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  1. Weekend looking quite nice...mostly sunny, with highs around 50 both days. Most importantly, relatively light northerly winds. Our deck is on the south side of our two story, so it's sheltered nicely and right in direct sun. Will feel like closer to 70 with this sun angle and the lack of wind around lunch time.
  2. The radar over Eastern New England is just a thing of beauty.
  3. Yup, woke up to a nice coating here too. Nice to look at, anyway.
  4. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    I just saw a few flakes in Gap. One of the more laughable radar echoes I've seen.
  5. When I was a novice on this board, I read this and chuckled to myself. However, the longer I thought about it, I started to question my own knowledge. After all, this was a NWS meteorologist saying it, and no one seemed to acknowledge it as being funny. I started to wrack my brain thinking about if it makes a difference when the extra sunlight is, or if it was statistically more likely to snow in the evening as opposed to dawn. Tom's deadpan responses didn't help either Next two model runs should be fun to watch...I wouldn't mind for our Capital Weather Gang friends down south to have something to be happy about. They were outsnowed by Virginia Beach, Charleston, and Baton Rouge this winter.
  6. Congratulations to the big winner! Thanks for doing that Tony, that was fun (and sad at the same time)
  7. We are supposed to take our daughter to Great Wolf Lodge on Sunday and come back Monday. It's a three day cancellation policy, which means it would have to be today. Gah...I guess I'll look at the 12z runs and make a decision then.
  8. Sun trying to come out in Gap, with flakes still flying. Call it 3.5" for the event. Another near-miss to the east...congrats everyone.
  9. Probably about 20-30 minutes from the back end of this storm. 3.3" so far.
  10. I am suddenly feeling a little better about my location. Seems like thermals are struggling.
  11. Dumping here, but seems like the back edge of the heavy stuff is moving out. Really hoping some of those yellows in eastern Maryland make it up this way.
  12. Absolutely dumping now. Streets went from wet to white in about 10 minutes.
  13. Borderline moderate/heavy snow in eastern Lancaster. It just started accumulating on our street a few minutes ago.
  14. Revised CTP map has 6-8" for eastern Lancaster. Surprising, but I would imagine those bands at lunch time will be putting down a lot of snow in a hurry. 33F...come on temps.
  15. Moderate snow here...nothing is sticking to pavement but it looks really pretty. And really, what else can you ask for? Probably a hair over 2" on the deck.