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  1. Space station is supposed to be super visible around 10pm tonight. We shall see...
  2. I blame the Amish Heat Island effect Warmer nights (higher dews.) is probably tied into the obnoxious above normal sea surface temps in the Gulf and Atlantic.
  3. 😆 Wall to wall clouds and record rains. Easy peasy.
  4. This has to be one of the biggest/most widespread, region-wide heavy rain events in the past year. First time my sump pump is going off since last June when we had a 4”+ event.
  5. Joy. I’m talking expecting 6-12” and getting 24”+ lol.
  6. Heaviest rain of the day here. Where are these overperformers in winter snowstorms???
  7. Made my kids French toast sticks for lunch.
  8. If drier air doesn't work into SE PA much further from the east, those totals are really going to keep adding up.
  9. 11:00 AM EDT Fri Jul 10Location: 38.4°N 74.5°WMoving: N at 12 mphMin pressure: 999 mbMax sustained: 60 mph
  10. Meanwhile, if NJ can find a way to get out of the heaviest rain band (if it sets up shop further west with the pivot)...then squally, convection with potentially sunny breaks could becoming a story closer to the coast.
  11. Yeah, I mean rain reports down in DE support 5+" totals...really hoping it doesn't happen somewhere in eastern PA.
  12. Yeah, if you look at other models like the RGEM and HRDPS they paint a similar (yet less robust) maximum where all that tropical moisture basically hits a wall and gets wrung out over SEPA. Hopefully that does not happen.
  13. HRDPS did wrap more rain/convection around the west side of the circulation this run (making a big difference in eastern PA). Who knows.... Also, looks like the 12z UKMET is MUCH wetter...with a track closer to the coastline.
  14. Yeah. 12z runs should be interesting. Bottom line is I shouldn't need to water for days, which is great after the past week or so.
  15. I'd gladly take 0.5" over 5.0" Figures the NAM and GFS are holding hands. 🥴
  16. N.J. will now require people wear masks outside to battle coronavirus, Murphy says... https://www.nj.com/coronavirus/2020/07/nj-will-now-require-people-wear-masks-outside-to-battle-coronavirus-murphy-says.html
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