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  1. Pretty decent storm that seems to not want to move away here in Wayne/Strafford Pa. Pouring rain for quite some time. Lost power for 30 sec or so. Lots of lightning and thunder. Not much wind. Had a 1/3 inch from yest and this AM. I am certain the total after this will be quite a bit more.
  2. Decent storm here in Wayne and unexpected. A good bit of thunder and lightning (maybe most this year for me) and torrential rains for 15 mins. Not much wind.
  3. Hi Guys, I'm an infrequent poster but probably would put Heisy to shame for my love of Winter. I'm 50yrs old and basically 8 when it comes to Winter/snowstorms. My wife is tired of me bitching about this winter so I need/will vent here since this was created for such a thing. I grew up in upper susq. county PA until I moved here in Spring 96. Winters were long, cold and nickle and dimed to 40+ in. a year. But, I have had the best winters of my life since moving here. Yes, I know I have been spoiled with a good run. This winter however has been a steaming pile from what was guessed from the different teleconnections in early winter. I have never shoveled more sleet (which isnt easy to get ....virtually every single time we have a "storm"!) in my life (today included). I HATE Summer and the ridiculous heat and humidity but I'm done with this pile of crap. I know I am speaking from my back yard, but thats what this thread is about. Thanks for letting me vent. Is the NAO like the Loch Ness monster? Even though I've had about 25 in of "stuff", i rate this a D from my expectations.
  4. Nice little storm. Snowing quite well still. Going back outside while it lasts. Another unofficial measurement of a hair beyond 2in. in Wayne, Pa. My favorite storm since Nov to date.
  5. I realize this will be a quick hitter but impressive burst. Went for a walk and measured an unofficial 1.5in. on the grill.
  6. Snowing fairly hard here less than a mile from Tom's golf course in Wayne. Easily a 1/2 in.... maybe more just eyeballing it.
  7. Hi All, my second post since being a member/lurker. As a weather freak, this forum has raised my weather IQ by leaps and bounds. Thanks to all. Should we be relying more on the ensembles at this point vs the op runs?
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