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  1. I'm seeing somewhat steady indications of a Canadian fall blast in the d10-d15 range. Or maybe I'm just getting tired of waiting for a mackeral sky and noticeably cold NW breeze. You know, autumn, that ever elusive season. Belongs on a milk carton with April spring.
  2. Socked in. I wish this was fresh snow cover, not pea soup.
  3. Thing of beauty, I love la la land. GFS has been trying to blast cold Canadian air in past d8 for a week now...I keep hoping it will get closer in time but not quite yet. Just a matter of time before we get our first genuine cool blast
  4. News flash: Berks county getting another thunderstorm. SVR warned too
  5. Likely quite the stadium effect inside the eye...can't wait to see video post mortem
  6. iCyclone is located just NW of that point. He seemed a bit apprehensive but that's what he lives for
  7. Yes but mine are mainly from those insect webs covering branches...gypsy moths mainly? I also have spotted lanternfly feasting on a tree of heaven. Both trees are dripping sap 24/7
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