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  1. 2" this morning. Melted in less time than it took to fall.
  2. It was nice in crazy band. It was probably 2-3"/hr rates. I had thunder at one point as well. Pretty awesome.
  3. 12" here. Had a great 4-5 hour period of intense rates. I think that 12" report in Branchburg was me lol
  4. February 17th-18th (Tom)Thumping (Thumper) Snow Obs

    I am like a mile south of that line. Finished with 6". Northern part of Somerset Co though I see some 8+ reports near Chester. Biggest storm of season here.
  5. Feb 7 snow/ice/rain obs

    Started as sleet, light snow now. 28.4
  6. SB LII - predictions

    Pats 27 Philly 17
  7. Dusting here this morning. Few flurries around now.
  8. Yeah, it is about time really. I've been beating more times than not snow wise here in NJ.
  9. Actually, my brother just texted me, he got nearly 7.5" near Kutztown.
  10. 1.5" Brother in Kutztown got 4"
  11. Snowing decently, about an inch on all surfaces.
  12. Some drizzle just started here, 32.2
  13. 1/8 Snow/Ice Obs.

    About 1/3" snow and sleet here. Coating of frz drizzle under it.
  14. 2017/2018 Seasonal snowfall totals

  15. 1/3-1/4 Nor'easter OBS: Who will win ? Bus ?

    Some steady snow here. Around 4" has fallen so far.
  16. Wednesday Night December 13th Clipper Obs

    Tick over 2" here. Very beautiful outside.
  17. 6.5" in Branchburg. Brother in Kutztown reached 7"
  18. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Got down to 31.1. Nice sunrise too.
  19. Fall Banter Thread

    Does anyone else have a ton of boxelder bugs outside?
  20. Fall Pics 2017

    Hey There!
  21. Fall Pics 2017

    My backyard the other day. Not fall like, but pretty nice.
  22. That 30s club

    got down to 35.6 earlier this week with frost.
  23. Fall Pics 2017

    Took this from my office today.
  24. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    1" even. About 330am the rain woke me up. It was pouring.