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  1. Fall Pics 2017

    This is a screen grab from one of my webcams at my place in the Finger Lakes. SNOW!!! Love the changing seasons. Especially when we go through two in one week (Summer -> Fall -> Winter from Saturday to Saturday)
  2. Had some flakes and some a wet coating on the dirt at the turnpike rest stop near kitany ridge a few mins ago.
  3. Wildlife

    Yep, its an adult Bald Eagle, you can see the fully white tail pretty well in the first pic. If you ever want an awesome Bald Eagle show, go to Conowingo Dam around Thanksgiving. The migrating eagles hang out at the base of the dam and pick off the shad that have gone over and get knocked out. It is pretty routine to see 50+ on the trees at the parking lot, the rocks in the river and fighting over the fish.
  4. Wildlife

    Cool mantid shots. Not a pic, but if you are all interested in hummingbirds, this webcam from West Texas is mesmerizing. We're at the height of the Hummingbird migration and this house has a huge feeder set up (about 20 of the feeders seen on the camera) with a constant interaction of multiple hummingbird species. You'll also see an occasional Acorn Woodpecker stop by for a drink. The embedded video below will be the live feed.
  5. Fall Pics 2017

    Do you roast them? My son and tried a couple years ago. They came out great, but what a pain to open them up.
  6. Yesterday morning, in the Finger Lakes. The air temp was ~38f, the water temp was still a very comfortable 77F. Caused the lake to steam, it looked a bit like the hot springs in Yellowstone on a cool morning. There are some more pics of it on my Flickr site. Morning Fog by Josh, on Flickr
  7. Wildlife

    We raised a few Monarch caterpillars again this year. This guy got released the other day: Monarch by Josh, on Flickr
  8. Wildlife

    No pics, but another family of screech owls fledged from our yard this week. They'e been very vocal at dusk. I think I counted 2 parents + 3 little ones. This is a good time of year to hear them.
  9. sure. Anything I post on here is public domain as far as I'm concerned. Thanks for asking first.
  10. Not sure if this is the right thread to put this in, but a co-worker sent me this pic. I'm on vacation this week, but that's my normal parking spot in our office in Wayne. Storm damage from today. Glad it wasn't my car.
  11. Summer Pics 2017

    Quick shot from yesterday of a storm passing to the south Rain on the Horizon by Josh, on Flickr
  12. Summer Pics 2017

    I went to Longwood today. I love that place. Dragon Fly by Josh, on Flickr
  13. Wildlife

    Did you make some soup? Did some more snorkeling yesterday in between the downpours: P1020521 by Josh, on Flickr Smallmouth by Josh, on Flickr
  14. Wildlife

    Did some snorkelling at the lake yesterday. Saw this nice Momma Smallmouth Bass keeping an eye on her nest. Smallmouth Bass by Josh, on Flickr
  15. Wildlife

    box turtles are fantastic. They're struggling a little with habitat loss and general people interaction. Since they have relatively long lifespans, they don't breed very actively. Such a cool little animal. Last night my son and I found a Musk Turtle in a local pond. We checked it out and put it back in the water. I'll post some pics tomorrow of the baby painted turtles that just hatched at the pond down the street.