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  1. just got under it, heaviest by far, up to 1.03"
  2. Could the sun poke out later in the day? So compact
  3. Sliding E of due N, maybe that will keep Tombo's forecast intact
  4. Wind surprised me today, really cranks at end of this video. I tried editing to show winds, hail, flooding...but yeah, I screwed that up. So, this is all I have, enjoy, especially if you 0.0'ed 1.mp4
  5. crushed, 1/2" hail, 2"+ rain and counting, flooded master BR/BSMT/FOYER etc but that's my problem, trees down in neighborhood again ugh
  6. and just like that the skies open and pea size hail has commenced
  7. I'm just west of Valley Forge park, gorgeous cool outflow, distant thunder, brief gusty shower, fringed for now
  8. In quarantine my boys, 7 & 10, picked up and played disc golf every day for nearly 3 straight months. Fast forward to this week, my 10 yr old and I won the first doubles tourney that won him $56 and today all 3 of us played our first PDGA sanctioned tournament in Sellersville. The 7yr old was the youngest junior and only player in his division so he by default took 1st, and my 10yr old beat out his 1 opponent to take first. Special moment for this dad (who took 13th in the Recreational division out of 25 players) to find an activity the entire family can enjoy together (my wife was the kids caddie 🙂 ) and what a fun time to boot. Oh, and a golf ball didn't smash my nose in half and send me to the ER like last month. Winning! Anyone here ever play?
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