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  1. Wildlife

    most likely a leucistic red tailed hawk. I saw this one out by Gettysburg some years ago. Really neat to see. Leucistic Red Tail Hawk by Josh, on Flickr
  2. SB LII - predictions

    Went to the parade with my fam yesterday. It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience. Glad I did it, but I don't think I'll do it again. Looking back the memories are growing more fond by the minute, but the actual event was very crowded and very quick at my location. Everything worked out perfectly for us, I'm really happy to have celebrated with my wife and kids. This was from my hotel window early morning looking at city hall. One Nation Underdogs the evolution of the crowd down Broad Street. I was woken up by the first E A G L E S EAGLES chants at 5am. At 11am there were more than 700k along my stretch of Broad St alone: The Growth of the People by Josh, on Flickr Seeing the Lombardi trophy was the highlight of the day for me. At the time, I didn't even notice Carson, Nick and the QBs were on the bus. Early in the parade, Kelce got off the bus and was shotgunning beers and stealing Police bikes to ride around the fans. Dougie P got off and was letting all the fans kiss the trophy, so within 3 blocks of the stadium they were an hour and half behind schedule. I think the city rounded them up got them back on the bus and motored through to the art museum. They went by my spot at a high rate of speed... The Lombardi Trophy by Josh, on Flickr Here is the D-line bus. Check out Chris Long's flashy jacket and the guy next to him rocking the cigar and mostly empty bottle of Chivas up front. Malcolm holding court over his peeps. Brandin Cooks was no where to be found. The Party Bus by Josh, on Flickr Finally the O-line bus... shockingly the Bud Knight was on there.. I'm sure no bud light was consumed. The Mummer, The Knight and the O-Line by Josh, on Flickr
  3. SB LII - predictions

    27 - 20 Birds Eagles Nation representing... Fly Eagles, Fly: and the Underdog
  4. Jan 23rd 2016

    That was such a great storm. I remember reading the pre-storm thread on here and everyone being so excited about how clean the forecast was from a week out. Me and JD by Josh, on Flickr
  5. Winter Banter Thread

    For anyone interested there is a total lunar eclipse scheduled for 6:45am on Wednesday morning. It is also a blue moon (second full moon of the month), so if the clouds pass through in time it will be a neat thing to see. more info here: https://www.vox.com/science-and-health/2018/1/23/16911140/total-lunar-eclipse-2018-blue-moon-supermoon-blood-explained
  6. Winter Pics 2018

    These are a little late, but I figured while I'm sharing, here are a couple from Longwood a few days after Christmas. Dew Drops by Josh, on Flickr
  7. Winter Pics 2018

    Keuka is a finger lake, but the one near Cornell (Ithaca) is called Cayuga. From East to West, it is Cayuga, Seneca (Watkins Glen is on the south shore), Keuka then Canandaigua.
  8. Winter Pics 2018

    Thanks, This is up in New York, at Keuka Lake. We got about 10" of fresh snow on Friday night into Saturday. Saturday AM the lake was still mostly water. By Monday AM it was frozen solidly enough that you could walk on it where I was. We saw a temp of -11F Sunday night. It was cold enough that water vapor was freezing out of the air directly (I guess its called Diamond Dust), making an amazing sparkle in the air. This was Saturday with the first signs of ice. The plume of cloud is actually steam coming off the center of the lake: This was Monday:
  9. Winter Pics 2018

    Here are a few from this weekend:
  10. Wildlife

    That's a great find and nice pictures. There's a pretty good irruption of them this year. A couple on Island Beach State Park in NJ, One or two at Cape May, a few along the Delaware Wildlife beaches, two up in Fleetwood, Berks, etc. I haven't gotten to see any of the 'local' ones yet, but did catch up to on in NY before Christmas. They are such beautiful birds.
  11. Sunset pictures

    The Sunsets on Saturday 11/25 through the first half of last week were some of the best I've ever seen. Unfortunately, I didn't have a camera for any of them I was up in Buffalo this weekend, and did get to see this sunset over Lake Erie. Not a bad consolation prize: Sunset over Lake Erie by Josh, on Flickr
  12. Fall Pics 2017

    This is a screen grab from one of my webcams at my place in the Finger Lakes. SNOW!!! Love the changing seasons. Especially when we go through two in one week (Summer -> Fall -> Winter from Saturday to Saturday)
  13. Had some flakes and some a wet coating on the dirt at the turnpike rest stop near kitany ridge a few mins ago.
  14. Wildlife

    Yep, its an adult Bald Eagle, you can see the fully white tail pretty well in the first pic. If you ever want an awesome Bald Eagle show, go to Conowingo Dam around Thanksgiving. The migrating eagles hang out at the base of the dam and pick off the shad that have gone over and get knocked out. It is pretty routine to see 50+ on the trees at the parking lot, the rocks in the river and fighting over the fish.
  15. Wildlife

    Cool mantid shots. Not a pic, but if you are all interested in hummingbirds, this webcam from West Texas is mesmerizing. We're at the height of the Hummingbird migration and this house has a huge feeder set up (about 20 of the feeders seen on the camera) with a constant interaction of multiple hummingbird species. You'll also see an occasional Acorn Woodpecker stop by for a drink. The embedded video below will be the live feed.