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  1. Rocky III, The Knockout Blow?

    Here's the 00z GFS Snowfall totals...
  2. Rocky III, The Knockout Blow?

    Looking over the NAM runs this evening. Amazed how close the low tracks to the coast. Certainly would cut the totals a lot if you take the run verbatim, especially south and east of Philly. Eagerly will be looking see how things verify with the track of this storm. Just not sure I buy the solution of the low tracking that close to the coast.
  3. Rocky III, The Knockout Blow?

    Let's hope the models keep trending this way in the morning. What a storm this would be for March...
  4. Rocky III, The Knockout Blow?

    Yeh, here's the snowfall map at 42 hour.. Pretty impressive with 983 low to our east at this point.
  5. Rocky III, The Knockout Blow?

    Okay, had to post the 3KM NAM total snowfall map..
  6. Rocky III, The Knockout Blow?

    Figure I show the Canadian snow map. Sure does have the low tucked very close to the coast.
  7. Rocky III, The Knockout Blow?

    Thats really weird. Buyer beware with these snow maps. Be cool if we could adjust the snow ratio. Thats a produce we all would love to have. So, we can see the variation.
  8. Rocky III, The Knockout Blow?

    The one cool thing to watch is the back end of the storm. Some light snow would continue off and on on Wednesday. Perhaps 1 to 3 inches additional. Maybe..
  9. Rocky III, The Knockout Blow?

    On the 54 hour panel, seeing two low centers. Let's see if the 00z run shows a more consolidate low center.
  10. Rocky III, The Knockout Blow?

    At this point, its just a model run. What we know is that this storm will be pretty intense. It will come down to nowcasting and verifying where that rain/snow line will setup. The cool thing is that we will have some off and on snow on Wednesday. Still waiting for the rest of the eurowx.com maps to come in. But if any adjustment to the low to a bit further east, you can shift those nice and high amounts to the south and east.
  11. Rocky III, The Knockout Blow?

    How about the Canadian. Really shows it very wound up solution. Look at these totals.
  12. Rocky III, The Knockout Blow?

    Just looking over the 00z models. GFS went bombs away. A snowier solution. Interesting bullseye near DC to our Philly. An excellent trend. Let's hope the Euro continues that trend.
  13. Rocky III, The Knockout Blow?

    The track on the Euro is really the ideal track you want with this event. Snow totals, get this what 10 to 20 inches !!! Plus this is from the Eurowx site versus WeatherBell, where those amounts are are inflated with bigger snow ratio. I did not realize how after the intense snows, we still have some residual after that.. For fun, let's look at timing.. Yes a bit early, but as we get closer, you know we'll all be diving more into this.. So, timing of event based on this run, looks to be the following Start Time: Monday Night @ 2am. Period for heavy snow: 8am Tuesday through 2am Wednesday Morning Moderate to light snows: 2am to 8am Thursday morning Anyway, wow, what a run.. Wow.. Time for some lunch.. So, bottom line, stepping back, the track is a great one. That would be one heck of a storm. If by Sunday we continue to see this this on the table, holy cow this will be one to remember for a long time.. Fun times ahead for sure. Wow..
  14. Potential Winter Storm Threats

    Okay, just got back from a week in San Francisco FAA work project. Finally back home. Not a whole lot going on and so I said, do we have one more shot from old man winter.. So, I took a peak at the 00z Euro model run at this late hour. I know its out to 9 days, but it shows a major storm, a big one on day 9. Now, only if we saw this within 5 days out.. Plus have the GFS on board, you know the deal with models. Just be great if this threat were to pick up steam the upcoming week and by Friday, all models showing the big storm threat, yeh, we all be like saying whoa, we've got something. Whats even more interesting, March 13th is a special date, the Super Storm of 93. Sure be interesting , if we went from record breaking warmth to a full fledged blizzard next weekend. But this is pure speculation and conjecture at this moment. Food for thought now.. Below are two maps showing the threat. Like to see what the ensemble shows, but yeh, its a weeeeeeeeeeeee bit far out right now.. Let's see if the pattern favors it... Okay, what about the 500mb anomaly maps, which I love to look over... Definitely love the upper air look.. Only if this threat was showing up consistently like consecutive runs. So, let's see if this new threat is possible and shows up on other models...
  15. Feb 13th wind event

    Of course my Advantage Pro wireless is down. So, no reading of any winds right now. Gotta change the rechargeables. Have to rely on other stations out here for now.