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  1. I'll tell you what, with the all the oranges and reds I've seen on maps this winter I think we need the anti-Barney and I think I've found him....
  2. What a month. Looking at the monthly climo. thus far, Allentown's average high has been 48 and Philly close to 50. The cooler next few days will drop those a bit but we basically experienced a February more typical of Richmond, VA.
  3. Highs well into the 50s seems like no big deal these days. Too easy. To think we are still at time when sustained cold is “normal”.
  4. Yeah, not sure if it was the sun, breeze or super low humidity but my face is a bit red this evening. So glad this nice day fell on a Sunday. Kids and I hiked nearly 6 miles.
  5. Yeah, off to the races is usually the easy bet once May rolls around.
  6. We deserve a long, enjoyable spring after this miserable winter. Hopefully summer doesn't arrive the first week of May.
  7. Sigh....back home with nothing but salt all over the car as my consolation prize. Perhaps the last snow cover I see til 2021, although I’ll be back up there in a few weeks.
  8. I’m actually surprised a grad. student would still have that much weenie juice in his system. I guess it was just thrill of the moment.....and those magical NAM runs.
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