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  1. Haha. Yeah, I've been using my other 2 for temps now, though this one seems to be doing better the past week. I wanted to place it on the corner peak of my house, but couldn't figure out a way to mount it that would be safe and easy to get to for a battery change. Oh well.
  2. I ended up with .97. Very thankful as well to make it out ok. I'm actually in Florida, but am able to check my station with an app. Raritan is right down 202 from me as well (I'm about 2 miles away from the CVS/WAWA/Profeta Farms). That is scary.
  3. Around 25-26" It was hard to measure that one because the winds and drifts. That is my favorite snowstorm.
  4. Stopping in Piscataway makes any day worse! JK (I can say that since I grew up there and didn't move until I was 37). :) I actually have snow stats for Pway from 1987-2016 that I kept.
  5. Is this model's temps just plain garbage I guess?
  6. I liked it a lot. Still have 2 left in the 6 pack that I bought. The slight cherry aftertaste is refreshing and not overpowering at all.
  7. Yes, I heard a few rumbles. I only had a total of .05" for this overall.
  8. Storm just split my area. Was hoping for a little rain. Probably will get some in a bit
  9. .25" yesterday with some thunder and lightning.
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