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  1. susqushawn

    12/5 Norlun Trof Obs

    Funny thing it didnt even occur to me until the night before. I was so dialed in to the weekend, I overlooked what was an awesome event down here
  2. susqushawn

    12/5 Norlun Trof Obs

    Given the anticipated shutout for the weekend storm we tracked for a week, glad I was in A.C. for yesterday's snow
  3. susqushawn

    12/5 Norlun Trof Obs

    Wind whipped moderate snow upon arrival in A.C.
  4. To beat a nearly dead horse, if we outright miss a phase, as depicted here, we need good timing with relaxing confluence for the purely southern wave to gain latitude.
  5. Yup, like Paula Abdul, 2 steps forward then this
  6. Agreed. Just need a spark at 12z.
  7. This keeps hope alive. I even love seeing rainers, means there is room to bump north. This is a really hopeful map.
  8. Hard to imagine either the confluence or a northern vort drastically changing. It's all bouncing around the same window, which is VA. I see the weenie ensemble members, I guess I need to be reinvigorated by a global OP actually hitting us
  9. 6z Navy (digging deep) pulls confluence out sooner. Bump north, still in the same range all others are showing
  10. 6z gfs flatter, less phasing, stronger confluence, all within same range of noise past couple days
  11. Off to bed hoping for positive momentum. Here's where we stand
  12. Vort slower. Confluence stronger.