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  1. SalemCountyNJ

    76ers star hunting comes true, but at what cost?

    Eastern conference championship odds to win went from 7-1, to 3-1. NBA championship odds went from 30-1 to 16-1 after this trade was announced.
  2. So the 76ers get their star, aquirring Jimmy Butler from the Minnesota Timberwolves. Giving up Saric and Covington, and a 2nd Rd pick in 2022. http://www.rotoworld.com/headlines/nba/369696/jimmy-butler-traded-to-sixers-for-roco-saric?ls=roto:NBA:topheadlines
  3. SalemCountyNJ

    Fall 2018 Pics

    Setting the bird feeders up for the winter season. The neighborhood woodpecker waiting in the tree, looks like they were ready to eat:
  4. SalemCountyNJ

    The "Official" what are you drinking thread

    I'm glad to see you have priorites in order 1. Beer 2. Winter weather 3. General weather Welcome aboard.
  5. SalemCountyNJ

    7 PM Sunsets Gone, HAPPIER Days Are Coming Back Again

    It's more exciting then counting down the days until Christmas. You need to make an advent calendar .
  6. SalemCountyNJ

    Eagles adding players for playoff push?

    Welcome aboard Golden Tate
  7. SalemCountyNJ

    Temps/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Anyone watching the Illinois / Wisconsin football game? It looks like a snow globe.
  8. SalemCountyNJ

    That 40s club, where dreams become reality

    46F for me this fine morning.
  9. SalemCountyNJ

    That 30s club

    We coastal plain residents will have to wait until Friday morning until we see the 30's..😠
  10. Just speechless, it's a spectacular and frightening display of nature. I feel truly sorry for the people in its path...
  11. SalemCountyNJ

    Temps/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    How can you put this loss on Wentz? And you use the word average? He had 33 TD's passes with only 7 INT's in 2017 and he was going to win the MVP before his injury last year. Yes, I said injury, it's his second game back from a nasty knee injury. Did you see the pass rush the Titans put on him? How about calling out the offensive line and putrid secondary ? Did you see how bad Corey Graham and Jalen Mills played?! How many dropped passes did Nelson Agholor have yesterday? To say he's an average QB is ridiculous.... And you claim mediocrity? We just won a Superbowl last year, how quickly you forget...
  12. SalemCountyNJ

    Temps/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    What was the over/under on the amount of days with a dew point over 70 this summer? Who ever took the over should be buying drinks for all of us!
  13. SalemCountyNJ

    Eagles adding players for playoff push?

    I was close on my score. Great NFC win with many players missing.
  14. SalemCountyNJ

    Eagles adding players for playoff push?

    Okay, the new season starts off with a bang tonight. The SB Championship Banner will be raised. Then we start the defense of our title. Eagles 20 Falcons 14