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  1. First flakes actually reaching the ground here, 7 miles west of KABE.
  2. Bender

    Meteorological Fall Banter Thread

    Starting to think my flight from Charlotte to ABE at 1445 on Friday might need to be adjusted a bit...
  3. Just a brilliant storm. Slowed a bit here in the Lehigh Valley but still light snow. 12 hours straight, at this point, of flakes falling.
  4. I am just stunned with how consistent the snowfall has been. Essentially the same rate for 9 hours straight (and possibly picking up now).
  5. The Mrs drove that stretch two hours ago and it was a disaster then. I'd hate to be out there right now.
  6. Moderate snow without pause since I first looked around 0645 here in Western Allentown. Incredibly consistent and steady. Eyeballing about 4.5 at this point.
  7. Precip just started on the west end of Allentown. Sleet for now.
  8. First time we are seeing something sustained that is more than flurries here in Allentown. Light snow, 32 degrees.
  9. I don't have to make a decision until middle of the day tomorrow, but I am due to head to Boston Wednesday morning. Based on the timing it looks like my flight would be OK but that there might not be anyone at the office in Boston on Thursday? Then getting back on Friday...
  10. Bender

    March Lion Obs (Wind, Rain, Snow, Blowing Trash)

    JUST west of that band on the north west end of Allentown there isn't even anything reaching the ground at the moment. The gradient is going to be incredible.
  11. Bender

    Feb 7 snow/ice/rain obs

    Coating with moderate snow here 25
  12. This is going to be exceedingly interesting up in my area. Sunday was a much bigger mess (well Monday morning) as soon as you got over the hill into the Lehigh Valley, this could be ugly up here.
  13. Coating in Allentown when I left there at 6:15. Very very light dusting in Conshohocken now.
  14. Luckily the philly to ABE flight just goes back and forth and spends the night in ABE. Seems like I should be fine. In coming flight to DFW is usually not from the east coast.
  15. Excuse the banter but I have a 0620 flight out of KABE on Wednesday morning into KPHL with a 0815 departure from there. Seems like this should all go on time, anyone think differently?