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  1. We're doing well here in Paoli. It looks like I'll be starting a new long-term contract, but who knows when that will be? My fiance P works from home when it doesn't feel like the world's coming to an end, so it's just us, our cat Charlie, Max and Peedie (betta and snail, respectively). We're not going stir-crazy, but if I don't cut down on my snacking I'll be waddling out of here when this nightmare is finally over. What really unnerves me is the quiet. I drove down to Mom's in Bryn Mawr last week and drove past Villanova. I'm a part-time student there, and it's the time of the year when the campus should be hopping. March Madness, end-of-semester projects, prepping for finals, graduation looming. It's empty and silent and just heartbreaking. Hang tough, weather people. Please stay well and we'll get through this.
  2. Lack of accumulating snow due to that damned mid-to-late winter sun angle and longer days.
  3. Lack of snow has been caused by any of the following events: Purchase of LL Bean Boots. New snowblower and/or tuneup of said object. Purchase or lease of a new or new-to-you 4x4 motor vehicle to drive in snow. Sale on snow shovels at Home Depot. Last minute Wegman's run for milk, chips, beer and/or wine before the storm fizzles out.
  4. 30F at work in Malvern. No snow, but there's at least an inch of salt in the parking lot. 🙄
  5. 34f, light IP/ZR. Fine excuse to get some homework done.
  6. Absolutely. When we lost Frogger in March 2018 after a brief illness, we were heartbroken. He was my own personal therapy animal when I was fighting cancer. He never, ever stopped talking, thought he was a dog and we loved him to bits. A week after he passed, we found ourselves at Providence Animal Shelter in Media, and we took home this big, white and black FIV+ tomcat. Charlie's a big, goofy guy who, if he were human, would probably love to have a pizza and drink some beer with you. Love him to bits, too.
  7. I took this last night on my way home from my evening class at Villanova. I think this was the outflow from the storm up near Phoenixville. And yes, I was fully stopped at a red light. ☺️
  8. I took this with my Samsung Galaxy 9 last night after the storm had passed through Paoli.
  9. On Friday afternoon around 4:00, it took me 45 minutes to drive from the Ack-A-Mee back to my apartment. On a normal day, that drive usually takes 8 minutes, max. If all of this works out, I'll be taking a snow day.
  10. Does Villanova know something that no one else does? They've already announced that the campus is closed tomorrow. I wonder if Jay just didn't want to ruin his new suit?
  11. The Wegman's in Malvern was fine until around 5, when we were checking out. I swear, everyone thought, "OHMYGODITSGOINGTOSNOWTOMORROWTHEWORLDISCOMINGTOANEND"
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