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  1. 6z models colluded, stay generally south of PA
  2. How do you not get amped over 500mb with this look? Warm up the bus, Tony is driving
  3. Better ridge, 1st wave a bit north, 2nd wave just has me jazzed up a bit more, and once Euro NAMs us by 12z tomorrow, Ill be full weenie mode...caveat being it's St Paddys Day and I'm Irish
  4. 0z NAM is approved, don't care if it's a bit south, it's a HAWT look at h5
  5. I dunno...something feels off. Maybe it's the optimism from Feb, logic from Tombo, DC bullseye on the Euro, apathy from IrishBri, exhaustion from last week, not enough exuberance from Heisi, limited dog in snow pics from Qtown, southern EPS, LanCo shaft zones, any reference to Mar '58, anxiety from Baseball0618, no Wxsim updates from Paul, Mitch moving to BGM, NE getting a blizzard, Monmouth and VAY jackpots, Tony 4.8" threshold...I think I just need the Euro to absolutely NAM us, then my snow weenie meter might perk up. For now I'm nervous.
  6. Potential Winter Storm Threats II

    Sucks for DC once they get the rug pulled out
  7. Potential Winter Storm Threats II

    Trailing energy catches up to surface low, slowing it down. Obviously this is realistic output only in GFS land
  8. Potential Winter Storm Threats II

    LOL low pressure moves nowhere between 132-150+
  9. Potential Winter Storm Threats II

    Confluence stronger on 12z GFS, more energy with digging trough behind 1st wave, rather close to a bigger event...might even hang over the area as 2nd wave catches up
  10. Potential Winter Storm Threats II

    I approve of this message
  11. Yeah last night was raining KOP and snowing here next door a bit higher up
  12. Under 1" overnight, 32. Will look nice at sunrise. Flurries
  13. Potential Winter Storm Threats II

    1 week out and modest support growing for another EC storm. Euro OP goes bananas with 12"+, which ironically phases a piece of energy from today's storm into next week's storm lol, likely meaning BOS will get wiped off the map. CMC similar precip output, but from a bowling ball tumbling across the country, a setup we've won with especially with a block/confluence in place. GFS later with phase but similar to euro. Ensembles highly variable as would be expected. Here's your breakfast rundown