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  1. Meh, I thought so too but nothing more than some wet flakes mixing in as it went through. I don't even think a single flake has stuff in my neck of the woods.
  2. Bottomed out at 49.3. First 40s since June 4th 😎
  3. I think that was the highest rainful rate I've recorded in the 3 years since I put in my VantagePro2. Hit 8"/hr on the mark. Fortunately it was quick hitting and we only got about 1.3". Still enough for water to pour into the basement 😐
  4. Actually appears to be mainly rain with some sleet mixing in. As is typically the case, WAA seems to have been underdone on the models. I think the phrase the PSU professors used to teach us is "WAA waits for no one".
  5. Sleet has begun to mix in in Clifton Heights, just as CC depicts. Mix line seems to be starting to stall. Will heavier rates over the next couple of hours push it back south some? I'm thinking probably some but TBD. Will probably be a back and forth battleground across southern chesco through delco and into northern phila.
  6. What sort of QPF Tom? Anecdotally I feel like the EPS/Euro combo has done pretty well this winter at QPF, nassomuch with ptype. I'd imagine a max strip in the 0.6" - 0.75" range based on the other models and their typical biases?
  7. I think so. Surface temps even on the colder models still remain above freezing for the immediate Philly area. Would take some pretty good rates to overcome melting.
  8. 3.6" in Clifton Heights, Delaware County. Still some flakes falling but won't have a chance to get a final measure in, wouldn't expect more than 3.75 final. Looks like some good dendrites fell, probably decent ratios.
  9. Can really see that dry punch working in here. I'd guess that within that, even though in some places all layers are still below freezing, little to no snow will be able to be produced.
  10. Looking at HRRR soundings, it actually looks like we lose saturation in the snow growth region before (2 hours or so) any layer actually reaches the freezing mark, so right about now. I'm a little rusty but I believe you need saturation at a very minimum of -4C to produce snow. Without that you're just left with some freezing drizzle/snizzle. We may already be moving into that stage now.
  11. 3" even here in Drexel Hill as what looks to be the last of the accumulating snow winds down. Could squeak out another .25 or so before the changeover?
  12. I interned with Glenn several years ago and I will say he is very knowledgeable and definitely doesn’t hug any one specific model (though he does respect the ECMWF as he should). He knows our area’s microclimate/nuances very well and isn’t afraid to go out on a limb against the models based upon what he believes is most likely to actually occur. He’s one of the best I’ve seen to use guidance as exactly that, rather than just blend models or choose one. As for what model he showed on the broadcast is anyone’s guess. I didn’t see the broadcast but sounds like he’s leaning pretty cold. My two cents - when there’s a high up north that’s not retreating (even though it isn’t in the absolutely ideal location) the models do seem to underdo the CAD’s staying power. It wouldn’t surprise me if some of the colder solutions, at least at the surface, win out.
  13. Back to mod snow with a little sleet mixing in. Judging by CC looks like a big ol' mixed bag for the next couple of hours before warming above freezing this evening.
  14. Changeover beginning in D-hill, some sleet and parachutes now falling. Just measured 3.25". Imagine it will only compact from here on out. Quite the surprise - hopefully a sign of things to come this season!
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