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  1. frankdp23

    2018/2019 snow total thread

    11/15-16 - 6.5 1/18 - 1 7.5 total"
  2. 1.0" even here as well. Felt like winter for a few minutes
  3. Seeing a few trueweather maps posted online and it is nearly an ideal track for a mostly snow event for many
  4. Ukie actually looks good still, but hard to tell from these maps
  5. frankdp23

    Weather Station.

    Good thinking, you've convinced me haha
  6. frankdp23

    Weather Station.

    Thanks guys. Didnt think of a few of those points. I can access it fairly easy, but am not sure about the heat from the shingles. I'm going to buy a 3' pole to mount it on, but dont think that would be high enough still. I also have solar panels on the other side of that roof, so those might throw off readings as well. There is a WU station about 3 houses away. Maybe I'll ring that guys doorbell and ask where he has his. Thanks for all of the suggestions.
  7. frankdp23

    Weather Station.

    My wife got me an ambient weather Osprey station for xmas. I'm thinking about mounting it above my garage. It should be near 33' high. Do you guys think this location would be ok? I drew a little line where it would be about.
  8. frankdp23

    Weather Station.

    https://www.bigfootcrane.com/wireless-wind-speed-sensors/windy-smartphone-anemometer/ Kind of close, but I'm not sure if you need to be within its range in order to get the information you want.
  9. frankdp23

    The "Official" what are you drinking thread

    My neighborhood holds a progressive dinner every spring and fall. Someone brought this to the dessert house. It was really good, so bought myself a bottle for Thanksgiving.
  10. I measured 6.5" right as the snow transitioned to sleet/snow mix yesterday evening, then added nearly and inch of sleet and snow this morning. 7.25" total. Kutztown where my brother is, he measured 10"
  11. 6.5" here today. Frz rain now. Got my blower back from servicing yesterday...lucky, or maybe well planned haha
  12. frankdp23

    2018-2019 Snowfall Contests

    1st>1": 12/7 Biggest: 11.8
  13. frankdp23

    20s club, the destruction of the figs

    24.4 last night, 27.5 the night before.
  14. frankdp23

    Temps/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Tornado warning here