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  1. Memorial Day weekend weather

    When was the last time a summer holiday weekend was rain free?
  2. Maybe it was the consistency (smaller temperature swings) that I remember, as that chart clearly shows it's warmer now than then.
  3. I don't know, but I seem to remember as a teenager, we'd get low to mid 90's true heat waves, that (at least to me) seemed to last a week of more. Perhaps it's because back then I lived in Bethlehem and it was a bit warmer than Tamaqua, but since I moved back from Arizona, it seems as if we can only muster one or two days over 90 before it cools off. Also the swings seem greater (low 90's to mid 70's as opposed to low/mid 90's to low 80's).
  4. I would root for the ICON all summer. It's been quite a while since I've seen a wall to wall hot summer. It seems like when I was a young man we'd have 2-3 week warm/hot stretches punctuated by brief cooler weather, and now lately it seems to be just the opposite...
  5. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Indeed. We hardly have any trees even budding yet up here north of the Blue Mountain. Other than the green grass, we generally have a winter landscape here. Farther north is even worse. I was up in New York and the southern tier counties even the grass is still brown. If it weren't for the high late April sun, one would think it was January (without snowcover) up there
  6. I really, REALLY like this pic, Andy! A bit of snow on the last stragglers of fall leaves, with nice bokeh (blurred background for the non-photography guys) for the sunset behind. Nicely done!!!
  7. The Single Digits Club

    Wow! Saw on WNEP this morning that Stroudsburg got down to at least -5 this morning. Up here I bottomed out at 8 last night, but by midnight we went back up to 10, and now we're up to 15.
  8. 26 and light snow here. Looks like about a quarter inch so far.
  9. That doesn't happen much anymore. In my neck of the woods I either taint the same as you guys do, or I'm too far north and/or west to get into the good stuff. Anyway, overcast and 26 in my backyard at the moment...
  10. Rainfall for the event in my backyard was 2.35". Now, very windy with a temp of 25 and a wicked strong wind at times...
  11. Yeah, I figured that's what you meant. That residual salt helped out tremendously up here on Monday with the zr. It was 20 degrees and raining on my drive from Pottsville to Tamaqua, and the roads were just slush due to the leftover salt .
  12. Not up my way. If old man winter puts back even a half inch of frozen precip, Pennot will put down a half inch of salt to compensate for it, and we'll be right back where we started...
  13. I lose about 1-2 inches of snow per the 12z over what the 12z showed. Could just be noise being that we are so close the onset of the event. One thing of note that I've been wondering about is the higher totals south of the Blue Mountain in Northampton County, then lighter amounts, and then an area up in Hazleton and on northeastward with higher amounts. Could that be the result of virga getting to the surface in the higher elevations of Hazleton (800ft higher) before reaching the surface in Tamaqua?
  14. The Single Digits Club

    +6F here this morning...
  15. 10/29 major coastal low

    I know this borderlines on banter, but if Monday is anything like you say, I'm going to have a rough time driving and working. I pull a 53' van (box) trailer that is 13' 6" high. After two stops in the Lehigh Valley, my final stop is at Vineland, probably about 11:00am. I haul corrugated cardboard, so the loads are light. Then after delivery, I run back to Hazleton empty. I'm figuring on a pretty good steering wheel fight tomorrow, especially when I get up on the Walt Whitman or Commodore Barry going into and out of New Jersey. Wish me luck...