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  1. jec6

    Winter Pics 2019

    I'm out skiing at seven springs. We got 6 fresh inches this morning. Very pretty out here.
  2. jec6


    I've had a couple of Bucks hanging out in my backyard recently. They're not shy. These two were munching on my bird feeders and sparring at 10:30am the other day. Sparring Partners by Josh, on Flickr Big Papa by Josh, on Flickr
  3. jec6

    Temps/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    It is our family tradition to go to Varners every year. Love that place 👍
  4. jec6


    the family did some hiking in Gettysburg this Sunday. It was a beautiful day to be in the park. My son found a couple of spring peepers while we were in the woods. I'm always impressed with natural camouflage. [/url ]Peep by Josh, on Flickr
  5. jec6

    Sunset pictures

    The sunset last night was absolutely gorgeous. Atmospherically, what makes for an awesome sunset evening in comparison to our normal blah ones?
  6. jec6

    Spring and Summer 2018

    Here's a second one from a slightly different angle with 15 second shutter. I didn't notice the airplane when I first took the shot. It was waaaaayyyy up there. Starry Night by Josh, on Flickr
  7. jec6

    Spring and Summer 2018

    I kind of dig this one (especially since the sky was actually clear and not pouring rain like it seems to have incessantly been here). This is a 25 second exposure of the night sky showing the colors of our galaxy. I shot this on my back patio up in the finger lakes. The night sky is a different place without light pollution. Milky Way by Josh, on Flickr
  8. This is not my video, but pretty amazing from inside (and outside) the Whip Tavern last night. The Tavern sits on the edge of Doe Run creek (and is an awesome English bar for those that like Sheppard pie and great UK beers). Idiots walking through the rising water aside... As I understand it, this group had to be water rescued from the restaurant to dry land. I got sad when the kegs started floating by.
  9. jec6

    The "Official" what are you drinking thread

    Red Stag is a fav of mine. Great whiskey and beer selections. Bartenders are usually pretty knowledgeable and their shepherds pie is spot on. Edit: sorry, I didn't realize I was on page 1 and not the last page of the thread... I didn't mean to reply to a post from 2015, but all of the above is still true.
  10. It was neat watching the storm come over the hill this afternoon and all the boats trying to beat it home.
  11. jec6


    My son and I love snorkeling. I picked up a waterproof case for my camera and am trying my luck at shooting fish in the lake. Took these today. A largemouth bass, smallmouth bass and a catfish laying eggs. Large Mouth by Josh, on Flickr Smallmouth Bass by Josh, on Flickr Catfish w/ Eggs by Josh, on Flickr
  12. jec6

    Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    Audobon has a good site for finding Native plants that meet your needs. Just enter your zip code and use the filters: https://www.audubon.org/native-plants/search?zipcode=19335&active_tab=best_results&attribute=&attribute_tier1=&resource=&resource_tier1=&bird_type=&bird_type_tier1=12966&page=1&page_tier1=1 You don't need to add your email address, but if you do you can export your selected plants to an email. I used my zip for the search shown in the link, but you can modify it for whatever criteria you want. BTW, much kudos for focusing on Natives! I'm a big fan of using them whenever and wherever possible on my property.
  13. jec6

    Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    Best bet is Jacob Cline Monarda - Bee Balm. They are hardy, perennial, bright red flowers and bloom from a week ago through July. They're related to mint, the leaves smell like a cross between mint and basil. https://www.highcountrygardens.com/perennial-plants/monarda/monarda-jacob-cline It spreads well and can be split up and moved easily.
  14. jec6

    Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    They look like juvie box elder bugs. I'm partly IDing from the maple seeds, which is a tree they like to host off of. For some reason soapy water does a good job controlling them.
  15. Here is a pic of the Hail from last night in my backyard. The initial clouds were mesmerizing the way they were swirling within each other. I was in a restaurant when the golden light hit and didn't get to take any pictures, but the colors were beautiful. Fun evening.