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  1. The @tombo82685 follow-up 3/1-3/5 storm has better potential. I'm not stopping until the ship has sunk and hit the bottom of the ocean
  2. It's the weenie in him. That will be drained out of him once he gets into the professional world. They'll beat it dead, especially with a few missed forecasts
  3. We are on track for this ambitious goal. When does Feb lose the crown of snowiest month? November is fast on its heels
  4. I've had nothing to heavily pant over since @Parsley poo poo'ed my greatest snow squall day in history last month
  5. Perfection It outdoes itself a few days laters
  6. 18z gfs rides the d8 storm directly up the spine of the Appalachians. It's as if the mountains don't exist. Naturally, given it shows rain, that's exactly what will occur. We wouldn't want PHL to surpass ORF in snowfall.
  7. gefs stepped back overall, dumping more energy out west again. quite a spread naturally. just once, can we get some consensus. hopefully the eps perk up their snow forecast a bit today
  8. it's pulling teeth to get that boundary far enough SE to get us just cold enough. makes sense, I mean it's going to snow in NC tomorrow, so 1 week later expecting 32 in Philly is clearly a stretch
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