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  1. 1.50" total for the day. The Wenonah, NJ-->Blackwood, NJ event skipped right over my development. The videos are from less than 1 mile from my house. I was on my way home from visiting one of my soccer players at CHOP and drove into the back end of it-- 0830 PM TSTM WND DMG 1 N FAIRVIEW 39.79N 75.11W 06/13/2019 GLOUCESTER NJ TRAINED SPOTTER DOWNED ROAD SIGN AND NUMEROUS TREE BRANCHES DOWN NEAR THE INTERSECTION OF STATE HIGHWAYS 55 AND 47. TIME ESTIMATED FROM RADAR. That was my report sent via Twitter. When I say "road sign" I mean a LARGE road sign lifted and tossed. Areas with multiple branches and trees down. Impressive event.
  2. Back-to-back days of 0.72" of rain in the bucket at home. Was at the Union match in Chester last night. Looked like armageddon coming our way about 6:15-6:30. Match was delayed about an hour. Peak wind gust at home was 27 mph, but in other news, we're closing in on 7" of rain for May. At 6.89" right now and looking like more on the way. Also topped out at 90.6F, our first 90 of the year. I'll be at the Phils game this afternoon so there's that lol.
  3. That’s one thing we didn’t have here. My peak wind gust tonight was just 16mph.
  4. I was picking up my daughter from her friend’s house in Deptford, NJ and drove through half dollar sized hail. I thought the stones were going to break the windshield. Largest hail I’ve ever seen. Tweeted @NWSMountHolly... My wife took video from home. I’m attaching it to the post. You can really tell how big the hail is by watching it splash into the pool. Total rainfall to 10pm EDT today up to 0.72” 5B50E801-3CF0-421E-9C04-26421E282758.mov
  5. 0.38” rain with this (0.47” total), max gust 16 mph. Got some lightning but that wasn’t even that impressive. Yawn. Radar > reality around here.
  6. What are those SW-->NE oriented lines oriented around PHL on the KDIX radar? Look almost like gravity waves? And does that have any bearing on the severe stuff starting to bear down on us?
  7. Tony-- I talked to the guy who writes the PWS Monitor app on iOS. He said that Wunderground had made changes to the API and that would be permanent. That was a few months ago.
  8. 0.92" in my gauge last night. Saw cloud-to-cloud lightning in the distance around 8:30pm last night, but nothing rain wise until after midnight.
  9. 83F here in interior SJ. Too damn nice to be here at work. Might need to fix that shortly.
  10. 0.59" today, peak wind gust 42 mph with initial storms, actually recorded 43 mph around 10:45am. Also noted small hail with the first push of storms around 3:35am. My puppy was losing her mind. Interesting little tidbit from my weather station--before the storms passed through here, pressure was at its minimum, 993.2 mb. Then pressure SHOT UP to 996.2 mb, then immediately dropped back down to 994 mb, all between 3-4am. Makes me wonder if there was some kind of meso-low flying through. Also checked three other PWS near my house, all had the same pressure tracing.
  11. SJ Heat Island only got down to 14F.
  12. 33F and raining fairly hard in N Gloucester County NJ. My pool opens April 25th so this winter can officially go jump in a lake. Moving on.
  13. Temperature dropping from a high of 55F. Currently 50F, winds picking up after a line of heavier showers. Minimum pressure of 989.8mb, now risen to 991.9mb.
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