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  1. Some mangled flakes just started 38/28. DP's seem to dropping with temps. See how long that lasts.
  2. I give it an "I" for incomplete or "N" for needs improvement. I'm going to recommend that this winter be left back a year.
  3. Just measured 1.1" in Freehold. Got nice rates right after the onset.
  4. KG1

    That 30s club

    28.5F. Surprised temps were below freezing for about 10 hrs
  5. KG1

    That 30s club

    31 with frost this morning
  6. KG1

    That 30s club

    3rd night in the 30's this week. Feels great
  7. I took about a dozen stings to the face and neck last week before I realized there was a nest the size of a soccer ball in one of my arbs. Wd-40 will kill them. I didn't want to spray the tree with it just the nest. Took a few minutes to "man up" and get close enough to spray the nest. Got another 5-6 stings while spraying. About 18 stings and hr later, the nest was down. Somehow, I got stung on the inside part of my ear. That freakin hurt for 2 days lol. Oh.... the joys of nature
  8. Same here. Flakes not as fine but roads getting covered. Pretty cool since there were streams of water from the down spouts 30 min ago. They're all covered up
  9. Had 1/2" overnight. Changed over in Freehold about 15 min ago. Colder surfaces getting covered. Winds have been out of the NNE and NE the past few hrs. Hopefully they stay that way.
  10. Surprised its still coming down this hvy. Visibility way down again. Should let up soon
  11. LOL........ Thanks for confirming. Brick continues to get smacked
  12. I took a dozen measurements in front of my house that's somewhat protected from the wind. Snow looked pretty uniform. I measured anywhere between 8.5-11. Avg was 9.5. Seems a bit high buts it very difficult.
  13. Whiteout. Visibility can't be more than 700ft
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