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  1. Approx. 20 miles from me to your Chesco home, Paul. 26 degrees here also. No flakes, just icy razor blades falling from the sky. I forgot what this much sleet sounded like.
  2. Any chance I get just as much sleet accumulation as snow? 4" snow, 1"+ sleet so far. Might need to re-paint the cars after the ice blasting they are getting.
  3. Raging sleet here east of Coatesville. Bout 4" snow. Well over an inch of sleet
  4. Temp 26F, Dew Point 25. 1.5" of light fluffy stuff
  5. 2/9/17 OBS : Rush Hour Crushing

    Temp 33F, Dew Pt. 31F. Mod Snow. Everything covered except patio.
  6. 2/9/17 OBS : Rush Hour Crushing

    I believe in the past we've been pretty close. I'm on the ridge (530') on the other side of Coatesville from you. Temp 34F, Dew Point 32F. Big flakes starting to accumulate. Enjoy!
  7. 2/9/17 OBS : Rush Hour Crushing

    I might be 5 miles SE from you. Flakes just starting to mix in.
  8. 2/9/17 OBS : Rush Hour Crushing

    0.29 lost as liquid. No solids as of yet. Just SE of Paul. Temp 36F, Dew Pt. 35F.
  9. 2/9/17 OBS : Rush Hour Crushing

    Solid Rain. Looks like snow on the doorstep. Temp. 37F, Dew Point 35F
  10. 3/3-3/4 VERY lgt snow obs

    1.25" on the deck and grass. Nada on the paved stuff. 28F
  11. Almost no flakes now. Temperature and Dew Point are 23 F.
  12. Some bigger flakes working their way in. I'm in Kennett Square right now. One of the few, if any, schools in today (a snow make up day). Haven't gotten an early out call yet, but some back streets are staring to get covered. We'll see.
  13. 2/9 Norlundan trough OBS, who gets the golden ticket?

    Added 0.5 overnight and this morning for 5.75 total.
  14. 2/9 Norlundan trough OBS, who gets the golden ticket?

    Average 5.25" from many flat spots around. Beautiful snow, really,
  15. 2/9 Norlundan trough OBS, who gets the golden ticket?

    3.75" here, looks like this next shot might get me to 4" , maybe a touch more behind that. Temp 31F Dew Point 30F Really a good looking snow.