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  1. Plain rain? I dont think thats likely in flourtown or even Philly
  2. Im already dreading the radar hallucinations with this one. In any event, with the euro, ukie and nam all about the same here, I think we finally have a pretty good idea where we all srand.
  3. I'd expect a WWA for pretty much all of us, especially given time of snow
  4. commute may be a nightmare tomorrow, timing of this is awful, and it will be heaviest at the worst time.
  5. Heaviest snow of the day in east norriton even a little pavement stickage now.
  6. Coming down pretty good in east norriton, sticking to grass and cars now.
  7. Moderate wet snow in east norriton but not sticking even to grass. 37 degrees.
  8. Not so sure it is going to get that warm today. Cloud cover has been persistent, only 47 at phl now.
  9. id say the NAM went too far the other way if it didnt match the other short term guidance. just a brutal few days for the NAM (and the Euro, tbh)
  10. see Tony (Rainshadow's) post above to begin with. on top of that, you have the GFS, RAP, RGEM, HRRR, the euro cutting back totals 35 percent on it's last run ,the UKMET....need I go on?
  11. Do you think that is an easy task in this kind of situation, when you have a model that consistently scores the highest saying something different than the other models. or when the NAM and RGEM are so different as of just a few hours ago?
  12. I will say this, if this storm does indeed mostly miss us, it will be one of the poorest Euro performances within 2 days of a storm that I remember in the almost 15 years I've been following the weather. But it is hard to argue with the mounting evidence.
  13. at this point most of the short range models tend to side with the GFS and lower amounts. So even though I hope I am wrong, I definitely think the evidence is leaning strongly to no major event for most of our region.
  14. im not saying it is going to confirm. But there is going to be a super-sharp cutoff somewhere, and to west of it there will be pretty big totals. I would guess the NAM is too far west too, but my point is that unlike a lot of other storms i dont think i can just be dismissed as out of hand here.
  15. it seems insane, but this is exactly the kind of storm where that could happen. Just a question of where that cutoff line is--it has gotten to the point where i am glad I am in the northeast part of Philly lol
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