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  1. The "Official" what are you drinking thread

    After years of beer, single malt Scotch, and tequila, I'm thinking I might want to try getting more into bourbon and American whiskey. Any recommendations, particularly on what to avoid?
  2. Finally, some hope for one of the worst Septembers I can remember thanks to all of the heat early and rain of late.
  3. Meteorological Fall Banter Thread

    I loathe 90+ with humidity, but this chilly rain sucks even more.
  4. Medium - long range tropics

    Wow, right at Cape Lookout. Certainly better for our area than if it came up the Chesapeake.
  5. Meteorological Summer Banter Thread

    I'm playing your favorite acoustic tunes (and some of my own) at Whole Foods Devon outside on the patio tomorrow (8/23) evening from 6-8 PM. Food & beer and comfortable dew points should make for a nice evening. I really lucked out, as I played there back on the first day of summer and had gorgeous weather then as well. Pretty amazing given the weather for most of this summer.
  6. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    I'm with ya!
  7. 2018 General Thunderstorm Discussion

    Severe Thunderstorm Watch to our north.
  8. Hope the folks up in Wilkes-Barre don't have a tornado repeat. My in-laws live up that way.
  9. Sounds we may like to cue up the yawning animal GIFs for thunderstorm lovers in the region tomorrow.
  10. 8/8 Say Good-Bye To 70s Dew Points CFP OBS.

    Hoping to cut the grass after 6 PM, so here's hoping for post-sunset showers around Collegeville.
  11. 2018 General Thunderstorm Discussion

    Still a Marginal Risk and I saw the mention of at least the possibility of marginal supercell structures. Would be nice to send this heat wave off with a bang.
  12. 2018 General Thunderstorm Discussion

    Had a good bit of lighting to the west of Collegeville before sunset last night, but that was about it for the storm. Had some steady rain around 30 minutes later.
  13. 2018 General Thunderstorm Discussion

    Most of us are in the Marginal Risk for both today & tomorrow now.
  14. 2018 General Thunderstorm Discussion

    Marginal Risk west of the city today and then for most of us tomorrow.
  15. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Geoff! He's very good, and I like Brittany as well. Didn't know she was from our area. I had AccuWeather on my TV recently when my father-in-law was visiting, and he told me he remembered Brittany from WNEP in Scranton-Wilkes-Barre which isn't far from where he lives.