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  1. Major Hurricane Irma

    Looking at the data, I'm concerned that we're missing a potential period of significant intensification prior to land interaction. First, the Cuba landfall idea tends to lose a little luster when you recall how interaction with the northern DR seemed to cause a bump northward, almost like a bounce. Second, she's just finished a full blown ERC (and is still a high-end Cat 4, wow) and now has a large new eyewall--what happens after this beautiful fresh new eyewall gets over that bathwater north of Cuba? It's moving into a tremendously low-shear environment (where even the CIMSS shear model is expecting deepening) and with SST in the 30+C range, it has everything a growing hurricane needs. As frightening as it sounds, what happens if this thing decides to contract and intensify? The eye on latest recon is closed at 40nm. At peak intensity, the eye was in the 16-20nm range (9/6 20Z). This is all not to mention the storm surge aspects of this. A hurricane this intense for this long has the potential to outperform surge forecasts...
  2. Major Hurricane Irma

    927 mb on the latest eye dropsonde with 7 kt winds. This is probably 925mb extrapolated, with peak SFMR winds around 180mph. Beast.
  3. Major Hurricane Irma

    The 930mb eye dropsonde was with 12 kt surface winds, so minimum pressure in the 928-929mb range now. EDIT--last recon mission found 929mb with 9kt winds...
  4. Josh Morgerman (@iCyclone) is in Rockport, TX. Check out his Twitter for live reports.
  5. KCRP radar is showing 134.2mph velocities near the center--well above the surface but, yikes. On second check found a > 140mph velocity as well.
  6. Slept through round 2 as well, but can definitely confirm those rainfall amounts. 1.39" in my bucket since midnight. Also recorded a 45 mph wind gust right before 2am.
  7. Wenonah, Gloucester County, NJ: continuous lightning/thunder here, initial gust front had me record a 41mph wind gust with the main event just rolling in now.
  8. 8/18 Thunderstorms, Heavy Rain Obs

    Incoming to Deptford, NJ... After the storms...
  9. 8/18 Thunderstorms, Heavy Rain Obs

    Just got treated to a nice little downpour. Reminds me of when the wife and I went to Vallarta in August years back. You can cut the air. Bleccch.
  10. 0.49" rain here in Wenonah, Gloucester County NJ. Yesterday's 12Z EPS had me in the 2-2.5" range. Whoops.
  11. Currently 92.3/72.7 here. Our high so far is 93.3
  12. Atlantic City Electric was the same story. I lost power about 8:45am yesterday, just got it back around 1:30am today. LOTS of ZR. Similar scenes all around our area, Jon. Didn't see any large trees down, but many, many larger branches like these.
  13. If PHL makes it to 14.9" I'll eat my desk.
  14. I suppose this is +FZRA, 31.8/29.5, Pressure 1006.7 and falling rapidly. At times, a wind-driven heavy rain. Very disappointed here in NJ. Kids are off from school and will wake up extremely unhappy. Of all the different types of weather, rain and sub-32 is the type I despise the most by far. Meanwhile, the HRRR thinks it's sleeting 5 miles away at KPHL and that my 850mb temp is -1C. Even the real time modeling is struggling with this warm air push that we all knew deep down was coming but refused to believe.
  15. My dewpoint was 9F at 8:00pm--now sitting at 15.3F Something's coming.