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  1. You said not if, but when, and it snowed today in our area. You didn't overstate amount at all. Nailed it...check the box and move on. Next!
  2. Sorry Tony, never an easy moment. The good memories and knowing she's at peace will carry you forward
  3. After last winter's utter tease on Euro weeklies and the abject failure of most forecasting past 10 days, how do you (as in anyone) choose what to put stock in? On one hand you have a similar oceanic setup to last year, with similar anomalies, on the other hand you have well regarded mets indicating a brief lull before full on winter erupts. I'm a d3-d10 guy, past that is a setup for derangement. Which honestly is what I love about the weather, most dont know squat what really will occur
  4. Euro Op has a wintry mix d8-10 range, it's quite a battleground between warm/cold. Let's see how it evolves as the timeframes draws nearer. It does appear to some extent every time a full on torch attempts to plant roots, the flow keeps buckling and some near to below creeps in. It's not a great pattern by any stretch, but it is fighting tooth and nail to avoid the 1st half of last winter's look ugh
  5. Euro brings enough of a PNA spike in the long range to dump some additional below average 850's. EPO is flipping to positive and Pac influence seems inevitable. Once that ridge rolls over I see nothing stopping the Pac firehose from blasting the Conus, hope I'm wrong. Could the Aleutian low keep pumping a ridge out ahead to keep the Pac at bay? I just don't see any cross Polar possibilities with that AO/EPO setup
  6. 37.4 radar echoes incoming...HrRRRRR has some flakes next few hours we shall see
  7. Low of 32.0 at midnight, ticked up to 34.1 now
  8. We drop 20° in 3 hours with enough energy trailing the front to keep precip going. There's a 1-3 hour window, depending on location/elevation, where precip rates should make for a wintry scene on non-paved surfaces. Given we flirt with 60° Monday, ground temps will be warm and roadways should overcome the short burst of snow, although the first snow often makes Philly drivers look like deep South drivers. It's a late AM early PM snow and the sun will work its magic too. Hopefully enough sticks around to enhance the enjoyment Wednesday of Barney II: Arctic Assassin, playing in theaters for 2 days only.
  9. According to facebook advertisements, there's a market for funky veggies
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