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  1. Believe it or not, those were shot with a canon g7x mk2 placed on the roof of my car w/o a tripod. I haven't used my Nikon DSLR and collection of lenses in a couple of years since I got the little guy. It has a really nicer sensor, a good range of manual controls and it's size means it is usually with me when I want to play with non phone photography. Thursday night, the air was crystal clear up here. I tried shooting some pics last night with my "good" slr body and 300mm lens but the comet was much less bright and I didn't get any worthwhile pics.
  2. If you guys get a chance to find some dark skies and look to the northwest (especially with some binoculars). Comet neowise is putting on quite the show. The last pic is the milky way w Jupiter really bright just at the tree line. These were all 15 to 30 sec shutter times about an hour after sunset.
  3. I just drove through KoP / Upper Merion to pick up my son and that area got HAMMERED. 23 and Henderson both closed with multiple trees down. Trees on houses, cars demolished. It was one of the worst storm damage areas I've seen in some time.
  4. Did anybody else see it? I had my time off, it was 847 but it was really cool
  5. 8:40pm tonight and 8:47pm (if it is clear) tomorrow, the starlink satelite train will be visible overhead. Traveling from NW to SE, total visible time about 4 mins. We saw it last night, it was awesome.
  6. larger than pea size hail hitting Uwchan township right now edit: most of it is BB sized, but there are some larger than Peas in there too. edit 2: rumbles of Thunder as well. edit 3: and now at 2:42PM the sun is out and it's the nicest weather we've had since Friday Edit 4: somehow I attached the wrong pic the first time
  7. Snowing in KoP. Temp dropped from 39F at 3:15 to 34F at 4pm
  8. Light coating on non paved surfaces in uwchlan township and snowing. Started to snow in leola where I was working today at 145pm
  9. Just a pic of my backyard right now. There are certain times when it becomes totally alive, and I love it. I think it's awesome that there are 15+ species of bird in this picture: 1 yellow shafted flicker 2 Downy woodpecker 3 red bellied woodpecker 4 red shoulder hawk 5 blue bird 6. Blue Jay 7. Junco 8. Carolina wren 9. Chicadee 10. White throated sparrow 11. Song sparrow 12. Nuthatch 13. Titmouse 14. Cardinal 15. House finch Out of the pic were a coopers hawk, pileated woodpecker, mourning dove and a flyover turkey vulture. Nothing too exotic, but just alive and full of energy
  10. It was very lightly drizzling in Downingtown when I left for work this am. By the time I got to the great valley exit of the tpk it had switched to snow. KoP had better snow and light sticking on the grassy surfaces. Here in Wayne now it is precip free. On theother hand, here is a capture from my webcam at my cottage in the finger lakes. Really wish I was there instead of sitting at work today.
  11. A couple of pics of the edge of the storm near Allentown yesterday that came through around 630pm
  12. Just a couple of pics of a healthy storm rolling in from the south west. I enjoy watching the defined rain line walk across the lake.
  13. We had a few pebbles of hail with the first storm that passed through Wayne/KoP area about 20 mins ago. Started out with some very loud thunder, then very heavy rain rates and decent wind. Mixed in with the rain was pea-sized hail for about 2 mins, then it quickly stopped and settled down. Just had a second cel push through, but not nearly as exciting as the first from a wind or rain rate perspective
  14. I'd say Beech tree based on all the knobs at the base of the trunk and the smooth bark whereever it isn't mossed over. And in other news, it is HOTTT and STEEAMY in Downingtown.
  15. that is one rotten tree. Still unfortunate, but my goodness there wasn't much wood left to hold that thing together.
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