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  1. I've been looking for a new Oktoberfest... Marzens are a Top 3 beer style for me! Thanks.
  2. 35.8 Decent amount of frost
  3. Humidity has dropped like a stone this afternoon. Feels incredible with the breeze.
  4. Yeah, I honestly can't remember the last time I saw a 7 day forecast that was this utterly perfect.
  5. My mom and sister lost power around 9 last night, no surprise there. Said they heard snapping of branches all night. What an incredibly long duration event this is.
  6. Already down to 54.... Truly a fall like day.
  7. Today is the first day I really noticed the smoke. Hazy all day.
  8. Track shifted further east. My mom isn't in a very flood prone area thankfully, but they have horses and chickens which always complicates things. Wind forecast has gotten considerably worse there.
  9. NHC calling for 15-20" at my mom's now. Looks like over 48 hours of tropical storm conditions... Going to be a long week.
  10. My mom and sister live just SW of Mobile, they are watching this one closely. Forecasting 10-15" of rain for their part of Alabama.
  11. I thought the dews were closer to 50 yesterday.... Goes to show you it's all relative. Was expecting cloud cover this morning, instead it's down to 53 and clear. Nice view of the old Moon and Venus.
  12. GFS and Nam both have a swath of heavier precip NW of 95. UKIE likes I95 corridor itself.
  13. Nice that we have finally gotten away from the 90s. Today is muggy but much more tolerable than it would have been in July.
  14. Yes, I think we have *finally* cracked the long-term pattern change.
  15. Man what a weekend... Going to be extra difficult to go back to work on Tuesday.
  16. Tanqueray and tonic. I've tried more expensive gins, but nothing makes a G&T quite like Tanqueray.
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