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  1. Got home last night to a flooded basement and crawl space. Water coming in places I never knew were possible. Time to bite the bullet and get waterproofing. New house so wasn't sure exactly what to expect...now I know.
  2. You the man! Highlights why the NWS split the upper and lower halfs of Bucks/Mont/ChesCo for their forecast zones
  3. check with your insurance agent as a claim often trigger an increase in premium that follows you for a minimum of 5 years and eats into the presumed savings upfront
  4. The MCS moving into C PA is not fizzling out yet despite hi-res models depicting that to occur. Models show discrete cells popping out ahead then merging into bow lines Shear per the 12z NAM is impressive, exactly what that equates to in storm mode I don't know
  5. Could very well be, that might be right, thanks! Is that what starts to happen as the years pile up behind me?
  6. I know we discuss that Jul 94 storm periodically, and while my memory might be slightly inaccurate, I do recall that to be an unusual south to north moving long track supercell that was tornado warned in states to our south. I could have sworn central MontCo ( I was living in Hatfield at the time and got the weaker right splitting cell) was warned as I called my neighbors and woke them up, but maybe that was a different storm I'm thinking about. Either way, it stood out in my 13 year old memory as being an anomalous setup
  7. Marine layer this morning followed by tornadic threat this afternoon? Interesting
  8. Crept up to a B-. March snow pack and sustained cold was fantastic. Great week of deep Bradford winter. The touted prospects of what could be and setting the bar too high ultimately translated to a let down. A combined days of tracking for below average snow. Aside from that, we snuck in numerous minor frozen events in an otherwise hostile setup, time after time. That alone deserves this grade.
  9. Hah all sarcasm from me, just having fun. I figure the lower the bar is set, the easier expectations are met.
  10. Rain just starting, lightning, bring it! Screw winter
  11. Perfect, we're picking up right where we left off last year. Soon enough we'll see the shear too far to the North or too much cloud cover in the morning not allowing destabilization, or Anvil blow off locking up our instability, or claims of bubbles directly overhead your house only, watching Lancaster and Berks get crushed while the rest of us get skipped, fill in any other weenie statement you would like to kick off disappeared season
  12. Well...our last hope in the 3/20-3/23 range is on fumes but still alive, I guess. Just enough cold air around before spring arrives in full force with Conus wide warmth. Most Op and ensembles pop a coastal a bit too far offshore as the ridge is too far east over the Plains. Euro phases and ramps up a d9-d10 bomb for the fishes.
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