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  1. A couple of pics of the edge of the storm near Allentown yesterday that came through around 630pm
  2. Just a couple of pics of a healthy storm rolling in from the south west. I enjoy watching the defined rain line walk across the lake.
  3. We had a few pebbles of hail with the first storm that passed through Wayne/KoP area about 20 mins ago. Started out with some very loud thunder, then very heavy rain rates and decent wind. Mixed in with the rain was pea-sized hail for about 2 mins, then it quickly stopped and settled down. Just had a second cel push through, but not nearly as exciting as the first from a wind or rain rate perspective
  4. I'd say Beech tree based on all the knobs at the base of the trunk and the smooth bark whereever it isn't mossed over. And in other news, it is HOTTT and STEEAMY in Downingtown.
  5. that is one rotten tree. Still unfortunate, but my goodness there wasn't much wood left to hold that thing together.
  6. This was in Downingtown at the Intersection of boot road and 322. Lots of similar intersections in my area yesterday. That's a cop under the RR Bridge yelling at a driver trying to push their flooded Dodge Challenger to get out of the water. Amazingly people were still trying to drive through from the other side and splashing him... The pic doesn't really do the scene justice, there was about 3ft of water in the intersection just past where he was. The fire police brought their boat to rt 30 and Bell Tavern to pluck a person from the roof of their car that got swamped under the bypass bridge. This was probably the worst / most widespread flooding in our area that I can remember.
  7. Heavy downpour in Leola, PA over lunch. It drenched for about an hour. Lots of minor street flooding around rt 23 and rt 772
  8. Very cool pics of the owlet. They make some wild sounds when they're hungry. We have a pair that nest in our neighborhood. We always get a rude awakening in the middle of th night when the young first fledge and are screaming for their parents to feed them. Last evening I was walking in my back yard and notices a dark spot on one of my trees just above one of my bird boxes. Turned out to be a little brown bat. Very cute and completely awesome at keeping mosquitos in check. I hope he contines to eat well.
  9. Does anyone know what this weed is, why it is spreading like wildfire in my lawn and how I can eradicate it and hopefully get grass to replace it. It seemed to make an appearance last year and has tripled in size this year. It makes my wife very unhappy and therefore has become my priority to fix...
  10. Thanks Tom, I've made a few adjustments to my plan based on your feedback. I have no choice but to address the areas this spring. The construction work done over winter has really torn up certain areas and they need to be fixed.
  11. This is what I read: The ideal temperatures vary somewhat by species, but a good general rule of thumb is that most grass seed starts to germinate when the soil temperature near the surface reaches 50 degrees. In spring, that usually happens when the daytime air temperatures start hitting 60 degrees. In a normal year, that's early April. When spring shows up a little earlier, end of March is a reasonable seeding time. Wait at least until the soil isn't frozen to even think about spring-seeding. Kentucky bluegrass and creeping red and sheep fescue (both fine fescues) can germinate when it's a little cooler (soil temps in the upper 50s). Chewings fescue, tall fescue and perennial ryegrass need days consistently into the 60s to get going.
  12. In lieu of any recommendations from Tom or others, I've laid out my plan. Hopefully posting this will get some more expert opinions flowing. I'm fine hearing my plan sucks and I should re-evaluate. I'll post a couple of pics of the area I'm dealing with tonight to show why I NEED to seed this spring. 1. This weekend I'm going to aerate the yard and loosen up the soil. I'll run my mower over it to pull up the thatch and collect / bag the sticks, left over leaves and other winter / construction debris while I'm at it. 2. Rake the areas (possibly till depending on compaction) and add a couple of inches of Scotts Seeding Soil 3. Seed with a blend of Ryegrass and K31 Fescue cool season grasses 4. light layer of starter lawn food 5. cover with seeding mulch processed straw. Water lightly every day.
  13. I head over to Marsh Creek in the evenings around this time every spring to watch the Woodcocks display "peeeeent". Lots of fun. I found my first wood frog this AM too. My son was psyched when he woke up and it was sitting on his bed stand staring at him. (We've since let it go back into the woods).
  14. I would like to hear recommendations as well. We had some renovations done over the winter and have some areas of the yard that are completely chewed up. I'll need to get them passable this spring and fully addressed this fall. Any suggestions would be welcome.
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