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  1. Delightful light show to the west of Collegeville.
  2. Hopeful, but not really expecting anything.
  3. 8/18 Thunderstorms, Heavy Rain Obs

    Caught this neat looking (possible wall?) cloud near Evansburg State Park in Eagleville.
  4. 8/18 Thunderstorms, Heavy Rain Obs

    Trying to race home to Collegeville along Germantown Pike and beat the storm, but I don't think it's going to happen, as I'm still about 15 minutes away.
  5. 8/18 Thunderstorms, Heavy Rain Obs

    C'mon sun!
  6. 8/12 Rainfall, Thunderstorms Observations

    Agreed. Not as enthused as I was earlier here in Collegeville. The storm appears to be weakening as it approaches French Creek.
  7. 8/12 Rainfall, Thunderstorms Observations

    Here's hoping we can hold on to the bright sun here in Collegeville, Pennsylvania long enough to get a strong storm.
  8. FYI (for those of you who read my forecasts)

    Thanks for the memories! It's been fun and I appreciate all you've done for us local weather enthusiasts.
  9. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Impressive lightning & rain in Plymouth Meeting.
  10. Took this video as the storm approached Collegeville yesterday. IMG_0636.MOV
  11. Hope it holds together for our area.
  12. What will today be, day 11 of this awful 90s stuff?
  13. 7/1 slgt/marginal risk OBS

    Despite the shelf cloud and ominous boiling black skies, winds probably topped out at 35-40 MPH with minimal thunder & lightning where I was at the time in King of Prussia.
  14. 7/1 slgt/marginal risk OBS

    Valley Forge Casino
  15. Unimpressive in Collegeville. Yawn, zzzzz, boring, et cetera.