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  1. Today would seem to favor NE PA, but looks like there are a few blobs of rain west of Philadelphia right now.
  2. With a watch likely on the way, seems a decent shot that we’ll have something more than yawning weather today.
  3. New update should be out soon, so will be interesting to see if upgraded to slight risk.
  4. Guess I'll be doing outdoor dining only when my family & I are in Wildwood the last week of July unless something changes over the next month. Guess it will be a takeout or cook at the rental kind of week and if bars are closed, Joe Canal's will be our friends for procuring liquor to drink at the rental.
  5. Good classic summertime thunderstorm in Collegeville.
  6. Forgot to share my pics from the Derecho here in Collegeville, PA. We were without power for 43.5 hours
  7. We're going to Wildwood for the last week of July and we can hardly wait! There'll be 10 of us (my wife, her parents, her sister and her son, and her brother and his wife & 2 kids). We will abide by whatever masking and social distancing requirements are in place, but I don't they're required on the beach or boardwalk. I'll obviously carry one if I enter a place to order food or drink.
  8. Anyone else like WeatherNation? It's free on Roku. I didn't miss The Weather Channel a bit when Fios dumped them a few years ago and was a fan of AccuWeather Network until we cut the cord and went streaming only a few months ago. Happy to find WeatherNation as a replacement.
  9. Our HVAC has been down & out since the derecho (need a new motor that probably won't be installed until early next week), so this stretch of weather has been wonderful. Those first few nights were awful, but no complaints right now. Can't remember nicer June weather, to be honest.
  10. My wife & I started hanging out with family & friends a month ago. This past weekend was the biggest gathering so far - 10 of us (all her family members aside from me). I think it will vary depending on everyone's comfort level, but I'm a musician and I would start playing live shows at various bars & supermarkets as soon as the venues are willing to have live music again.
  11. Been a week since the derecho and when our HVAC stopped working. Getting pretty hot in the house!
  12. First round had the higher winds here in Collegeville, but the second storm had far more lightning and thunder with a constant roaring overhead for 3 or 4 minutes.
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