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  1. Baseball is big in my current town. But, my old town, it is on its last legs. When I was little league age (28 years ago or so in my old town), there were 18 major league teams and 14 minor. This year I heard that the town has 4 major and 4 minor. Some kids are going to travel and club teams, but overall that is a ton of kids lost.
  2. Poured here in a cell that just moved through. Dropped a super fast .40, light rain now
  3. Searched 5 stations near me and all were 91 or 92. Guess it wasn't a glitch.
  4. My station hit 92 today, but need to check nearby stations to see if it was a glitch.
  5. Scary. On a side note, I thought that was Al Gore at first when the video came on.
  6. If you submitted that mping, looks like you are 4.8 miles west of me using the distance measuring tool on radarscope. I heard that one rumble as well, that was all.
  7. Was clipped by the northern edge of that line. Mod rain, a little thunder, 27 mph top gust.
  8. I'm just hoping it holds to get some rain here
  9. Awesome thanks!! Maybe I'll go correct him since it doesn't happen often, lol
  10. According to Don Sutherland on another board: Montreal's 98 degree high yesterday set a new all-time record . The old record was 97 degrees from August 8, 2001. He is usually accurate with his stats.
  11. Haha! Not until late Sept/early Oct. I want to add a whole mess of lights to the front this xmas, and I'm trying to figure out how to string them all together. It's a long process......for me. lol!
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