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  1. Weather Station

    Hey Josh, welcome back! Here's a thread from awhile back discussing this.. http://www.phillywx.com/index.php?/topic/864-weather-station/#comment-55602
  2. Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    Nope, it was all another weed (it's name has slipped my mind right now) when I moved in so I killed everything and started from scratch. I know it's definitely from the straw I laid down because I spread the leftover straw into a garden bed 100' away and the exact same weed has completely taken over that bed. Thanks Home Depot!
  3. Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    Ripped a clump up and yea it definitely looks like quackgrass. Looks like another reseed upcoming. Son of a!
  4. Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

  5. Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

  6. Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    Tom I got one for you.. I completely redid my front lawn in the fall and put straw down to cover it (apparently not the recommended practice). I noticed right away that there was some sort of wide blade grass/weed coming up along with the new grass. It was definitely something that was falling out of the bail of straw. I figured it would die over the winter and the new lawn this spring would help choke it out. Nope lol. The new grass came back in great, however there is other stuff (maybe wheat?) coming in all over and it's growing 5x faster than the grass, to the point that it's ready for a cut every few days. I've tried to do some research on this but haven't found anything concrete. Any suggestions?
  7. Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    Yep, I bought this last year on Tom's recommendation and it worked great. Like he said it's only 0.5oz/gal - I've used it a handful of times and let others try it out and barely put a dent in jug.. should last long enough that it's worth the cash.
  8. 28 with what I would call moderate snow in Drexel hill. Those dews really helped drop the temp
  9. Few flurries/pellets already in Drexel hill. Caught me by surprise
  10. 01/05 - 01/06/2017 Making things a little white : OBS

    Already some flurries here in dhill. Hadn't even checked radar yet, was a bit surprised
  11. 12/17-12/18 OBS : A MIXED Bag Weekend

    Just got a nice surprise lightning and thunder, enough to wake me up. 36 degrees out - not bad
  12. Lawn/garden/golf thread

    It's been about 8 days since I used the Confront. I'm noticing that each day things seem to be dying more and more- first it was dandelion and thistle, then the henbit?, and now the creeping Charlie and clover. I was pretty pessimistic early on that not much looked to be affected but now I'm starting to see an obvious difference between the green grass and all these weeds. Seemed kinda long but it does seem to be working - is t normal to be such a gradual process? have your experiences been similar?
  13. Lawn/garden/golf thread

    Yep it was Confront. I mixed the half ounce in a gallon sprayer. Sounds like I did everything correctly, will just have to have a closer look tomorrow. Thanks man!
  14. Lawn/garden/golf thread

    Yea I sucked it up and bought a gallon a couple weeks back. How do you apply it? Unless I'm reading it wrong, I just mixed a half ounce with a gallon of water and sprayed the whole lawn a couple days ago (moving into a new house and the existing lawn was littered with dandelions, ground ivy, you name it). Drove by today and at least from the car I didn't seeing anything dying/browning.
  15. Lawn/garden/golf thread

    Tom, do you use Confront at home too?