light winds. At this point, anything exposed has lost any ice glazing due to the winds. interesting to note the somewhat sharp temp gradient, from 31-32 west of Lansdale to 36ish near Colmar.
  6. I guess it’s time to throw in the towel. It’s been fun everyone, see you for the first severe outbreak in August.
  7. Really? I know a lot of you guys are conservative, but come on. Enjoy it or go get a drink.
  8. March morning sun angles will melt everything in minutes.
  9. I drove from Lansdale to Doylestown and back during the height of the snowfall at 1:30pm, leaving on the 202 parkway and headed back on Upper State Road. On the drive out, the roads were passable if you drove at a reasonable speed and didn't hit the gas too hard. The SR63 and 202 intersection wasn't plowed and the poor driving conditions were exacerbated by someone doing 5mph in their BMW and straddling two lanes. Doylestown was fine, but Upper State Road was a mess of 4-6 inches of road snow and bending trees. Measured 7 inches of wet and compressed snow in Lansdale. Flurries stopped at around 4:30pm, and the sky broke out with a bit of blue. Now the sky is building back in, but I don't expect much of anything else. 33f and sloppy in Lansdale.
  10. I’m in it. Easily the heaviest snow I’ve seen since moving out to Philly. Guestimemt is that I have 5 inches on elevated surfaces and 3 on the pavement. Probably have as little as an hour left of heavy snow to as much as five hours. 33 and heavy snow in Lansdale.
  11. Here is the pivot. Hope it doesn’t move east anytime soon. Heavy snow and 32 in Lansdale.
  12. You have to be on the other end of town. Moderate snow and flapping between 32 and 33 in Lansdale.
  13. Close up of the radar over 476. Interesting to see the areas behind the bands collapse as they progress north.