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  1. Was outside since about 10am. Never stopped snowing, measured 8" even. Beautiful snow.
  2. Snowing nicely again. Temp hovering around 32, Dew Pt. 31. Wind picking up a bit. Trees severely weighed down.
  3. 4" from round 1. Very light snow falling now. Temp 32. Dew Pt. 31
  4. Started to mix in some flakes. Temp 34F, Dew Point 32F.
  5. February 17th-18th (Tom)Thumping (Thumper) Snow Obs

    Even 3.0" here. Incredibly heavy, wet snow.
  6. February 17th-18th (Tom)Thumping (Thumper) Snow Obs

    Pouring graupel right now
  7. February 17th-18th (Tom)Thumping (Thumper) Snow Obs

    Temp 35 Dew Pt 26. No precip. yet. Don't like the look of that pesky dry wedge.
  8. Feb 7 snow/ice/rain obs

    30F here. Light freezing rain. Getting some glazing on the trees, but solid surfaces are starting to pond a bit and turn to slush. Just scored 2 miracle train tix to get to the parade tomorrow! E-A-G-L-E-S.........EAGLES!!!!!
  9. Feb 7 snow/ice/rain obs

    Never saw a flake here. Sleet all morning. Now very light freezing rain.
  10. 2017/2018 Seasonal snowfall totals

    1/30 = 1.3 Total = 15.75 GO EAGLES!!!!
  11. 2017/2018 Seasonal snowfall totals

    1/16 = 0.2 1/17 = 1.5 Total = 14.45
  12. Still snowing lightly here just east of Coatesville. 1.5" overnight and this morning after the 0.2 yesterday. Kennett School District (work) just closed for the day. Unreal.
  13. 1/8 Snow/Ice Obs.

    Melissa Mcgee just metioned snow in Coatesville. Absolutely zero flakes here. All IP with some FR mixed in.
  14. 1/8 Snow/Ice Obs.

    Radar kind of building to my NW toward Paul. One more decent band to come through?
  15. 1/8 Snow/Ice Obs.

    Have yet to see an actual flake here. All IP/FR