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  1. High of 57 today. Just absolutely perfect. I am borderline tanned/burnt and couldn't be happier.
  2. Awesome! Hope you enjoy. Yes, I will be sad if this is truly the last batch they make.
  3. Setting up to be a beautiful weekend...plenty of sunshine and relatively mild temps. I'm taking my daughter to Pittsburgh for a Pens game, it's really our first trip away without her baby brother. Usually driving to Pittsburgh this time of year is playing with fire on the turnpike, but I'm grateful for the lack of precip.
  4. I had this on Saturday--this is one of the most phenomenal beers I have ever had. I actually like it better than KBS. Just absolutely superb...instantly a Top 5, possibly Top 3 beer for me:
  5. Thanks gents. I'm home with the goldendoodle, so we will probably hang out, nap, play video games, have a few, repeat 😁
  6. Low of 10.9 this morning, coldest of the season.
  7. My wife just took our two kids to her parents in NY for the weekend. I have to work for a couple hours this morning in Lancaster, and then free the rest of the weekend. They are coming back Monday afternoon. This feels really strange...I haven't had a weekend home alone in ages.
  8. Oh man, the memories of this one. At that time, I was at the Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut. I went home for President's Day Weekend, and as the storm was set to blow in (I think) Sunday night, we decided to meet back up in State College (three fellow cadets and I) and drive the rental car back overnight. I will never forget that night--we left State College at 9 PM and drove straight through to New London, arriving at 9 AM the next morning for a drive that should have only taken six hours. For 300 miles, I was white knuckling the wheel and trying to drive in two little tire tracks that were clear. After 200 miles, I finally told one of my friends that I needed a break. Five minutes after I switched off, I noticed he was falling asleep at the wheel. Like, really dude?
  9. Shawn's final descent into the torch...until next year:
  10. Ignore TWC's annoying nomenclature, but this is a pretty cool weather-related story: https://weather.com/news/news/2020-02-09-jet-stream-north-atlantic-flights-record-time Not mentioned in this article: Many aircraft headed west had to make fuel stops in Maine, Canada, etc...winds in Europe also caused a ton of diversions.
  11. Yesterday was a beautiful day. Today, on the other hand, will be a cruddy day to drive back from NY to Lancaster.
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