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    Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Watching Gloucester county. Some mid-level weak rotation. Seeing winds aloft about 70 to 75 kts, about 2900' off the ground. Line is moving fast. Curious now, what the winds will be at my location.
  2. Yeh, when I saw model guidance going the wrong way, felt that this ship was sailing, but tonight, made up for it. Really awesome views tonight.
  3. Okay, just did some measurements. Got about 8 inches, now working on 9 inches. Piling up at night now.
  4. Well after a quick review of the Euro, not very organized at all. Lesser amounts. Heck out here in South Jersey, 4 inches total via eurowx.com. Frankly, I'll wait for another cycle and keep monitoring radar returns to see whats going on. In PA, there are 9 to 10 inches. Anyway, its late and now time for some sleep.
  5. Gotta love the NAM 3KM. Its like that good old March of 2001. Where we were ground zero for the event and then things began to shift at that last minute. Hopefully, its just a glitch in the run and not a new trend. Still a very challenging forecast and one we'll have to see where we need to make any adjustments.
  6. I love it. Folks complaining Mt Holly is too high with snowfall forecast.
  7. Just looking at the surface charts. Really intense system. Man if that was parked near us, oh my. But for now, we have enough to watch with our event.
  8. By the way, Euro has another storm, but goes way south, but it is a very large intense ocean storm with no where to go. Something to watch. Anyway, for now, should not impact our area.
  9. That may be the highest for March.
  10. Using eurowx.com.. This is this algorithm they run with the snow total maps. South Central PA looks about 10 to 14 inches. Then drops off a bit where I'm at about 9 inches worth. But this run expanded the 10 plus on this run. Plus, accumulating snow continues until about 2am early Thursday morning. Looks like the last flakes would end by daybreak Thursday morning..
  11. How about this. Snow rates approaching 1 inch per hour.. http://www.spc.noaa.gov/products/md/2018/md0159.html
  12. So guidance keeping the heaviest of snowfall right over the immediate Philly area. So, not much change to the forecast. All systems go.
  13. Wow, sounds like guidance indicating we get pounded tomorrow. Just amazing and its March. For Tony, I know you are dying to play golf. Hang in there. But you know what happens, we go straight into summer weather.
  14. Hopefully, sometime down the road we'll have a better setup with model products were it can provide a nice read out on the breakdown how much snow, sleet and freezing rain. Plus an adjustable snow ratio. Think that would go a long way to helping a lot of us out in times like this. Well, for tomorrow, we'll have to see how much sleet and freezing falls tomorrow versus the snow. Then the same case for Wednesday. We'll be very interesting to what verifies in totals by Wednesday night. Anyway, time get some sleep.
  15. Wow, a record 22 inches for Philly. All time for march, but wait, 10:1 ratio. Slice that in half, you still get 12 inches. Impressive run, but really like the close 500mb contour showing up. Looks like snow could continue until like 1am, but that would just a few flurries.