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  1. Yes, I noticed that State College upped the snow map pretty significantly for Lancaster County and other southern regions. Warning language was upgraded too in terms of snow/ice totals. Has there been a colder trend in recent model runs? If so, I completely missed it.
  2. My hometown station put out what seems like an aggressive snow map. There's no way Pittsburgh gets a foot out of this, right? That warm nose is going to poke in more than that map suggests. I don't think there's any way the southern tier of PA sniffs 6".
  3. Interested in some Gap snow tourism?
  4. 44 pages for a rainstorm. Looking forward to seeing the traffic cams on I-80
  5. 0.9". Bring on the rain.
  6. All of my friends in PIttsburgh have had a couple of disappointing winters so at least they are getting a nice event, although they have that pesky warm nose to deal with that Heisy talked about.
  7. Definitely heading for a model compromise, but I'd say it's about time to get Don Meredith because the party's over. I am very much looking forward to tonight's event, should be a beautiful morning tomorrow and I'm working from home which is a bonus.
  8. Taking a look at Ray's wonderful site, it looks like we got about 4". About 40-50 miles NW got closer to 8-10"
  9. I'm in east central Lancaster County, about six miles NW of Parkesburg. Since I've lived out here, there's really only been one, maybe two events that we've outperformed places close to PHL appreciably. Seems like you don't really start to see the differences lately until you get into Berks/Lebanon Counties.
  10. I think the writing is on the wall at this point. Bradford seems like a nice place to be. With 48 hours for additional nudges NW, would not be surprised if it was nearly all rain SW of I-81/78. As Tom said our time will come.
  11. What's the deal with that tongue of lighter snowfall in southwest PA? Is that a warm push?
  12. mshaffer526

    Winter Banter thread

    On a weather board, no less.
  13. mshaffer526

    Winter Banter thread

    Pittsburgh looks like a great weekend destination with this storm....I do enjoy a good storm out there, just wish the Pens were in town.
  14. mshaffer526

    Winter Banter thread

    This pic came up on my FB memories today from three years ago. That was one of the nicer sunsets I can remember.
  15. mshaffer526

    1/12-1/13 OBS, congrats south. Will Tom be banned?

    2.5" in Gap. This is my favorite kind of snowfall. Beautiful to look at, won't melt right away because mid-January, and also easy to clear. Oh, and on a weekend too. Give me six of these vs. one big storm every winter.