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  1. Roads. Are. Horrible. Spin outs on Montgomery Avenue from Ardmore to Gulph Mills, accidents on 76, and 422 is its usual nightmarish self. Heading to Limerick.
  2. Couple of close CTG strikes and fat drops on 422 at Oaks. No wind.
  3. Sleetfest '17 continues in Limerick. Just out testing the shoveling conditions, feels like both the weight and consistency of coarse sand.
  4. Pouring sleet in Limerick. Flakes trying to mix in once in a great while but not winning the battle.
  5. MsHeatMiser

    Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Caught this this morning before it melted on my deck rail. They were melting rather fast.
  6. MsHeatMiser

    Sapril 9th Snow/rain obs

    Chipping sparrows and is that a dark eyed junco? Very nice pic. Snow has been moderate most of the late morning with large flakes a stone's throw from PTW, but it's only starting to stick now. I'd call it a coating.
  7. MsHeatMiser

    Snow And Sleet Sandwich Storm Obs - 3/3 & 3/4 (AM) aka Part 1

    Sleet fest approaching Collegeville exit on 422.
  8. MsHeatMiser

    Super Bowl Storm- deflated..

    Last week was more about reliance on a normally very reliable model when that model was a far outlier from the word go. Other guidance was effectively ignored until said reliable model caved. In this case there seems to be more agreement and each run is trending in the same general direction. I like an upside bust as much as anybody, but it's not looking great.