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  1. Looks damp and dreary.
  2. Were not looking to chase a hurricane, so anywhere on the east coast is fine. We lucked out with irma, no damage. Thanks
  3. Are there any threats to the gulf coast from this hurricane? We are headed to tampa on wednesday for 2 weeks.
  4. Major Hurricane Irma

    We were suppose to head there on the 20th. Bradenton Beach
  5. Major Hurricane Irma

    How far west did the gfs go? I have a trip to Tampa planned for the 20th. Thanks
  6. High wind and hail in finland
  7. January 22-23 winter storm final total

    25" South Perkasie Pa
  8. January 22-23 Digital snow pic thread

    Drift outside of my bedroom window. Over 6'. Hope the roof holds
  9. January 22-23 Digital snow pic thread

    Just opened my backdoor.
  10. Where have all the Robins gone?

    Post them when you see them. I saw them last year in Febuary. I officially retired my shovel today. Bring on the Global Warming!!!
  11. 2/16-2/17 Snow Event OBS

    I'd rather have 4" of fluff then 4" of slop. Nice easy shoveling.
  12. JB on why the 6z 31st GFS will trend back south.....

    DT is going out on a limb.
  13. I love March! Sometimes it gets into the 70's.