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  1. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Legit snow/graupel squall rolling through. Can here the wind-blown precip. hitting the side of the house.
  2. 2017/2018 winter snowfall total map

    For all your hard work tombo, you should throw a phillywx.com stamp on that map as it will be shared online. Your site, so your call.
  3. 2017/2018 winter snowfall total map

    Sweet. Looks great.
  4. 2017/2018 winter snowfall total map

    Nice tombo. My only constructive criticism (if you care) is to change that “bright red” 50-58 range to another shade of blue to keep the shades of (“red”ish) pinks and purples separate from the blues/blacks/whites...higher totals. That’s just me though Those contours looks great and very representative of higher elevations and areas that saw some bigger hits. Those intervals really depict it well.
  5. APR 14-16 OBS - Summer to Shank to Swamp

    Well, this weather...is for the birds. A brisk, 42.
  6. Sunset pictures

    Lancaster Co., after a brief taste of summer
  7. Looks like the NAM was too aggressive today (Saturday) with the front. RGEM (and others) had the correct slower arrival.
  8. APR 14-16 OBS - Summer to Shank to Swamp

    Soaking it all in out in Amish Country today. Mid-80s with gusty, manure-freshened south winds.
  9. 82. sunday morning is going to feel like a smack to the face.
  10. Looks like Saturday is salvageable. (Jinx?). I’ll take it. RGEM looks about six hours slower (vs NAM) with the front. Sunday is still garbage though.
  11. No way. See, they get more snow these days but atleast I can say I get enjoy spring for a longer period of time.
  12. Ouch. Sadly, this is the time of year when you have to prepare for the worst (quicker FROPA) and hope for the best. Obviously south/west are in better shape for longer.
  13. NAM drops the hammer with the BDF quicker Saturday. That’d be an insane gradient of roughly 40 degrees over 100 miles. Hopefully we can all salvage Saturday and the slower FROPA on other models prevails
  14. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    I know it's "early" but I've been to Lowes and Home Depot in the past 2 days getting stuff for my mower tune up and what a sad sight the early annuals are at both places. The price they are charging for stunted and/or half nuked (freeze) even hardy early spring flowers is a joke. Even the local nursery (where I'd rather do my business) is struggling. They aren't happy campers.
  15. 2017/2018 Seasonal snowfall totals

    47.3” - Graterford, PA