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  1. How is the overall ice threat looking? I noticed my numbers got bumped up slightly .1 - .3 with an additional .1 overnight. I am not too concerned about my power here, but you guys to the west may be in worse shape.
  2. ZR here at 30 degrees. Visible icicles on the power line going to my house.
  3. How does the timing of the ZR -> rain look here closer to the coast?
  4. Lots of wild mixing here. If you told me the ptype was macaroni and cheese I may believe you.
  5. Sleet and ZR here now. Snow keeps trying to mix back in though. It's actually kind of neat to watch the chaos.
  6. Snow with sleet mixing in here. CC looks like change over should be happening as I type.
  7. So this is my first ice threat with ZR since moving here from Memphis a few years ago. As all areas differ, at what point here do we usually start worrying about power outages? Back home anything over .4" would start to cause trouble with the utilities. Also looks like the warnings got pushed south.
  8. bugalou

    2/26 obs

    Sun is out with light snow still. How strange
  9. bugalou

    2/26 obs

    4" here, but starting to finally wind down.
  10. bugalou

    2/26 obs

    3" here now and still coming down hard. Anyone know whats up with the radars on the east coast? They have been going down one by one. Maintenance?
  11. bugalou

    2/26 obs

    Heavy snow here. As of posting this I have about 1.5" on the ground. Based on the radar and current snow rate, we may flirt with warning criteria accumulations. Very surprised schools weren't canceled with this happening in the middle of the morning commute.
  12. I am sure things will be a bit different, but the small amount we got last night was very fluffy. I have never really seen ratios forecasted in a reliable manner though.
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