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  1. We are headed to Chicago this weekend. I have to attend a conference for part of Saturday (yes, I'm working on Memorial Day weekend!), but the trade-off is my company is giving me two nights right on the Magnificent Mile. Weather looks decent, hopefully the storms stay isolated.
  2. My wife got me an Ambient WS-2902A for my birthday this Sunday...I only know because she asked them to ship it discretely and it came just in the box 😁 Needless to say, I'm very excited, although she is making me wait until the weekend to mount it. Woohoo!!
  3. Really, really happy I don't live about 20 miles further northwest. The area around Denver in Lancaster County just got blasted, I would imagine NWS will be out there today to see if a tornado touched down.
  4. Nonstop lightning bolts on our northern horizon.
  5. Crazy. We can hear nonstop thunder from the cell that just showed rotation near Ephrata.
  6. Yeah can't remember the last time we had hail cores this strong
  7. I take it we are looking at late afternoon for these? Hoping to do a quick mow after a birthday party around lunch time.
  8. Another picture perfect morning...sitting outside with a coffee enjoying the temporary comfort.
  9. Dews pushing 70 tomorrow. Hottest day of the year so far?
  10. He cooled off. Adam Scott (remember that guy?) attempting to tie Koepka's course record today. He's on pace for 63 with two holes to play.
  11. Well, my wife and I had our 20 week ultrasound appointment on Tuesday...and I found out I'm going to have a son!! Our daughter will be six on October, and the baby is due in September. Needless to say, pretty excited.
  12. Spieth and DJ both rocketing into contention this morning. Simply put, today is going to come down to whether or not Koepka decides to leave the rest of the field behind. If he shoots even par or worse, this leaderboard will get very interesting.
  13. Looks like dews in the low 60s on Sunday...it's not going to feel terribly comfortable but could be worse. The breeze should help. Saturday, like Tony mentioned, will be marvelous. Sunday sounds like a good day for our goldendoodle's first visit to Lloyd Park this year.
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