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  1. Tiburon

    enhanced risk of severe storms 4/14-4/15

    0.59" today, peak wind gust 42 mph with initial storms, actually recorded 43 mph around 10:45am. Also noted small hail with the first push of storms around 3:35am. My puppy was losing her mind. Interesting little tidbit from my weather station--before the storms passed through here, pressure was at its minimum, 993.2 mb. Then pressure SHOT UP to 996.2 mb, then immediately dropped back down to 994 mb, all between 3-4am. Makes me wonder if there was some kind of meso-low flying through. Also checked three other PWS near my house, all had the same pressure tracing.
  2. Tiburon

    Temps/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    70.0F on the dot at 3:59pm!
  3. Tiburon

    Temps/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    SJ Heat Island only got down to 14F.
  4. Tiburon

    Smarch 3rd-4th Obs

    33F and raining fairly hard in N Gloucester County NJ. My pool opens April 25th so this winter can officially go jump in a lake. Moving on.
  5. Temperature dropping from a high of 55F. Currently 50F, winds picking up after a line of heavier showers. Minimum pressure of 989.8mb, now risen to 991.9mb.
  6. To give you an idea of pressure falls, at 6am we were at 994.2mb, at 7 we’re at 991.5mb. Still dropping. Also 52F now.
  7. A balmy 48 in Gloucester County NJ, with 1.17” of rain in the bucket as a storm total so far. barometer at 994.2mb and dropping like a brick.
  8. Exactly--if that primary decays and transfers at Roanoke or farther south, business is about to pick up for this whole area.
  9. Now that the EURO has jumped more toward the UKMET idea, I can say this without being a total weenie--this is actually REALLY close to something monstrous.
  10. That "secondary" is DEEP on that 120 hr panel--that's what makes me think it's a handoff/transfer rather than a secondary piece of energy. Goes from a 999mb primary to a potentially sub-990 secondary SE of Cape Cod... If that "primary" stays south of Roanoke and limits WAA, we might just be in some business based on the 12Z UKMET.
  11. So we're almost Miller B-ish at this point?
  12. I remembered the Roanoke Rule. Roanoke got 15.2" in this event, so quite anomalous! I should check the same listings for Roanoke.
  13. You've inspired me, Tony. Apparently, this was the 12th 11.5" snowfall in Richmond history. Looking at the historical weather data spreadsheet that's floating around out there on the interwebs... January 23-24, 1940--21.6"--PHL received a trace January 27-29, 1922--19.1"--PHL received 11.8" February 10-11, 1983--17.7"--PHL received 21.3" December 22-23, 1908--17.2"--PHL received 6" February 11-14, 1899--16.3"--PHL received 18.6" March 5-7, 1962--15.2"--PHL received 6.8" January 4-5, 1980--14.9"--PHL received 5.2" January 25-27, 1966--14.8'--PHL received 4.2" March 1-2, 1980--13.0"--PHL received 2" February 6-7, 1936--12.6"--PHL received 5.6" December 8-9, 2018--11.5"--PHL received ZERO. January 22-23, 2016--11.4"--PHL received 25.3" So the answer is, other than 1940, never. Wow.