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  1. 12/30 Fluff obs

  2. 10/29-10/30 OBS : Major Coastal, good bye fall foliage

    HIgher velocities on radar corresponding with gustier winds right now.
  3. 10/29 major coastal low

    The HRRR seems to gradually be shifting west overtime, shifting the LLJ further inland. This would be pretty exciting for my area! Just gotta see how well that'd mix down. Pretty much moist adiabatic for sounding, would likely be some gusty winds, but not damaging. Still like that it's moving more inland on the model, though model runs /=/ reality. Monday morning should provide some good windage.
  4. 10/29 major coastal low

    GFS vs. EURO on Sandy’s 5th anniversary ... Will the EURO win again?
  5. Generic Thunderstorms, 2017 Version

    I don’t think that we’ll have enough instability/lift for that tomorrow ... We shall see though! The NAM doesn’t seem to give us anything, and even though it’s not like it’s the most trustworthy model ever, I tend to think it has some idea.
  6. 10/24 Slight Risk Obs

    I'm not sure how accurate this is/what stations the gusts were recorded at, but I guess it gives a general idea of the wind! There are some questionable recordings though.
  7. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Nothing’s showing up on radar, but it’s drizzling and a bit misty here in Tabernacle, NJ.
  8. wow, very windy with the line of storms overhead. maybe not severe, but was definitely pretty strong! the velocities showed where the strongest winds were well.
  9. approaching about an hour of solid storms! it's been pretty consistent with fairly gusty winds (probably around 30, maybe more...?) even during lulls
  10. Great American Eclipse

    I feel the clouds helped a bit here! not so bright, you could actually look with the naked eye at times! makes for cool shots as well
  11. 8/18 Thunderstorms, Heavy Rain Obs

    hmm ... we'll have to see if we can get stronger gusts to mix down. Not much DCAPE... regardless, line looks solid! lots of lightning too.
  12. 8/18 Thunderstorms, Heavy Rain Obs

    Have to think there'll be at least a tornado warning today... EHI values are pretty high. 1km EHI around 1-2 some 3, and 3km EHI 3-4
  13. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Very interesting clouds here ... think there were a few roll clouds, turbulent skies .
  14. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Had a pretty good storm here with very heavy rain that moved in sheets. No damaging winds here. Not so surprisingly , it seems like the storms got rejuvenated just after passing here so we didn't really get the brunt of the storms.