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  1. No fear of droughts in the near term with the rain early this week and the advertised soaker at the end of the week. 🦆
  2. I find these amounts way more believable based on surface temps. and precip. amounts once it's actually cold enough to snow. Atleast based on those overnight runs I'm not buying anything "exciting" with this threat.
  3. December really feels like the new November. I just can’t get excited about snow threats (see: a few days ago) at this point in met. winter. I’d love a 10-18” (yes, I’m greedy) snowfall now to carry us toward Christmas but that’s hard to buy.
  4. Welcome to the dark......I mean BRIGHT side. ☀️
  5. The concert was at the Boyertown High School. All the elementary schools Within the district did a joint concert 4-5th grade for orchestra and band. I’m still learning my way around that area. Taking Buchert is a nice way to avoid traffic on 73.
  6. I saw them tonight! On my way to Boyertown concert. Great job on the lights. My kids were impressed.
  7. More importantly why aren’t your Christmas lights on? Lol. Drove by your house (I believe) yesterday taking my daughter to a rehearsal in Boyertown. Buchert is one curvy road.
  8. That’s sure beats a dusting of slop. Actually, that picture beats almost anything.
  9. Yeah, it’s a different world (vs. urbanization) heading west on 78 or 80, especially approaching and west of 287. Reminds me of driving north on 476 once north of Plymouth meeting.
  10. Seems like the new norm. with snow events favoring north and east. Bring back the days of big snows north/west of I-95 (or regionwide)!
  11. Yeah NYC metro struggled too. Never want a snow event between 33-34 degrees in urban areas. Very impressive though for NNJ, upstate NY and New England. That’s why they average 50+” on average. Funny how climo works.
  12. WOW. Still snowing in many of these locations too.
  13. Who needs real snow anyway? Not this guy. 34, light pity flakes falling. NEXT.
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