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  1. High temperature of 93.4F hit at 4:05 PM. Max HX was 110 reached at 4:09. Highest DP was actually at 1:45 (78.6F)
  2. The guy I know that works for Golf Channel shared this yesterday...have I mentioned I'm jealous?
  3. Who would have ever guessed that JB frickin Holmes would have a two shot lead at any point in this tournament? I don't even think his own family would have told you they thought he could do this if you asked them. Koepka's consistency in majors (and lack of bogeys) is just remarkable.
  4. Every single one of my windows has condensation on the outside this morning. 75 degrees with 74.7 DP? Yes please.
  5. And yes, that was the heaviest rainfall I can remember in some time. I was driving out of West Chester on High Street (where it becomes Pottstown Pike), and looking down the hill towards the 322 overpass, it looked like a literal wall of water was in front of me. Fine line today between 4" of rain and nothing.
  6. Believe it or not, I am sitting at 0.00 in Gap. Drove through a dozen torrential downpours on the way home but none of them hit here.
  7. Kind of surprised, according to the Ambient we only ended up with a quarter of an inch (exactly the same amount as yesterday's storm). That usually reads a little high too so I will have to check the Stratus in the morning.
  8. Does more lightning hit behind the main line than in front of and along it? It seems like we always get some really close strikes well after the brunt of the storm has passed.
  9. That was a fun storm. I think we just missed the hail core to our north (again) but it put on a nice show.
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