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  1. Super brief heavy shower with a few claps of thunder here. .02. Had .26" this morning.
  2. Had several cells move through with thunder and lightning. .26" on the day so far. Sun starting to pop out now.
  3. Awesome. I'm pretty sure that is what is in my pic. I love it. It's cool always having the info on my phone.
  4. Just got my station mounted to the roof. My wife thinks I'm a dork since I'm excited haha.
  5. Pouring with tons of thunder and lightning
  6. Tons of distant thunder. mping tor?
  7. I was thinking my gauges might be wrong because I noticed that too. I have 2 that measured nearly the same though. I took a look at WU sites near me, and noticed that there was a sharp cutoff that ran right near 202. Gauges near me were nearly what I had (within 0.1 either way) but 5 miles away they were around .5 less. Pretty interesting to see actually. edit: Wow, you can kind of see it on the map above.
  8. .80" today so far with the sun trying to pop out now. 2.79" since early morning Saturday
  9. That high was probably right after midnight I would imagine too. I had a high at home of 57, but was in the mid-40s most of the day.
  10. So refreshing after doing yard work. I had the shock top kind of this.
  11. It is a great radar and worth the $10 per year. I am still learning some new things with it after having it for 2+ years.
  12. 0.53" fell from that squall on Tuesday. Got off the baseball fields fast after seeing distant lightning.
  13. Pouring with lightning and thunder. Had up to 1.25" per hour rates. .37" so far.
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