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  1. That was a great day, HDTV, football game in the snow, and an Eagles win. It started snowing in my area around noon.
  2. So we are smelling more hamburgers and french fries when driving? But seriously, temps will be an issue if anything falls in SNJ
  3. Winter Banter Thread

    Will I be wearing shorts and a T-shirt on Christmas?
  4. 4.1 Magnitude Earthquake Near Dover, Delaware

    I didn't feel a thing. No one at work heard or felt anything either...
  5. Friday/sat am cold blast

    Yeah, I running around in the plant today turning on the heaters, and heat tracing on the instrument air piping. Don't want any emergency calls this weekend.
  6. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    At this rate when does the growing season end?
  7. 10/29-10/30 OBS : Major Coastal, good bye fall foliage

    1.10" so far
  8. 10/29-10/30 OBS : Major Coastal, good bye fall foliage

    Rain =.56" 61F
  9. 10/29-10/30 OBS : Major Coastal, good bye fall foliage

    63, no rain yet, should be starting very soon.
  10. 10/29 major coastal low

    Does anyone have any information on potential wind?
  11. Fall Banter Thread

    Well, going to leave work a few hours early today. Going to pull the cover back on the pool and dive in...
  12. Hurricane Nate in Gulf

    I hope so, we need it badly.
  13. Lol, I was hoping for some good trash talk. Someone in this group has to think they are a good golfer.
  14. Hurricane Nate in Gulf

    I was talking to the guys at work this morning, all are complaining of allergies, so they have the windows closed and the AC on. My windows have been open for days, very refreshing in the morning. I'm sure we will have to turn the AC back on shortly...if only for a few days.